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Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks a wide variety of Pesco hydraulic pumps. Browse our selection of Pesco hydraulic pumps below. If you can’t find the Pesco hydraulic pump you need, contact us with your Pesco hydraulic pump request.

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This serviscript contains overhaul instructions, test procedures, an exploded view, and a replacement parts list for model 122723-111-01 Electric M...

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Steiner Tractor Parts proudly offers a wide selection of tractor parts for vintage, old, classic farm tractors. We strive to not only offer the best selection of affordably priced tractor restoration parts, but to preserve the American agricultural heritage by helping you keep your old tractors running.We are focused on meeting all your restoration needs while offering value and quality with every tractor part we deliver.

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Old school hydraulic setups have been making a big comeback over the past few years. Retro seems to be in and the hydro setups of old are as popular as ever. Pescos, Eemcos and OG aircraft parts are making their way into the trunks of some of the hottest cars, and quite a few of our latest cover cars have featured these setups.

With that said, we decided to give you a little insight into the inner workings of these pumps and accessories. Mike of Craps, Inc. in Whittier, California, is going to take us on a trip through the literal ins and outs of one of the more accessible Pesco pumps, a 280, and how to break it down for painting, polishing and chroming.

Many people will tear down these pumps to certain degrees, declaring that if the pump works it shouldn"t be disturbed. And depending on what you"re going to do as far as painting and polishing, this may very well be true. But Mike personally likes to take them totally apart; preferring to polish and paint many of his setups, and the right way to do that is to take them apart entirely. He"s also learned a few tricks along the way that help greatly in making sure that the pump works properly when reassembled. So let"s take apart a Pesco 280 and get a brief intro into the secretive world of old school aircraft parts.

The first thing you"ll notice is the reluctance by most old-timers and people in the know to talk about actual part numbers and there are literally thousands of them. Unfortunately, only a handful are known to work for our application. They get pulled from planes at salvage yards all over the country, but most are found in California and Arizona, which have a better climate, and thus the parts remain fairly corrosion free.

When Mike is re-assembling the pumps he has a few secrets that he shared with us. "I spend quite a few hours hand sanding the parts to make them as smooth as possible," he says. "Then I will polish many of them myself. Making sure that mating surfaces stay unmolested is of the utmost importance. It"s the difference between the part working and not working. After I polish the parts separately, I then assemble them and have the polisher go over them on the buffer to make sure that the mating surfaces don"t get hit with the buffer and that the entire part has a uniform shine in all of the tight crevices."

If you"re curious about the difference that Mike described, feel free to check out the February "08 "59 Chevy Impala cover car, "Aqua Boogie." The setup is a masterpiece featuring Eemco pumps, Adex dumps and liquid-filled gauges. Only one or two parts are painted and this is really only possible at that level doing it the way that Mike does it.

So there you have it, a breakdown of the Pesco pump. As you can see by the final picture, the pump is worthy of a show car and works flawlessly. In the somewhat near future we"re going to de-mystify the old school pump game, so if this is something that interests you, keep your eyes peeled.

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This is a Pesco Hydraulic Pump Gasket, O-Ring and Seal Kit used on Pesco Pumps: 360689R91, 350707R96, 355007R91, 355007R92, 355007R94, 355370R93. Tractor Models: 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, C, Super A, Super A1, Super AV, Super AV1, Super C. This is an 18 piece kit and includes: Gasket 350706R3, Gasket 350708R2 (350708R1), Quad ring G46055 (353186R1), 2 O-rings 86553262 (253070R1), 2 O-rings 75285739 (350667R1), 2 O-rings 353184R1, 2 O-rings 355202R1, 2 Washers 355048R1, O-ring 353836R1, Woodruff key 124543 (106749, 126109), Jam nut 124925 (114494), Pin seal 353185R1, Oil seal 385038R91 (353183R91) used on early pumps. Replaces 354405R92, 355207R91, 360691R91, 355405R93, 355405R91 Reference ID: 354405R92Condition: New

New, aftermarket Farmall C Hydraulic Pump Kit for sale with a solid manufacturer warranty. In addition, we have a generous 30-day return policy if this item needs to be returned for any reason. Please see our Parts Warranty and Return Policy links for complete details before returning.

Yesterday"s Tractor Co. has spent many years locating the correct parts for your Farmall C tractor. Our extensive research has helped us identify these parts and make them available through our online catalogs. If you can"t locate what you need or have questions feel free to call us.

ABOUT THIS PAGE: You are viewing the product page for our International Farmall C hydraulic pump kit. As one of the largest suppliers of new and rebuilt International Farmall C tractor parts we most likely have the parts you need. Use the information above including the hydraulic pump kit part number and picture (if available) to assist you in making your decision to purchase. If you are looking for a different hydraulic pump kit, or have trouble locating the International Farmall C parts you need, we have MANY parts that are not listed on our website so feel free to contact us.

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We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop that sells new aircraft parts from surplus inventory auctions and parts from salvaged airplanes.  We try to be as clear as possible in the descriptions of the items we have listed for sale.  If you have any question regarding the suitability or condition of a part please let us know and we will have one of our mechanics check it out and give an honest answer as to it"s condition.  Unless otherwise noted we will ship the majority of our items via UPS.  Free shipping is usually USPS.  Tracking information will be sent to the E-mail account on file with Paypal, so please make sure your information is up to date.

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