Oilfield Drilling Solid Control Equipment Shale Shaker Mud Cleaner

Product Details of Oilfield Drilling Solid Control Equipment Shale Shaker Mud Cleaner for Sale

Product Introduction

High effective cleaner for drilling liquid is our traditional cleaning equipment with advantages

such as high intensity in vibration, large quantity in processing with long service-life, developed

on the basis of taking into consideration the characteristics of the vibrating sieves at home and



※ With orifice plate adhesive bonding screen prevailing internationally adopted, the sieve with

20—200 meshes may be selected in line with the slurry property and the drilling situation. And

being a flat sheet mesh, the slurry can be evenly spread on the sieve surface, practically enlarging

the filtering area with adhesive phenomenon relatively reduced.

※ The sieve is convenient and simple for replacing the screen with reliably pressing. This has

resolved the problem from traditionally pressing with bolts or with winding shaft.

※ Tilt angle can be regulated. The regulating mechanism is worked in blot pressure, convenient

for regulating and reliable for running.

※ With desilter and desander configured with the vibrating sieve, the equipment had reduced land

occupation to provide the drilling team’s remove and on-the-spot operation with great


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