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The key task of electro-hydraulic pumps is to convert electric energy (current and voltage) into hydraulic energy (flow and pressure). To reduce heat loss, Rexroth external ...

The TXV pump can be fitted with a constant torque control. This device allows the pump to continuously regulate to keep: Pressure x Flow = Constant. Overall size remains compact. Particularly well suited ...

... needs of truck hydraulics, the TXV variable displacement pumps with LS (Load Sensing) control allow flow regulation to suit the application requirements. The pump regulates to only supply ...

Of similar design to the TXV series pump, with SAE C flange and shaft, the TXVA series pumps are available in 2 models with a maximum displacement of 75 and 92 cc/rev. Maximum operating pressure is up ...

... 1000bar. The HP-REMOTE pump, like all the HP Series pumps, can be installed in any hydraulic applications which requires high working pressures and moderate and controllable oil flow. ...

The UMP705 pump can be applied to any hydraulic applications; especially where a large oil flow rate (l/min) is required and the simultaneous drive of two actuators alternately.

When the suction lift is greater 28 ft (8.5 m), Heidra® pumps take over where Dri-Prime® pumps leave off.The Godwin Heidra 150MR hydraulic submersible pump is an extremely ...

Our range of solids-handling pumps is extensive. From our very portable 2” vortex flow pump to the big 12” high performance model, we have a pump to cover ...

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Also known as gear pumps, these produce a smooth flow of liquid for applications such as cooling engines, powering hydraulic equipment, and extracting liquid from holding tanks. Pumps are self-priming after you fill the pump chamber with liquid. As liquid in the chamber is expelled, a suction force is created which allows the pump to draw liquid upward. Do not use with solids.

Pumps with an open dripproof (ODP) motor are for use in clean, dry, and well-ventilated environments. They have a relief valve to prevent pressure buildup.

Note: Pumps must be filled with liquid before use. They need a constant flow of liquid and cannot run dry. If flow control is needed, place valves or reducers on the discharge side; never restrict the inlet of a pump with a valve or reducer.

Mount these pumps in any position, even upside down. Pumps have a subfractional horsepower motor rated for intermittent use (return to room temperature before restarting). Also known as diaphragm pumps, they are for use in low-flow spraying, draining, and washdown applications. They are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward. Pumps can run dry and do not require an initial fill, so they’re a good choice for applications without a constant flow of liquid. Do not use with solids.

Rated for continuous use, this pump is often used to move caustics such as antifreeze and salt water. Mount it in any position, even upside down. Also known as a diaphragm pump, it is typically used for low-flow spraying, draining, and washdown applications. Pump has a pressure switch that automatically shuts off the pump at the maximum pressure. It is self-priming, which means it creates a suction force to draw liquid upward. Pump can run dry and does not require an initial fill, so it’s a good choice for applications without a constant flow of liquid. Do not use with solids.

With a 316 stainless steel housing and stainless steel gears, these pumps are often used to dispense chemicals such as ethylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, and nitric acid. Use an electric motor with a coupling and belt/pulley drive. Also known as gear pumps, they produce a smooth flow of liquid. All are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward and fill the pump chamber. Do not use with solids.

A cast iron housing and steel gears allow these pumps to be used to dispense oil and fuel such as hydraulic oil and diesel fuel. Select your own motor to tailor them to your application. Use an air or electric motor with a coupling and belt/pulley drive. Also known as gear pumps, they produce a smooth flow of liquid for applications such as engine lubrication. All are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward and fill the pump chamber. Do not use with solids.

These pumps have a bronze housing and gears for use with water. Select your own motor to tailor them to your application. Use a NEMA 56C frame electric motor with a coupling and belt/pulley drive. Also known as gear pumps, they produce a smooth flow of liquid for water delivery. All are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward and fill the pump chamber. Do not use with solids.

Use these pumps to move lubricating oil such as hydraulic and motor oil. Also known as flexible impeller pumps, they create a suction force that can draw liquid upward to fill the pump chamber when your liquid source is below the pump. The impeller resists clogging and wear. Select a spark-free air motor for hazardous environments or attach an electric motor with a speed reducer or a belt pulley to alter the pump speed.

Also known as flexible impeller pumps, these create a suction force that can draw liquid upward to fill the pump chamber when your liquid source is below the pump. The impeller resists clogging and wear. Select a spark-free air motor for hazardous environments or attach an electric motor with a speed reducer or a belt pulley to alter the pump speed.

Commonly called piston pumps, these are often used in high-pressure applications, such as hydrostatic testing of pipelines, tanks, and valves. Flow and outlet liquid pressure can be controlled by varying the air pressure. To calculate discharge liquid pressure, multiply the air pressure by the ratio shown in the table. Pumps are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward to fill the pump chamber.

This pump has a totally enclosed nonventilated (TENV) motor that is cooled by the liquid being pumped. Also known as a flexible impeller pump, it creates a suction force that can draw liquid upward to fill the pump chamber when your liquid source is below the pump. Mount up to 6 feet above your liquid source. Pump can pass solids up to 1/4" in diameter without clogging, so there’s no need to filter sediment and debris. A handle makes it convenient for on-the-go removal of bilge water, waste oil, and spills. Pump can also be used to cool marine engines and drain liquid from holding tanks.

Convenient to keep in your toolkit for on-site cleanup, these pumps attach to your drill for small liquid extraction jobs, as well as draining water from clogged sinks and emptying tanks. Pumps are self-priming, which means they create a suction force to draw liquid upward. Do not use with solids.

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Pacer"s S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight and chemically resistant for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases. The most popular Pacer pump across multiple markets.

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The AMT Self priming electric pumps are designed for circulating, boosting, wash down, liquid transfer and dewatering applications. The centerline discharge feature is specifically designed to prevent vapor binding and makes for convenient piping connections. All models are fitted with self-cleaning semi-open impellers. The units will self-prime to 15 feet. Mounting bases feature 7/16" mounting holes which are 6" OC (on center). Built-in carrying handles offer portability. PumpBiz also offers electric motor starters / controls.

For the Inlet & Outlet sizes refer to the dimensional outline drawing or the specific pumps detailed page. WVO, biodiesel, used in a Biodiesel Processor application where it"s pumping oil through it & small blends of methoxide are metered into the pump as it"s running.

These are some of the smaller electric AMT IPT self priming pumps, other versions in larger size and / or engine powered. AMT pumps are proudly made completely in the USA. Once primed these pumps will continue to re-prime the suction hose when started.

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Flomax 15 Self-Priming Pumps by MP pumps. FM pumps have 3" pipe size. Cast iron construction or Stainless Steel, impellers are semi-open style. These pumps used to be sold under the Jaeger brand name. Extremely popular in the Ag industry for pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation and de-watering applications.

Used in trenchless horizontal drilling machines, Vermeer Ditch Witch Case. Mixing drilling fluid additives bentonite with water and delivering the slurry to horizontal directional drilling units for drilling, backreaming, and product pullback, Hydroseeding.

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We make pump selection easy at Phantom Pumps, with a team of pump specialists, engineers and expert distributors to help you select a pump that matches your project specifications to ensure your operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our self priming pumps provide you with lower average life cycle costs than you may experience with another brand hydraulic pump or other pump needing constant manual priming. The self priming feature makes Phantom Pumps perfect for submersible pump applications such as dewatering, wastewater processing and more. Our pumps do not require foot valves, vacuums or ejector pumps, which make them easy to install and maintain.

Our Phantom Pump parts are compatible and interchangeable with Gorman Rupp, All Prime, ESCO Pumps and more. You will find that your pump related costs in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Caribbean, North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond will be lower when you substitute our parts for repairs on your hydraulic pump, submersible pump or other pump equipment. Contact a Phantom Pumps expert today for pump selection or replacement parts assistance.

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Norman Equipment has been a leading supplier of hydraulic equipment including hydraulic piston pumps and motors for over 70 years. Full-line authorized stocking distributor of quality hydraulic components and systems from top manufacturers renowned for performance and reliability.

We recommend using the piston pumps in high-pressure applications. In some cases, it is more economical to run a piston pump compensated that puts out a very low output flow until needed. This lowers electric cost and pump wear that may reduce system down time.

Norman currently stocks the Parker Denison PV (PVP) units and is part of the Parker Denison Distribution Network if another unit is needed that is not in stock at Norman Equipment. Denison is one of the most recognized names in hydraulic units in the world. For many years, their products were recognized by their distinctive blue color. Today, the Denison brand is part of the Parker-Hannifin family and all pumps are painted black.

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Since 1935, Muncie® Power Products has been a leading source of mobile power components to the truck equipment industry. In addition to Power Take-Offs and hydraulic motors, Muncie offers directional, pressure and flow control valves as well as system design capabilities. Call us today or visit our website for more information.

FluiDyne is an ISO certified manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, motors & valves. Our promise is to serve and respect the rebuilders and resellers of North America and the global market with high quality new and remanufactured pumps, motors, valves, filters and filter elements.

Having innovative solutions for mission-critical applications makes Hydraulics Technology the preferred. For over 25 years, our impressive list of hydraulic pumps has met the needs of various applications. In assuring the highest quality products to our customers and meeting their expectations, Hydraulics Technology maintains ISO Certification. HTI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Industrial Flow Solutions is a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and centrifugal pumps. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and personalized customer service. Various industries we serve include industrial, food & beverage, and medical. All of our products are tested to ensure quality and durability.

AeroControlex began manufacturing pumps in Cleveland, Ohio in 1945. Over the years, AeroControlex has established itself as an industry leader in the production of hydraulic, fuel, lube and scavenge, centrifugal and coolant pumps. Our worldwide customer base demands the highest quality, cost effective products for the most demanding commercial and military applications.

All World Machinery Supply offers high-quality, affordable pumps, motors, and power units from reputable brands like Daikin, Nachi, Eaton, Tokimec, NOP, Grundfos, Yuken, and Fuji . Our team of representatives and engineers can find or cross any pump/mortor to what you are looking for. We can even help you design a custom application suited to your fit your needs.

American Eagle Accessories Group is a manufacturer of truck equipment accessories. These products include: hydraulic-driven air compressors, drawer systems (tool storage), bolt bins (fastener and fitting storage), lube skids, lube trailers, fuel trailers, and utility construction trailers. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Founded in 1991, AZ Hydraulic Engineering manufactures high quality air-operated hydraulic pumps serving a broad clientele. We offer hydraulic piston pumps, power units, tank pumps and more with 25 different pressure ranges up to 50,000PSI and a proven track record for reliability and easy, low cost maintenance. AZ Hydraulics is the source for quality hydraulic pumps and friendly customer service.

Barbee Engineered Testing Systems is a manufacturer of hydraulic power units, hydraulic valve testers, air-driven hydraulic piston pumps, high pressure pumps, hydraulic power systems, high pressure systems and more. Our hydraulic pumps are available with up to 30,000 PSI. Check out our website.

Berendsen Fluid Power is one of the largest distributors of pneumatic and hydraulic products in North America. We distribute from quality manufacturers products such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic gear pumps, mixer pumps and more. Visit our website for more information.

Bosch Rexroth is a global leader in manufacturing industrial hydraulics, including proportional and servo valves. Directional control, high response, flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing, and servo valves name some of our products. Our rugged valves are a perfect fit your electrohydraulic control applications. A variety of models are available for your viewing on our website.

Brand Hydraulics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic valves including hydraulic directional control valves, hydraulic flow control valves, hydraulic relief valves, hydraulic selector valves, shuttle valves, pilot check valves, flow dividers and more. Brand also has a line of quality hand-operated hydraulic pumps. Premium hydraulics since 1956.

For 40 years, Bucher Hydraulics, Inc. has specialized in hydraulic systems, including products such as hydraulic motors and hydraulic power units. Applications include concrete pumps, forage wagons, harvesters, lifting devices, recycling machines, door openers, log splitters and many others.

A Cascon hydraulic pump is used in a wide range of OEM equipment market applications. Whether you"re in the aircraft & aerospace, chemical, gas turbine or industrial or mobile markets, our hydraulic pumps and specialty pumps will meet your requirements and provide solutions that an off-the-shelf pump cannot. Contact Cascon, Inc. today for more information!

CAT PUMPS specializes in high pressure pumps, reciprocating pumps, positive displacement pumps, plunger-piston pumps and we also manufacture hydraulic pumps and hydraulic power units. We are an industry-leader in customer service and quality triplex pump design and products.

CLYDEUNION Pumps is one of the world"s leading pump companies - a centre of excellence in Pump Technology, Hydraulic Design and Engineering. We are structured to provide a specific focus on each of our customer"s key markets as well as providing full global aftermarket support. CLYDEUNION Pumps incorporates an accumulation of over 300 years of engineering expertise.

Trust Commercial Group Lifting Products as a wire rope supplier with more than 60 years of experience. The variety of industries The Commercial Group serves with lifting & rigging equipment includes automotive, steel, construction, utilities and government. As a complete full line manufacturer of wire rope slings, chain slings, nylon slings & Slingmax high performance synthetics, you’re covered!

We have over 55 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic components. CROSS Manufacturing, Inc. distributes hydraulic filters, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic systems worldwide. Our hydraulic systems are used for automotive, agricultural, mining and construction purposes.

D&D Machine & Hydraulics Inc, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is a manufacturer of hydraulically driven, submersible pumping systems that serves the Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, Mining, Petroleum and Municipal markets worldwide. More than 45 years ago, D&D realized the unlimited potential of hydraulics. Since then, D&D has revolutionized the dewatering industry with a series of hydraulically driven pumps that provide the most technologically advanced and precisely engineered features available today. Specifically, D&D builds electric or diesel-driven Power Units and Axial Flow, Trash, Sludge, Slurry/Digester and Mixed Flow pump heads. The flow capacity of these pump heads range from 450gpm to 55,000gpm and heads of 250 feet are attainable. If a standard pump will not meet the performance needed for a special application, D&D’s wide range of specialty pumps can meet your individual requirement.

When the owners acquired D&D, it was a four-employee, custom machine shop that repaired pumps used by local farmers. Shortly thereafter, D&D began to manufacture hydraulic pumps for a local sales and rental company. In the 1980s, as the business grew, D&D began to sell to other customers throughout the country, eventually achieving global recognition.

D&D goes to market via distributors and direct sales channels on every continent. Its growth has continued, and today, through trade publications, advertising, customer referrals and a developing dealer network, new markets and applications are being recognized for its versatile equipment.

For more than 45 years, the D&D name has been associated with product reliability and performance. D&D is determined to carry on its tradition of providing an expertly designed and manufactured product through innovation in modern manufacturing technology. This, coupled with its focus on offering outstanding customer service, make D&D the leader in the dewatering industry.

Danfoss will drive your vehicle transmission to a new level of performance with our Danfoss piston pumps and motors. Designed for intelligent vehicle management systems, our range brings you closer to your goals for reduced fuel consumption and high operator comfort. We deliver components and systems for machine from 15 to 2500 horsepower.

We create hydraulic pumps that can be utilized for standard and specialized purposes. Our high pressure pumps can handle pressures from 3,000 to 15,000 psi with flows of 200 gpm. Our systems can also perform with various fluids including mineral-oils, low-lubricity fire-resistant fluids. We are dedicated to developing the most reliable hydraulic pumps!

Eaton Hydraulics designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of reliable, efficient hydraulic systems and components including hydraulic motors, hydraulic power units and other hydraulic systems. We serve various markets and applications with our quality systems and accessories.

Enerpac is the global leader in high-force tools and equipment used in industrial markets. Our focus is to provide our customers with the most extensive line of products and accessories that maximize force to increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform. Our comprehensive family of tools and equipment deliver reliable and dependable performance for any industrial segment.

We offer and repair hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. As one of the biggest suppliers of hydraulic power units (original or replacement) and a worldwide distributor, we can ship anywhere in the world immediately. Our inventory of motors is immense and our sales staff has years of experience.

Welcome to the Florida Hydraulic Industrial web site. Browse our categories for hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic and industrial hose, including a wide variety of pressure washer hose, all common hydraulic hose fittings.

Flowserve® is the world leading manufacturer of quality hydraulic pumps — air piston pumps, hydraulic water pumps, vane pumps, entire hydraulic systems, plus valve repair. Our products are used by many industries — chemical; hydrocarbon processing; oil and gas; power; water resources.

Fluid Power International provides expertise in hydraulic pump repair & replacement. We specialize in repairing & replacing metric pumps & motors for Japanese and German heavy machinery as well as hydraulic components for excavators. We will tear down and inspect your part with no obligation.

Established in 1978, Gator Pump manufactures high volume pumps for irrigation, flood control, liquid waste pumping and many other applications. Steel fabricated hydraulic pumps are offered in several different sizes and configurations including vertical pumps, floating pumps and trailer pumps as well as custom pumps operated on electric, diesel or hydraulics to suit clients" needs. Call us today!

We provide a number of different styles of air driven high pressure hydraulic pumps ranging from 100 PSI to 60,000 PSI. Here at High Pressure Technologies, LLC we take customer satisfaction very seriously which is why we can customize our products to match your requirements. It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Please visit our website or give us a call today to learn more information!

We started developing hydraulic drive submersible pumps in 1977. We can provide you with a hydraulic pump, hydraulic gear pump and hydraulic power unit to match. If a standard system doesn"t meet your needs, we can custom design one for you. We make our models in a variety of materials.

Since our beginning in 1947, Hydraulic Supply Company (HSC) has been dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs. We are a full service distributor of fluid power products and services. We carry a selection of over 20,000 hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products in stock from the most recognized brands in the industry. Our goal is to provide customers with a large selection of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products with the best professional services, right when you need them.

Made-to-order & made-to-last custom hydraulic pumps faster than you can expect from other companies. The widest selection of hydraulic gear pumps & piston pumps, plus stock replacement pumps ready for immediate shipment. Brands: Webster, Danfoss, Barnes, Haldex, Cessna, Eaton, Vickers, etc. Hydraulic.Net’s specialization is in short run special application gear pumps with little tooling expense.

Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII), headquartered in Chatsworth, California, U.S.A., is a leading manufacturer and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, aviation and commercial industries, government agencies and prime contractors worldwide. Focused on defense and commercial technology, HII develops manufactures and supports a broad range of products and systems for over a hundred industries as well as mission critical and military sustainment requirements worldwide. HII is also recognized as a leading manufacturer and supplier of air, electric, hydraulic, & manual driven high-pressure products to Automotive, Airline & Aerospace, Cannabis, CNG, Defense, Fire-Health & Safety, Fluid Power, Fuel Cell Hydrogen, General Manufacturing, Laboratory, University & Research, Mining, Oil & Gas, Paintball, Plastics, Power & Energy, Recreational Sports Diving, Electronics and other industries. We produce 85% of our products internally, thus eliminating our dependency upon outside sources for quality, reliability, and expediency. Because of our self-sufficiency, we are able to maintain key competitive advantages that include faster response to engineering and design problems, and reliability of components critical to functionality.

Our corporate, sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities combined encompass a total of over 825,000 sq. feet; equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment such as CNC lathes and mills, computerized tube bending, and automatic press brake and programmable punch press, laser topography scanners, and other quality verification devices. We presently conform to the requirements of ISO9001 & AS9100. As HII strives to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, we are very proud of the fact that our extensive design capabilities enable us to produce the most sophisticated units known in today’s technology serving the many industries and markets.

Here at Hydreco we manufacture hydraulic solutions for a number of markets including: agricultural, municipal, construction, mining and transportation. Our company has an extensive history of engineering success. If you are unsure what hydraulic products are best for your task then just let one of our representatives know your application and we can handle the rest!

Over 50 years, Hydro Leduc has developed more than 100 patents because of our passion for innovation in the hydraulics field. We find solutions to our customers’ most complex and demanding applications for piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydro-pneumatic accumulators and custom hydraulic components.

HYTORC developed the jet series pumps which are portable, heavy duty, light weight, high flow to withstand harsh environments. These air or electric driven Hydraulic Pumps are engineered for continuous, non-stop use in harsh environments. If used on Torque Tools, Jacks, Cutters, Presses or Bending equipment, their reliability is unmatched by any other Hydraulic Power Pack.

We are a distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic products such as hydraulic pumps, filters, motors, valves and more. Our manufacturers make hydraulic gear pumps, piston pumps and hydraulic pumps with aluminum or cast iron casings. We have been in business for 30 years and service all of our products.

Founded in 1971, Interface Devices is a world-class designer and manufacturer of air driven fluid pumps, hydraulic valves and custom engineered fluid power products. IDI proudly designs and manufactures all our products at our Milford, CT facility. As we continue to grow and develop it is our principle aim to provide quality in our designs and manufacturing while responding to customer needs.

Jones Hydraulic Service is a company dedicated to solving the needs of our customers. Jones Hydraulic Service is a leading supplier / vendor too many large and small corporations, and many independent contractors. Our customer service is a top priority. Whether customers are looking to Purchase, Rent or Repair hydraulic tooling or keep their workers safe with High Visibility Apparel or Mosquito Repellent we get the job done. Jones Hydraulic Service is proud to be serving the energy, marine, petrochemical, railroad, construction, foundation repair, pipeline and shipyard industries since 1977. Jones Hydraulic represents some of the world’s leading Hydraulic Tool & Equipment manufacturers that include SPX Power Team, SafeWay Hydraulics, Pell Hydrashear, TORC LLC, Eagle Pro, and more. Offering Hydraulic Tool & Equipment Sales, Service and Repair for 40 years.

Jones Hydraulic listened to its customers needs for industrial supplies and now stocks LED Work Lights, Safety Mats, Hand Held Power Tools, LED Flood Head Lamp, Spill Clean Up Supplies, Water Dams and more. Jones Hydraulic represents the leading industrial supply companies including PowerSmith, Genesis, Spill Tackle, Quick Dams Nite Ize and more.

Jones Hydraulic helps their customer create a safe and healthy work environment by providing safety products that include Personal Protective Equipment, Hi-Vis Clothing, First Aid Supplies, Mosquito and Insect Repellents, Eye Protection and Outdoor Protective Equipment. Jones Hydraulic represents some of the leading safety product manufacturers such as SAS Safety, GSS Safety, Sawyer, Southern Glove and more.

We recently opened a Safety Equipment & Hydraulic Tool Showroom. We welcome you to stop by and see some of the latest product offerings. Our Showroom is located at 5955 Armour Drive, Houston, TX 77020. We are proud of our 40 year history and look forward to serving our customers for many more years to come.

At Linde Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on our designing/manufacturing of high pressure pumps and the Linde Hydraulic Valve. Our hydraulic pumps have been a mainstay since 1970. Our pumps are used in agriculture and defense. A complete hydraulic system can be offered, along with motors that deliver reliable performance.

Our Maximator® air-driven hydraulic pumps deliver from 60 to 60,000 PSI and cycle automatically. The Maximator® pumps are used in our hydraulic power units. We can provide you with standard or customized high pressure pump power systems. Repair and refurnishing services also available.

Since 1941, Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. has been your single source for all your hydraulic needs. We represent a wide variety of material lift and equipment manufacturers and we sell only the best. Our products are designed to help improve the safety of your work environment and increase your productivity. We are proud to provide a wide selection of high-quality hydraulic lifting products to our customers. As a third-generation family-owned business, all of us at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. pride ourselves on delivering the same high-quality hydraulic products and top-notch customer service as we have always been. Our knowledgeable sales staff are experts at specifying the right equipment to meet our customers’ requirements and needs. Our extensive list of hydraulic lifting products includes aerial lifts , dock lifts , pallet lifts, platform lifts , rotary lifts, scissor lifts, small hydraulic lifts, and hydraulic lift systems. Additionally, we supply cylinders, pumps, valves, hydraulic and air jacks, pullers, punches, lubrication equipment, and more. The manufacturers we represent, including Autoquip, ECOA, Lift Products, Inc., and Lift-rite, are the best in the industry and we are proud to offer their products.

Our engineering services include custom hydraulic and lube system design to meet our customers’ specifications, as well as other specialized services. We are a supplier to numerous industries, including automotive, construction, industrial, material handling, mobile, and railroad. You can find an impressive list of our customers on our website. Call or email us today to learn how we can service your hydraulic needs.

Our Hydraulics Division, headquartered in Greenwood Indiana, is a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, flow controls, hydraulic power units and other products. We are known not only for our product excellence but for our competitive pricing and the ready availability of our products when customers need them.

Sales, service and rental for all major brands of hydraulic pumps and other air, electric and hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic pump offerings include hand pumps, air pumps, electric pumps, gas pumps and intensifiers. Highly skilled at matching tool to application for hydraulic pumps and more.

Oilgear heavy-duty axial piston hydraulic pumps are built. Engineered with Oilgear’s advanced “hard-on-hard” rotating group and hydrodynamic bearing support on the cylinder barrel, our pumps provide longer operational life and optimal resistance to contamination. Available in a variety of frame sizes and control options, Oilgear offers just the right pump to fit your demanding needs.

Founded nearly 25 years ago, Panagon Systems has remained a trusted company producing hydraulic parts on demand for a number of shops, manufacturers and industries. The company, located in Macomb, Michigan, is the largest aftermarket hydraulic piston pump and parts manufacturer in North America, providing a vast variety of current and obsolete components. Panagon has the ability to produce a product from raw materials to a finished pump, assembled, tested, painted and shipped from our facility. Due to the phasing out of old products, customers usually find that the parts they need are no longer available, or that the delivery time is too long or the cost is too high. Panagon Systems attempts to fill the void OEM’s create by manufacturing the phased out, expensive, unavailable pumps, motors and transmissions, from companies like Vickers, Denison and Rexroth.

We manufacture hydraulic pumps, motors and parts for a variety of industrial and mobile applications. Our replacements are equivalent to the Eaton/Vickers line of PVH, PVQ, PVB, PVM, PVE, PFB, MFB, MFE, TA19, TA1919, TDV10 and TDV20 series units and Rexroth A10V series units.

In addition to supplying complete replacement piston pumps, Panagon also offers all replacement parts for all series units such as Rotating Groups, Shafts, Compensators, Yokes, Valve Blocks, Housings, Bearings, Seal Kits, Cylinder Blocks, Shoe Plates, Swash Plates, Piston Kits, Wafer Plates, Control Pistons, Control Rods, Bias Pistons, Bias Rods, Spacer Kits, Saddle Bearings, and more.

Parker"s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division provides a broad selection of piston pumps, hydraulic motors and power units that help our customers meet their industrial and mobile application needs.

The Parker Pump & Motor Division specializes in gear pumps and motors used in a myriad of industries. With decades of experience, PMD provides the best products in the market, supplemented by best-in-class customer service, and the deepest knowledge in the industry.

Perfection Hydraulics manufactures, distributes, and services hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic gear pumps, and other hydraulic components for heavy equipment. Our products provide you with the best value available for today’s dynamic industry. With our reputation for quality and reliability, you can rely on us for your heavy duty hydraulics needs.

Pierce Sales is a manufacturer and distributor of 12-volt hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, tie-rod cylinders and many more products. We offer professional installation services. We also have spare parts and provide repair services to get your equipment running as soon as possible.

Precision Fluid Power is a distributor of hydraulic pumps, including hydraulic vane pumps, hydraulic piston pumps and hydraulic gear pumps. We provide new hydraulic motors or we rebuild them, as well as hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders. We also offer hydraulic pump repair. Call us today.

Robeck Fluid Power is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and an assortment of lubrication equipment. Our products include aluminum structural framing, automation equipment, electronics, fluid conveyance equipment, hydraulic pumps, lubrication systems, and pneumatic products. We are a fully authorized distributor of Eaton, Charlynn, Hydro-line, Aeroquip, and Vickers products. Visit our website to learn more about our manufacturers or to speak with a sales representative.

Since 1978, we have been offering hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and cylinders with 100 years combined experience. We distribute hydraulic systems, and also do on-site machine shop repair services and rebuilding. Our quality hydraulic power units can be ordered around the clock for your convenience.

SC Hydraulic Engineering has been a leader in the design & manufacture of various air-powered hydraulic pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, hydraulic power units and systems plus hydraulic valves—relief, inline check, high pressure. We also have the ability to customize our products to fit your needs. In business since 1953, we work worldwide through distributors and manufacturers.

Since 1899, SIMPLEX products have been used by industries that need hydraulic and mechanical equipment and solutions. Our continuous duty hydraulic pumps are equipped for up to 5HP, as are our gas, air & electric hydraulic pumps for heavy-duty tooling applications. Our positioning and lifting products turn challenges into progress.

Established in 1979, Southwest Seal and Supply has grown to become one of the most predominant distributors of sealing, hydraulic hoses, fittings, couplings/connectors, gasketing and fluid control products in the Southwest. We offer a wide range of products including the best in selection, quality, and value-added services.

POWER TEAM is a world leader in hydraulic special service tools and equipment for motor vehicle and industrial markets, manufacturingprecision quality high-pressure hydraulic products, which include pumps,cylinders, valves, clamping components, related hydraulic accessoriesand special tools and equipment.

Stone Hydraulic Systems manufactures AC and DC hydraulic power units for a broad range of OEM applications such as auto hoists, dock levelers, hose crimpers, lift tables and compactors to name a few. Stone"s products provide a wide power range up to 5.5 horsepower.

SRS Crisafulli hydraulic-powered pumps handle industrial-strength pumping jobs: trash, mud, waste, raw sewage, sludge. Discharge sizes 2" to 24" and flows to 18,000 GPM. Standard Power Unit models in electric, diesel or gas, 32 to 180 horsepower, outputs from 18 to 119 GPM or custom built to your spec.

Sunfab was founded by Eric Sundin in the year of 1925. Sunfab develops, produces and sells components to operate hydraulic equipment within the area of mobile vehicles. After more than 90 years, the third generation of the Sundins are still running the company in the spirit of Eric Sundin, with a family atmosphere, flexibility and innovative solutions.

TK Trailer Parts is a dedicated manufacturer of high quality products. We are a turnkey supplier of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, and much more. If you need assistance with find the right solution for you then feel free to reach out to one of our representatives.

Serving customers worldwide since 1911 with our innovative positive displacement pumping solutions, including custom designs. For even the toughest industrial, OEM & sanitary applications, we manufacture Vane Pumps, Internal & External Gear Pumps & more.

Willman Industries is a large, independent, jobbing foundry, located in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. We produce all types of gray iron and ductile iron components, ranging from ounces to 40,000 lbs. Thin-walled exhaust manifolds, heavy-section hydraulic pumps, valves, housings, flywheels, clutch plates, machine tools, power generating equipment are typical of our product mix.

Zinko Hydraulic Jack is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic products. In addition to our namesake hydraulic jacks, we provide scissor jacks and aluminum jacks as well as hydraulic cylinders, lifts and other material handling equipment. At Zinko, your needs are met with a diverse inventory of quality hydraulic pumps including air pumps, hand pumps, electric hydraulic pumps and more.

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The gear pump is a PD (Positive displacement) pump. It helps to develop a flow by carrying the fluid between repeatedly enclosing interlocking gears or cogs, transferring it automatically using a cyclical pumping action. So, the Gear pump provides a smooth pulseless fluid flow of which rate depends on its gears’ rotational speed.

The gear pump uses the rotating gears or cogs’ action to move fluids. Its rotating part forms a fluid seal by the casing of the pump and creates the suction at the inlet of the gear pump. Fluid pulled into a gear pump is surrounded within the rotating gears or cogs cavities and shifted out to discharge.

External design Gear pump contains two identical and interlocking gears that are supported through separate shafts. The motor is used to drive the first gear which drives the second gear. In a few cases, electrical motors can drive both shafts that are supported with bearings on every side of the casing.When gears move out from the mesh on the pump’s inlet side, they form an extended volume, Fluid flows into the pump’s cavities and entrapped by the edges of gear while gears carry on rotating against the casing of the pump.

The fluid cannot be transferred back over the center, amongst the gears, as they got connected. Close tolerances amongst the casing and the gears let the external gear pump to extend suction over the inlet and prohibit fluid from going back from the pump’s discharge side (Though the low viscosity fluids have more tendency for fluid leakage).

The Internal Design Gear Pump works the same as of External Design Gear Pump except that it’s both interconnected gears have different sizes where one rotates inside of others. It has a larger internal gear which is called the rotor i.e. its edges projecting from the inside. The other external gear of small size mounted into the center of the rotor which is called the idler. It is designed for interconnecting with the outer rotor in a way that edges of gear engage at the one end. The bushing along with a pinion is attached to the casing of the pump which holds inner idle into its location. A crescent shape fixed divider fills the vacant place which is created by the idler’s irregular mounting position. It works like the seal amongst outlet & inlet ports.When gears move out from the mesh on the pump’s inlet side, they form an extended volume, fluid flows into the pump’s cavities, and entrapped by the edges of gear while gears carry on rotating against the partition and casing of the pump.

The gear pump has few moving parts and is very simple and compact. Its pressure power cannot be matched with reciprocating pumps or the rates of flow of the centrifugal pumps. Yet it provides higher throughputs and pressures than lobe pumps or vanes. The gear pump is specifically suitable for fluids of high viscosity and pumping oils.

From the two types of gear pump, the external design has the ability to sustain high flow rates and pressures (more than 3000psi) due to its closer tolerances and stronger shaft support. Internal design provides better suction. It is suitable for fluids of high viscosity but it provides an operating range of 1cp to more than 1,000,000cp. As output depends on the rotational speed, the gear pump is mostly used for blending and metering operations. The gear pump can also be engineered for handling the aggressive liquids. Whereas it is generally made from stainless steel or cast iron, new composites and alloys let the pump handle the corrosive fluids like sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and ferric chloride.

The external design can be used in lifting machinery, hydraulic power, plant equipment, and vehicles. When the gear pump is driven in reverse, by using the oil which can be pumped from anywhere in the system (generally through a tandem pump within an engine), creates the hydraulic motor. It can be beneficial for providing power in those fields where the electrical system is costly, inconvenient, or bulky. For example, a tractor depends on an external design engine-driven gear pump to power its services.

The gear pump is self-priming yet it can also dry lift, though its priming features can be enhanced by wetting the gears. The gears should not run dry for a prolonged period and must be lubricated through a pumped fluid. Some designs of gear pumps can be operated in both directions (forward or reverse). Since the same gear pump can be utilized for loading and unloading the vessel, for instance.

Close tolerance amongst the casing and gear means that this pump type is vulnerable to wear especially when feeds consisting of entrained solids or the abrasive fluids are used. Though, few pump designs, specifically internal variants that let to handle the solids as well. The external design gear pump has four bearings with tight tolerances. Therefore, it is less suitable to handle abrasive fluids. The internal design gear pump is more robust and has just one bearing (maybe two) to run in a fluid. The gear pump needs to install a strainer on a suction side that can protect it from potential damages of solids.

In general, when a gear pump requires for handling abrasive solids then it’s better to choose a pump with higher capacity that can be run at low speed to avoid wear. But it must keep in mind that the gear pump’s volumetric efficiency becomes lessens at low flow rates and speeds. The gear pump must not be run beyond the recommended speed.

In applications of high temperature, it’s necessary to make sure that an operating range of temperature is compatible along with the specification of the pump. Gears and casings’ thermal expansion lessens clearances in the pump which can lead towards increased wear as well as in extreme circumstances, pump failure.

In spite of the best precautions, the bearings, casing, and gears of the pump succumb to wearing with every passing day. As there is an increase in clearances, a gradual decrease in efficiency happens along with an increase in the flow slip: pumped fluid’ leakage from the expulsion back towards a suction side. The flow slip depends on the clearance’ cube between the casing and cog edge so, practically, wear provide a small impact till a critical stage is reached after which the performance of the pump degrades rapidly.

Gear pumps continue to pump in contrary to reverse pressure then, if downstream blockage happens, it will carry on to the pressurized system till the pipework, pump, or other parts fails. Due to this reason, some gear pumps are used to equip with the relief valves. It’s advisable to use a relief valve anywhere within a system for protecting the downstream equipment.

The internal designs gear pumps that operated at less speed are considered ideal for the shear-sensitive fluids like paint, soaps, and foodstuffs. The lower clearances and higher speeds of eternal design gears make them appropriate for these kinds of applications. The internal design gear pump also prefers where hygiene conditions are more important due to its mechanical simplicity. This is a fact that it has easy to clean, strip down, and reassemble features.

Gear pumps are appropriate for pumping the fluids of high viscosity like foodstuff, oil, paints, or resins. They are used in any kind of application where the output of high pressure or accurate dosing is required. The gear pump output is not affected too much by pressure and they can be used in any type of situation where irregular supply occurs.

The gear pump helps to develop a flow by carrying the fluid between repeatedly enclosing interlocking gears or cogs, transferring it automatically to smooth pulseless flow of which rate depends on its gears’ rotational speed. Two basic design types of gear pumps are external design and internal design.

External design Gear pump contains two identical and interlocking gears that are supported through separate shafts. The Internal Design Gear Pump has two interconnected gears having different sizes where one rotates inside of others.

Gear pumps are appropriate for pumping the fluids of high viscosity like foodstuff, oil, paints, or resins. They are used in any kind of application where the output of high pressure or accurate dosing is required. The external design gear pump is used to sustain high pressure (more than 7500 psi) while the internal design gear pump provides better suction and is more suitable to fluids which are shear sensitive and of high viscosity.