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Chrysler | 2004-2008 PT Cruiser Convertible Rebuild/Upgrade service for main lift cylinder(s) using Top Hydraulics" proprietary seal upgrade, or replacement of hydraulic lines, or rebuild service of the pump, or any combination of the above. If your convertible top is moving slowly or not at all, you likely have one or both of the hydraulic cylinders leaking, which emptied out the pump"s reservoir. This is normal for a convertible of this age, as the seals in the hydraulic cylinders are decaying. The seals typically decay first on the bottom of the cylinders, where you would least expect it. Top Hydraulics replaces and upgrades all seven seals per cylinder, with an expected service life of several decades! The PT Cruiser convertible has two lift cylinders for the convertible top. Top Hydraulics" seal material is far superior to the OEM"s. Please send in your cylinders to be rebuilt, or use our core exchange service, also known as up-front shipping. Optional up-front shipping is more expensive, but very convenient. It includes a $150 core deposit plus a $40 surcharge per cylinder. When removing the hydraulic lines from the cylinders, please retract the cylinder shafts first. That way, you avoid that any accidentally slipping tool might damage the polished cylinder shaft. Top Hydraulics can replace the shafts with some from our own production, but we would have to charge extra. These cylinders typically fail first in the rear (bottom) of the cylinder. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cylinders have front and rear caps that are sealed from the cylinder bodies with a seal material that decays over time. Top Hydraulics replaces those seals with a far superior material that is not sensitive to water and is resistant to most additives in hydraulic fluid. Our seals have a larger cross section for a superior static seal. The OEM cylinders rely on a tiny o-ring to energize a very thin, flat rod seal. The o-rings loose elasticity over time, and the OEM rod seals wear out. Top Hydraulics manufactures and installs its own precision CNC machined front caps in these cylinders, so that the tiny OEM rod seals can be replaced with Top Hydraulics" own u-cup seals for a far more reliable seal and much longer service life. In addition, the size and geometry of Top Hydraulics" u-cups is forgiving to tiny scratches and imperfections in the cylinder rods (aka piston rods or shafts), caused during the original manufacture, during removal from the car, during installation into the car, or by impurities in the hydraulic fluid. Top Hydraulics replaces the port seals (where the hydraulic hoses attach) and ships spares with each cylinder, in case your mechanic accidentally pinches an o-ring while installing the hydraulic hose. Note: if you have Top Hydraulics rebuild only one cylinder, or both, but not the full system, then you will have to refill the hydraulic pump with fluid. The system is self venting, and the air from the cylinder(s) will eventually end up in the reservoir. It can take several cycles to get all air out of the system. Keep topping off the reservoir until the fluid level does not drop below the fill mark any more. You can fill the pump slowly with a syringe or a squirt bottle through the fill plug in the middle, on top of the pump. You may need to use pliers or vise grips to loosen the plug if you end up stripping the 5-mm inside hex. The filling process through the fill plug is slow. You can speed it up a little by manually pulling up one or both of the cylinder shafts while filling the pump - this creates a vacuum in the reservoir. We recommend against taking off the reservoir, because you might damage the reservoir or its o-ring in the process. In particular, we recommend against drilling a hole in the reservoir. You will be introducing foreign particles into the system, plus the reservoir gets pressurized when the hydraulic cylinders retract. Possible fluids to use: FeBi 02615 Aral Vitamol Mercedes fluid p/n A 000 989 9103 (10) Pentosin CHF-11S Mopar 05127381AA Univys 26 All fluids above will mix with each other or with the original fluid in the pump, and they are safe to use in the system. Owning and driving a convertible with an automatic top is prestigious, convenient and exciting - let Top Hydraulics help you enjoy your beautiful car even more by making your convertible top system truly better than new!

Includes $400 refundable deposit. Rebuilt & upgraded cylinders, new & superior hoses, rebuilt & upgraded pump. System ships fully assembled and filled with hydraulic fluid. This saves you a lot of labor and frustration, compared to replacing the components one by one. Outstanding value, far superior to original OEM quality.

In your Chrysler PT Cruiser, there are two lines/hoses routed to each hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic top system has a total of four hoses.  Each hose has a two-digit number stamped on it. Please identify the hose number when ordering.

Service of all moving parts with three years warranty. The pump goes through extensive testing of flow, pressure in both directions, and extended load testing to make sure it exceeds the manufacturer"s specs before we ship it back.

pt cruiser convertible <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> refill manufacturer

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Turbo, and am having issues with my top. The motor runs, but I cannot put the top down. I read through the forums, found the bleeder screw, loosened that, and can manually raise and lower the top. If I open the bleeder screw and put the top down manually, and then tighten the screw, the top will close by pressing the button. VERY.GRUDGINGLY. The motor is very loud and the top closes VERY slowly. I haven"t seen or smelled any hydraulic fluids in the trunk, or under the vehicle. Of all the PITA things that have gone wrong with this car, leaking fluids is thankfully not one of them. So this leads me to believe that over time (9 years) I"ve managed to slowly lose enough hydraulic fluid so there just isn"t enough pressure in the lines to raise and lower the top properly.

This SHOULD be a relatively easy task, one would think, although Chrysler did a lot of things in the 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible to make what should be relatively easy tasks non-trivial, and requiring a trip to a mechanic to do them. So after ripping out the entire passenger side back seat to get to the top motor, my internet research has shown that Chrysler made the pump a totally sealed system without a way to add more hydraulic fluid, necessitating a complete replacement of the entire working pump.

I"ve seen one "guide" on the web which suggests VERY carefully drilling a hole in the plastic top of the reservoir, making sure that no plastic shavings get into the system, topping off the reservoir using a turkey baster to squirt the correct fluid ($25/qt?????), and then plugging up the hole with a rubber V stopper from your local hardware store. Another certified tech on another web answer site stated that there already was a rubber plug for refilling the hydraulic fluid, so I"m doubly confused as to what I might actually find once I spend an afternoon ripping out my back passenger seat. Any help here to save me that exploratory mission would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, while calling around to try and find a used top motor ($125 is the lowest price several states away), which will already have the elusive hydraulic fluid inside its self contained little ecosystem, the used parts salesman had what seems to be a rather brilliant solution, I think... The hydraulic lines have to push AND pull hydraulic fluid through the system, right? Is it possible to easily remove the end from one of the intake lines (there are 4 total), stick that line into the container of hydraulic fluid, and let the pump suck new fluid into the sealed reservoir? Or am I SOL on this method because like the reservoir, everything in this bloody top motor assembly is completely sealed and impossible to access?

I"d really like to get this done as easily and cheaply as possible so I can sell my Cruiser. I"m in the process of buying another vehicle as we speak, but not doing a trade-in so I have the luxury of a little time. The top does need to work, because no one wants a convertible with a broken top, although I am far from concerned about the longevity of the fix, so using a used part is fine with me, although just adding a little more hydraulic fluid would make me a heck of a lot happier.

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The system is a "closed" system from the factory and therefor not made to enable a refill..I have the same problem with mine and there is a it is...key element here is that when the power top system is activated there is NO pressure in the resevoir..all the resevoir does is enable a transfer of the fluid. That being said what I did is drilled a hole through the TOP of the plastic resevoir and when to Home Depot and bought a small rubber "V" shapped plug to plug the hole after I added hydrolic fluid. Caution here as go slowly while drilling the hole as to make sure the plastic shavings do not get in the resevoir as the drill bit cuts through the plasic tank housing. Then grab a turkey baster, suck the fluid up from the new quart of fluid and carefully squirt it through ht e hole you made in the resevoir (make sure the hole you drilled in the resevoir is big enough to accomidate the size of the hole n the end of the turkey baster or you will make a mess. After the resevoir is filled work the system WITHOUT the plug on to emable the system to bleed tha air out. Continually check for leaks in the system as if you have one, you will see the fluid pour out where ever there is a leak. If there is a leak, the leak myst be fixed (an entire new process) if there is no leak, refill until you are about 3/4 full in the resevoir tank and place the rubber plug over the hole you drilled in the tank and you will be good to go...

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HOW IT WORKS-Most modern cars use an electric motor to turn a hydraulic pump which supplies pressure to the lift cylinders located on each side of the car. The pump is usually located in the trunk area of the car and will most likely be held in place by 3 or 4 pointed grommets which push into holes in a bracket, the rubber grommets provide a cushion to reduce noise when raising and lowering the top. The pump assembly is a 1 piece unit that consists of an electric motor on one end, a small hydraulic pump in the middle and a fluid reservoir on the other end, the reservoir is held in place by a bolt that goes through the center of the reservoir into the pump, do not remove this bolt!To check the fluid level there will be a "push in" rubber plug or a slotted screw in plug located on the end of the reservoir above the center line, the fluid level should be to the bottom of the hole when the top is in the down position. When you operate your top switch to make the top move, this turns on the electric motor and the pump will take fluid from the reservoir and pressurize it, it will push the fluid through the lines to the cylinders. The fluid goes to the cylinders (it enters the bottom of both cylinders to make the top go up or to the top of the cylinders to make the top go down) as the fluid enters one end of the cylinder the top will begin to move and fluid is pushed out of the opposite end of the cylinder and returns to the reservoir through the hose. The pump is capable of producing between 300-450 PSI depending on the type of pump and year of car so use caution.

NOTE-Pumps and cylinders purchased from Convertible Top Specialists may be filled with fluid, this fluid will either be Dextron III automatic transmission fluid or mineral hydraulic oil.� The fluids are compatible with each other but�not with brake fluid. The complete system holds approximately 1 1/2 to 2 quarts of fluid, use extreme caution if your system contains brake fluid as it can damage the paint on your car.

WARNING-Never totally fill your pump reservoir with fluid, fill until fluid runs out the filler hole or until the reservoir is approximately 3/4 full.� A meat baster works good to fill your pump, just don"t tell your wife you used her turkey baster as it can he hazardous to your health.� If you are installing a new pump only, filling the pump reservoir 3/4 full and connecting the hoses and electrical connector should be all that is necessary.� However after running the top up and down 2 times it is recommended that you check the fluid level with the top in the "down" position, you can leave the plug out of the reservoir when testing the top operation as there is no pressure in the reservoir and this will help allow any air bubbles to escape.� You should never run the top motor for more than 15-20 seconds at a time to prevent damage. Remember that �the cylinders can exert over 1000 pounds of force and can cause considerable damage if you are not careful.

REPLACING CYLINDERS-Remove the old cylinder and install the new cylinder in its place.� The new cylinder will have its piston in the "retracted" or "down" position therefore attaching it to the top frame will not be possible at this time.� Operating the top pump will fill the cylinder with fluid and extend the piston rod until it can be attached to the top frame.� While filling the cylinder the pump should only be operating about 15 seconds at a time to prevent overheating, check the fluid level at this time and refill if necessary.� Leave the filler plug out and place a rag under the pump to catch any spillage until the unit is bled out and filled. The piston rod must be watched closely during this process to prevent damage.� When the piston rod is extended to the proper position attach it to the top frame, you will now be raising the top frame as you are bleeding the system.� The fluid level should be checked and refilled (if necessary) each time the top is returned to the down position.� Running the top up and down 3-4 times will bleed the system and the filler plug may now be installed, assuming there are no additional problems your top will be in good working order.

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Hydraulic fluid is a mineral-based liquid used in heavy-duty applications to move power smoothly and efficiently. The fluid travels within a sealed system to also provide lubrication and reduce wear. Changing your hydraulic fluid regularly is a step toward protecting against excess wear and tear. Without the right lubricant at work, essential systems can break down and could provide poor performance or fail. Your hydraulic fluid may be leaking if you notice dry, cracked seals or see fluid on the ground. At O"Reilly Auto Parts, we stock hydraulic fluid for applications ranging from tractors to heavy duty equipment. Find the right hydraulic fluid for your application at O"Reilly Auto Parts.

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To find your Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Top Motor from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. (What you see below is a previous search for a Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Top Motor and does not include all the Convertible Top Motors in YOUR area.)

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PT Cruiser Convertible Roof Hydraulic Pump Motor for Chrysler Crossfire Sebring. Has your Chrysler Crossfire Sebring roof stopped working?. Does it look like the one in image below?. For Chrysler Crossfire 2003-2008 A1938000030. For Chrysler PT Cruiser 2005-2008 1014098. For Chrysler Sebring 2007-2010 68027037AA. PT Cruiser Convertible Roof Hydraulic Pump Motor for Chrysler Crossfire Sebring Has your Chrysler Crossfire Sebring roof stopped working? Does it look like the one in image below? I. OEM Part Number: 68027037AA 1014098 A1938000030 II. Fitment: For Chrysler Sebring 2007-2010 68027037AA For Chrysler PT Cruiser 2005-2008 1014098 For Chrysler Crossfire 2003-2008 A1938000030 ⅲ. Has your Cabriolet roof stopped workin g? (1) Most Convertible failures are related to water damag e of the 12v Roof Motor . (2)Its an expensive fix from Chrysler Sebring as well as a hydro unit and its crazy money plus fitting !! (3)No need to buy a dubious quality untested aftermarket part or buy an expansive new unit. We have a more cost effective solution These units don"t even need coding to the car, So no further diagnostic and recoding costs to pay either. Its usually the motor unit that fails so its a 5 minute job to remove 2 bolts and a power cable and swap the motor over. (4)We can offer you a fully new genuine and improved motor unit with a * 36 month warranty. ⅳ. ATTENTION! After replacing the motor, check the tightness of the vacuum system (door tubes, diaphragm valves in the locks, etc.). Check impeller for wedging. Moisture is not allowed in the graphite pump. Do not allow continuous operation of the pump, more than 7 seconds - BURN OUT! About tracking number update: If your tracking number is no logistics information, as thousands of parcels sent to foreign countries, logistics companies did not update logistics information, please contact us the first time, Please kindly do not directly open the dispute. We are the first time for you to solve! Time of shipment: All of product we can shipping out within 3~5 weekday, on usually we are according to customer orders time for packing and shipment, we need to carefully check the quality of the goods before to Ship, So take some time to handled. Time of delivery: Due to force majeure factors: hurricanes, rainstorms affect flights. Leading to logistics delays. We are honest sellers, will not let you suffer any loss. Please give the logistics company a little processing time, we wait for the package to reach your side. If your logistics information arrives at the local post office: If the local post office does hasn"t contact you, please contact your local post office as soon as possible to get your package. Otherwise, overtime receipt of parcels, the local post office will return your parcel, the consequences of self-responsibility. Protection time is running out: When we have finished time of shipment, if the product protection period running out, please extend the product protection period by yourself or contact us, Please kindly don"t open the dispute directly. Import duties: Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer"s responsibility. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or Shipping charges. These charges are the buyer"s responsibility When you receive the goods, if there are any problem, please contact us and do not directly open the dispute. We promise we will give you a satisfied solution after we confirmed it. We also will give you a positive evaluation. Order amount 100 US dollars more than at same times , we can free shipping DHL,EMS, UPS, will become our VIP customers, enjoy additional benefits for all the life. Q: How can track my parcel? A: You can track your parcel in the Purchase history using your tracking number. Q: As a retail or wholesale to offer wholesale price if i lots of items? A: if you need to buy plenty of items at the same times, please contact me first. i will offer you the competitive wholesale price . Q: How Can i pay my order? A: Ebay supports Visa, MasterCard, Maestre Debit Card, Paypal If items damaged,we must be contacted within 24 hours of receipt. If the item is in your possession more than 7 days, it is considered used and we will not issue you a refund or replacement. If you are not satisfied when you receive the item (incorrect, damaged, defective, or item not as described), please return it within 7 days for a replacement or money back. For any personal reasons (choose a dislike or i needn"t this product anymore),Return shipping charger will be the buyer"s responsibility. We will not accept any items with odors(perfume.smoke,ect.) All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you MUST PROVIDE us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return, and your order ID.

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With a base price of under $20,000, the 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible was reasonably priced and well styled. It featured best-in-class roominess and comfort, with 84.3 cu.-ft. of space and 13.3 cu.-ft. of pass-through luggage volume, and mechanical seat memory to make accommodating rear passengers painless. The convertible lasted through the 2008 model year.

"Our engineers wanted to make the PT Cruiser Convertible a convertible that you can actually do things with," said Larry Lyons, Vice President-Small Vehicle Product Team Engineering. "Nine different seat configurations and a pass-through trunk opening with enough room to store two golf bags make the car more versatile than its competitors."

Added to that is a new level of comfort for convertible passengers. At more than 40 cubic inches, the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible features almost 10 inches more rear leg room than other competitors in its class. The PT Cruiser Convertible also has the same rear seat height as the sedan, for "open air" rear theater seating.

In addition to offering best-in-class rear leg room and pass-through cargo space, the PT Cruiser Convertible is also one of the quietest convertibles, based on driving experience. "The combination of the sport bar design and position, together with enhancements to the body structure results in an exceptionally quiet ride," said Lyons. "While on-the-road experience is what ultimately matters, we performed extensive wind tunnel testing to assure our customers a quiet ride, top up or top down."

The standard PT Cruiser Convertible includes a standard 150-horsepower 2.4-liter engine with a manual transaxle. Standard equipment includes a power convertible soft top, sport bar with integrated dome lamps, solar-tinted “Smart” glass, rear glass window with electric defroster, cloth sport seats with driver manual lumbar adjuster, rear 50/50 split-fold and tumble seats, pass-through cargo area, power exterior mirrors, touring-tuned suspension and body-color fascias and body side moldings.

With an MSRP of $23,490 (including destination), the Touring model features an optional 180-horsepower 2.4-liter turbocharged engine with automatic transaxle. All the standard model features are included as well, with the addition of a convertible top boot, 16-inch painted cast aluminum wheels, speed control, security alarm, fog lights, floor mats and an AM/FM stereo with CD player.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabrio also will be sold outside North America as Limited and GT models. Pricing for these markets will be announced at a later date.

Chrysler sold almost 44,000 Chrysler Sebring Convertibles in 2002 and enjoyed a 14.5-percent share of the convertible market, the highest of any nameplate. Chrysler Sebring Convertible is America"s best-selling convertible.

The interior has been substantially changed, with new seat trim and fabrics. A new instrument panel has a Satin Silver finish and features larger, more visible graphics, new flush-shutoff air vents, and an analog clock. The new corporate radio is mounted higher in the center stack, and a passenger grab handle has been added to the right side of the instrument panel to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. A new dampened door opening provides increased capacity in the glove box. Front cup holders on the GT model get bright accents. The new air vents replace the surprisingly quiet and agile center-pin style in the original PT.

A new center console with a sliding armrest and covered storage space replaces the previous seat-mounted armrests and front passenger seat storage bin for the 2006 model year. This console includes a battery-fed power outlet for cell-phone charging and two fold-out cup holders for passengers in the back seat. New radio options include a Boston Acoustics® premium sound system that features six premium speakers and a 368-watt amplifier. All Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible models also get MP3 play capability in the 2006 model year.

New convenience features for the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible for 2006 include an available six-way power adjustable driver seat with manual lumbar adjuster and an Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), which is more refined and allows owners to customize and easily adjust their personal settings. This new EVIC includes compass and temperature display, audio information, fuel economy, distance to empty and elapsed time. Several updates to the 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible also make this already quiet convertible even quieter.

At 84.3 cu.-ft., the PT Cruiser Convertible has more total interior volume than the Beetle convertible (79.6 cu. ft.) and the Mustang convertible (79.0 cu.-ft.) It is the only one of the three to offer true pass-through luggage volume of 13.3 cu.-ft., not to mention nine different seat configurations.

With almost ten inches more rear leg room (40.9) than the VW Beetle convertible (30.1) and the Mustang convertible (29.9), PT Cruiser Convertible passengers can stretch out and enjoy theater-style seating.

A convenient power cushion driver seat adjuster is optional on Standard and Touring Edition models and standard equipment on all GT models. It provides 35 mm (1.38 in.) of continuously variable vertical movement.

"With more than half of its parts unique from the sedan, the new Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible represents a vehicle specifically engineered with convertible drivers in mind," said Lyons. "We engineered more stability into the body structure itself and fine-tuned the handling to deliver the type of ride a convertible deserves."

High structural integrity leads to a stiffer body with less twist and bend, which means PT Cruiser Convertible customers enjoy a quieter ride, better handling and reduced shake. The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible"s rigid structure not only gives a more solid ride, but it also makes the car handle more precisely and gave engineers more suspension-tuning latitude without sacrificing low NVH levels. The front strut, rear suspension Watt"s linkage, rear shock absorber and rear trailing arm mounting structures were stiffened, while their natural frequencies were tuned to separate them from the noise and vibration inputs of tires and suspension components. This allowed engineers to tune the suspension bushings for optimum handling without affecting NVH levels.

"One thing we know from our experience with convertible customers is that convertibles are "social vehicles," which means passengers want to be able to talk to each other when riding in them, much like they would around a kitchen table," said Steve Bartoli, Vice President-Strategy. "So, we made sure Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible passengers could carry on an open-air, "picnic table" conversation while driving, something other convertibles would be hard pressed to offer."

While the ultimate proof is on-the-road experience, extensive wind tunnel testing contributed to Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible"s "picnic table" conversation level of quietness. As one of the first Chrysler Group vehicles to benefit from the company"s full-scale Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel Test Facility in Auburn Hills, Mich., PT Cruiser Convertible engineers were able to accomplish the following:World-class wind noise reduction with top up and down

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible body provides tight sealing against wind, road and aspiration noise. While a stiff body structure contributes to low NVH levels, tuning the complete structure to minimize transmission of outside noise and vibration into the passenger compartment also adds to the PT Cruiser Convertible"s quietness.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible engineers used full body Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models to determine dynamic bending and torsional characteristics that would meet the team"s performance criteria for NVH control. The natural frequencies of these characteristics were then separated from steering column, powertrain and suspension input frequencies and transmitted to the body structure at forty-seven attachment locations. Tuning each local area individually to separate its natural frequency from that of the input virtually eliminates the area as a potential noise and vibration transmission path into the passenger compartment.

In addition to a unique styling cue, the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible"s sport bar serves an important noise-reduction function by directing wind vectoring behind the vehicle. The sport bar design, location and height prevent air from circling back into the rear seat vacuum, moving it over the passenger compartment instead.

The PT Cruiser Convertible"s air induction system was engineered to reduce airflow resistance and minimize induction noise. The large air cleaner housing mounted in the left front corner of the engine compartment dampens incoming airflow pulsations. A tuning chamber in the cover enhances its noise reduction ability. Body mounting prevents the housing from becoming a potential engine noise amplifier, while rubber mounting keeps it from transmitting induction noise to the body structure.

Similar to the powertrain components, the PT Cruiser Convertible tires, wheels, brakes, suspension and steering systems were tuned to separate their natural frequencies from each other and from those of the body structure. In addition, their mounting systems were refined in conjunction with the body structure to isolate them from the passenger compartment.

Extensive use of weather stripping, combined with rigorous sealing of body panel seams and gaps on the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible resulted in one of the most tightly sealed bodies of any DaimlerChrysler convertible [note that they used the term DaimlerChrysler as opposed to Chrysler].

Unique C-channel weather stripping completely wraps the top edge of the side windows at the sealing edge of the convertible top. This weather stripping"s unique design dramatically prevents wind noise and water leakage compared with conventional weather stripping. An anti-stick coating on this section of weather stripping makes it easy to open and close the door.

Extensive door weather stripping also helps seal the PT Cruiser Convertible against wind and water. Body-mounted tubular weather strips seal the sides and lower edges of both doors, while inboard lips overlap the interior trim for a continuous appearance. These lips and the carrier that attaches the weather stripping to the door opening flanges include a co-extruded rubber. The door-mounted weather stripping also comes in contact with the upper edges of the body sills to prevent road splash and road noise.

Engineers incorporated numerous enhancements into the body structure for improved impact performance. Larry Lyons, Vice President-Small Vehicle Product Team Engineering, said, "The new Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible includes the numerous safety features of the sedan version, as well as special high-strength steel applications for added protection without added weight."

Throughout the body structure, high-strength steel and differential thickness panels are used selectively to meet safety, durability and performance requirements. Use of high-strength steel contributed to a safer and stiffer vehicle with the least amount of added weight possible (approximately 150 more pounds than the PT Cruiser sedan versus the additional 350 pounds added to the Volkswagen Beetle convertible compared with the Volkswagen Beetle).

A continuous beltline structure around the rear that ties into the B-pillar and a hydroformed sill reinforcement provide rear impact protection on the PT Cruiser Convertible. While the new rear seat structure was designed to allow cargo pass-through, it also incorporates integrated seat belt anchors and provides body torsional rigidity, both of which improve function and safety for rear occupants.

The PT Cruiser Convertible"s quarter trim panels were designed to optimize the vehicle"s interior volume, but they also protect passengers in the event of a side impact through the inclusion of energy-absorbing foam inserts on the backside of the panels. A similar foam insert is included on the backside of the door trim panels for the same purpose. Added foam in these areas also prevents contact with the convertible top mechanisms in side-impact collisions.

Unibelt three-point belts with low-tension retractors provide primary passenger restraint in all seating positions. The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible"s front seat belt turning loops are attached to the sport bar for improved positioning. Load-limiting front seat belt retractors include pretensioners that minimize seat belt slack during a frontal collision above a certain deceleration level.

Next-generation driver and passenger air bags are standard equipment on all Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles. The air bags are deployed at a reduced output in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Combined with seat belts, the instrument panel structure and the body structure, the air bags assure significant front-seat occupant protection in frontal impacts.

Outboard, front-seat-mounted supplemental side air bags also are available on the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible for enhanced side-impact protection for the driver and front passenger. These air bags are standard on GT models and optional on Touring Edition models.

The Getrag G288 manual shifter on Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles equipped with this transaxle includes an audible acknowledgement feature that sounds after the shift lever has been moved to the reverse gate.

In the event of an accident that results in an air bag deployment, the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible"s dome lamp illuminates and the door locks unlock. This makes it easier for emergency personnel to assist the occupants.

A remote power deck lid release is standard on all Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles. The switch is mounted in the lockable glove box and is further secured by removing the power to it. This is accomplished by setting the Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) using either the key fob, the exterior door key cylinder or the interior door lock switch. Power is restored to the remote power deck lid release switch by disabling the VTSS.

The VTSS, which is standard equipment on all Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles, also emits both audible and visible signals if unauthorized entry into the vehicle is attempted.

A Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) feature on Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles uses a rolling code to prevent pirating of the vehicle unlock signal. RKE also includes a panic alarm and provides central locking and unlocking of all openings with the key.

Finally, a Sentry Key Immobilizer System on Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertibles deters vehicle theft by immobilizing the engine if an attempt is made to start the car without a properly programmed key.

The PT Cruiser Convertible team investigated convertible top systems and components worldwide with the goal of creating a world-class system for PT Cruiser Convertible customers. The result is not only that, but a system that includes two U.S. industry "firsts" in the form of a six-point top attachment system and a floating bow top retention system.

Mechanical components of the top system include: forged main control link and rails, a stamped top header and main pivot bracket, a high-pressure hydraulic pump and motor, four high-strength steel roof bows on the frame, forged rails, a high-strength steel floating bow, glass stabilizing wide tension belts, a sound-dampening pump cover and a two-piece stamped header.

The PT Cruiser Convertible"s top assembly fits flush with the windshield header for a clean appearance and low wind noise. The top includes a full premium cloth headliner and insulating pad that isolate the cabin from road noise and harsh outside temperatures. The three-layer, premium material is available in Black or Taupe, and provides strength and durability to the top without sacrificing a soft-touch feel, unlike competitors" vinyl top material. A scratch-resistant, heated glass backlight is urethane bonded in place. This standard feature eliminates the need to disassemble the entire top when servicing the backlight, which has the potential to introduce NVH issues after repair on competitive products.

The system"s extruded high-strength steel roof bows and rails maintain roof integrity when raising or lowering the top. The rear bow "floats," which creates a compact, clean top-down look. The entire mechanism (including the hydraulics, insulated headliner, weather stripping and latches) is installed in a single manufacturing operation using only six fasteners. Both the floating bow and six-point attachment system are U.S. industry "firsts."

A high pressure, thermally protected electric pump mounted in the center of the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible quickly actuates the top. Anti-chaffing hydraulic lines connect the pump to the cylinders that raise and lower the top. Both the pump and hydraulic lines are secured in the bottom of the convertible top well. A noise dampening cover is positioned above the pump to minimize any noise that may be produced during top operation.

The PT Cruiser Convertible boot was designed specifically for easy installation and stowing. The boot"s soft center section allows the arms to nest together for a "tuck in" design that reduces installation time and effort. One person can easily install the boot with a couple of snaps when the top is retracted.

The boot is color-coordinated to match the PT Cruiser Convertible"s interior/exterior packaging, while its semi-rigid self-supporting arms give a distinctive appearance to the vehicle when it is in place. When removed, the boot can be stored in the trunk.

The new "Smart" glass frameless system on the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible doors allowed designers to maintain the unique sedan styling cues that are sure to become a hallmark of the new convertible as well.

"Developing a glass system that didn"t need a window frame was critical in helping retain the "PT-ness" of the new Convertible," said Lyons. ""Smart" glass technology and some engineering ingenuity led to the same distinct Chrysler PT Cruiser profile on the Convertible as the segment-busting sedan."

As an added benefit, the system"s thicker window glass increases vehicle rigidity and contributes to noise reduction in the cabin. This technology is a key contributor to superior wind noise performance and gives the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible one of the easiest door opening and closing efforts in the industry.

As yet another Chrysler Group "first," the PT Cruiser Convertible is one of the first Chrysler Group vehicles to incorporate "Smart" glass technology into a door module.

The system works by lowering the windows slightly whenever the convertible top is lowered. Upon selection of the first detent on the convertible top switch, the front windows lower 40 mm (1.6 in.) and the rear quarter windows lower 55 mm (2.17 in.). All four side windows lower completely when the second detent is selected.

The "Smart" glass system isn"t the only component adding to the robust nature of the PT Cruiser Convertible door system. The doors also contain longitudinal beams that help maintain the integrity of the door opening. This results in a level of sag resistance among the best of the convertibles in its class. The door inner panels are thicker at the hinge face and thinner everywhere else, which increases their strength and stiffness while reducing weight.

The design of the door hinge itself helps minimize the potential for sag on the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible. The hinges" large offsets also ensure that the deep-draw front doors have ample space to clear the front fenders. The geometry of the hinges causes the doors to rise slightly when opened, allowing gravity to help them close easily.

Linear door check arms assure smooth operation and hold the doors open when the vehicle is parked on an incline. A new arm on the door check strap improves the open angles on the PT Cruiser Convertible doors for easier ingress and egress.

A cross-functional launch team for the convertible was able to maintain production of the Chrysler PT Cruiser sedan while managing the plant changeover required for the launch. The rolling changeover, which generally involves the addition of new assembly equipment and tooling, quality verification of the equipment and training for new manufacturing processes, was implemented in between the first and second shifts, as well as on weekends. Both the customer and the company benefit from this approach because it enables a faster ramp-up of production and reduces program expenses usually caused by down time.

"The entire team at the plant contributed to the successful operations we"ve seen at Toluca Assembly," said Roberto Gutierrez, Vice President-Mexico Manufacturing Operations, Chrysler Group. "From the ongoing production of PT Cruiser to the rolling changeover, we achieved positive gains in productivity and quality, without missing a day of production."

Technology also plays a key role in quality verification. In the body shop, a state-of-the-art metrology laboratory checks body panels and assemblies for dimensional accuracy. In the trim, chassis and final assembly area, hand-held testers are used by employees for in-station programming of the electronic systems and verification of their functionality. Optical aiming equipment assures correct headlamp installation and proper headlamp aim for the beams. Each vehicle also is tested with computerized chassis dynamometers that perform final checks before the car exits the assembly line.

Even with the launch of the PT Cruiser Convertible, Toluca Assembly Plant continues to trend favorably in terms of vehicle quality. Warranty costs at the facility were among the lowest of all Chrysler Group manufacturing plants for the 2003 model year and improved more than 20 percent between the 2001 and 2002 model years.

A number of changes were implemented at Toluca Assembly in preparation for PT Cruiser Convertible production and to add greater plant flexibility. New robotic equipment was installed in the body shop"s welding operations for improved precision and efficiency. The trim, chassis and final assembly area was expanded to build both sedans and convertibles.

A new dedicated line was installed for the convertible"s underbody process. A combination of robotic and employee-manned work stations weld the PT Cruiser Convertible"s underbody, engine compartment and body side systems. This arrangement reduces floor space requirements for a more flexible and efficient plant, which results in the capacity to build additional body lines within the plant at a minimal investment.

Error-prevention devices are incorporated in PT Cruiser Convertible underbody weld fixtures, including clamps to guide panels into place and sensors to ensure all parts are present before welding begins.

Convertible assemblers use a newly installed ergonomic assist arm to position the top module for installation to the vehicle. A fixture then aligns the top to the rear quarter panels, while fasteners lock the top into the proper alignment. Using the setting fixture assures a repeatable fit to the vehicle, which helps achieve the optimal fit and finish on the final vehicle.

Most of the PT Cruiser Convertible"s interior trim, including the new seats, is installed on the final line. Workers put the seats in the convertible bodies using a combination of new and modified articulated arms that protect the vehicle during installation. The newly modified material delivery system makes the convertible seat installation easier by bringing the seats to the assembler in the installed position.

Training for Toluca Assembly PT Cruiser Convertible operators began early in the development of the vehicle program and was cascaded to the entire work force at the plant. A select group of operators from Toluca Assembly traveled to the Chrysler Group Pilot Plant Facility in Auburn Hills, Mich., where they co-developed and refined the convertible build process. Based on their experience with the PT Cruiser sedan manufacturing process, this group captured and incorporated the sedan best practices into the convertible build before the new vehicle launched. The joint Toluca/Auburn Hills team identified system refinements early to ensure that the product and the process worked together prior to the second phase of pilot vehicle build.

To further enhance product quality at launch and after, all assemblers were trained and tested for knowledge of both the PT Cruiser Convertible product and related assembly processes that apply to their work station.

More than four years, 1,400 days, 11,000 hours and 610,000 vehicles" worth of PT Cruiser sedan experience go into every single Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible that rolls off the Toluca Assembly Plant onto highways around the world. During each minute since the successful launch of the PT Cruiser sedan, plant employees have gained experience building the hugely popular vehicle that started a global phenomenon and invented a new segment of personal transportation never known before.