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Chrysler | 2004-2008 PT Cruiser Convertible Rebuild/Upgrade service for main lift cylinder(s) using Top Hydraulics" proprietary seal upgrade, or replacement of hydraulic lines, or rebuild service of the pump, or any combination of the above. If your convertible top is moving slowly or not at all, you likely have one or both of the hydraulic cylinders leaking, which emptied out the pump"s reservoir. This is normal for a convertible of this age, as the seals in the hydraulic cylinders are decaying. The seals typically decay first on the bottom of the cylinders, where you would least expect it. Top Hydraulics replaces and upgrades all seven seals per cylinder, with an expected service life of several decades! The PT Cruiser convertible has two lift cylinders for the convertible top. Top Hydraulics" seal material is far superior to the OEM"s. Please send in your cylinders to be rebuilt, or use our core exchange service, also known as up-front shipping. Optional up-front shipping is more expensive, but very convenient. It includes a $150 core deposit plus a $40 surcharge per cylinder. When removing the hydraulic lines from the cylinders, please retract the cylinder shafts first. That way, you avoid that any accidentally slipping tool might damage the polished cylinder shaft. Top Hydraulics can replace the shafts with some from our own production, but we would have to charge extra. These cylinders typically fail first in the rear (bottom) of the cylinder. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cylinders have front and rear caps that are sealed from the cylinder bodies with a seal material that decays over time. Top Hydraulics replaces those seals with a far superior material that is not sensitive to water and is resistant to most additives in hydraulic fluid. Our seals have a larger cross section for a superior static seal. The OEM cylinders rely on a tiny o-ring to energize a very thin, flat rod seal. The o-rings loose elasticity over time, and the OEM rod seals wear out. Top Hydraulics manufactures and installs its own precision CNC machined front caps in these cylinders, so that the tiny OEM rod seals can be replaced with Top Hydraulics" own u-cup seals for a far more reliable seal and much longer service life. In addition, the size and geometry of Top Hydraulics" u-cups is forgiving to tiny scratches and imperfections in the cylinder rods (aka piston rods or shafts), caused during the original manufacture, during removal from the car, during installation into the car, or by impurities in the hydraulic fluid. Top Hydraulics replaces the port seals (where the hydraulic hoses attach) and ships spares with each cylinder, in case your mechanic accidentally pinches an o-ring while installing the hydraulic hose. Note: if you have Top Hydraulics rebuild only one cylinder, or both, but not the full system, then you will have to refill the hydraulic pump with fluid. The system is self venting, and the air from the cylinder(s) will eventually end up in the reservoir. It can take several cycles to get all air out of the system. Keep topping off the reservoir until the fluid level does not drop below the fill mark any more. You can fill the pump slowly with a syringe or a squirt bottle through the fill plug in the middle, on top of the pump. You may need to use pliers or vise grips to loosen the plug if you end up stripping the 5-mm inside hex. The filling process through the fill plug is slow. You can speed it up a little by manually pulling up one or both of the cylinder shafts while filling the pump - this creates a vacuum in the reservoir. We recommend against taking off the reservoir, because you might damage the reservoir or its o-ring in the process. In particular, we recommend against drilling a hole in the reservoir. You will be introducing foreign particles into the system, plus the reservoir gets pressurized when the hydraulic cylinders retract. Possible fluids to use: FeBi 02615 Aral Vitamol Mercedes fluid p/n A 000 989 9103 (10) Pentosin CHF-11S Mopar 05127381AA Univys 26 All fluids above will mix with each other or with the original fluid in the pump, and they are safe to use in the system. Owning and driving a convertible with an automatic top is prestigious, convenient and exciting - let Top Hydraulics help you enjoy your beautiful car even more by making your convertible top system truly better than new!

Includes $400 refundable deposit. Rebuilt & upgraded cylinders, new & superior hoses, rebuilt & upgraded pump. System ships fully assembled and filled with hydraulic fluid. This saves you a lot of labor and frustration, compared to replacing the components one by one. Outstanding value, far superior to original OEM quality.

In your Chrysler PT Cruiser, there are two lines/hoses routed to each hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic top system has a total of four hoses.  Each hose has a two-digit number stamped on it. Please identify the hose number when ordering.

Service of all moving parts with three years warranty. The pump goes through extensive testing of flow, pressure in both directions, and extended load testing to make sure it exceeds the manufacturer"s specs before we ship it back.

pt cruiser convertible <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> refill in stock

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Turbo, and am having issues with my top. The motor runs, but I cannot put the top down. I read through the forums, found the bleeder screw, loosened that, and can manually raise and lower the top. If I open the bleeder screw and put the top down manually, and then tighten the screw, the top will close by pressing the button. VERY.GRUDGINGLY. The motor is very loud and the top closes VERY slowly. I haven"t seen or smelled any hydraulic fluids in the trunk, or under the vehicle. Of all the PITA things that have gone wrong with this car, leaking fluids is thankfully not one of them. So this leads me to believe that over time (9 years) I"ve managed to slowly lose enough hydraulic fluid so there just isn"t enough pressure in the lines to raise and lower the top properly.

This SHOULD be a relatively easy task, one would think, although Chrysler did a lot of things in the 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible to make what should be relatively easy tasks non-trivial, and requiring a trip to a mechanic to do them. So after ripping out the entire passenger side back seat to get to the top motor, my internet research has shown that Chrysler made the pump a totally sealed system without a way to add more hydraulic fluid, necessitating a complete replacement of the entire working pump.

I"ve seen one "guide" on the web which suggests VERY carefully drilling a hole in the plastic top of the reservoir, making sure that no plastic shavings get into the system, topping off the reservoir using a turkey baster to squirt the correct fluid ($25/qt?????), and then plugging up the hole with a rubber V stopper from your local hardware store. Another certified tech on another web answer site stated that there already was a rubber plug for refilling the hydraulic fluid, so I"m doubly confused as to what I might actually find once I spend an afternoon ripping out my back passenger seat. Any help here to save me that exploratory mission would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, while calling around to try and find a used top motor ($125 is the lowest price several states away), which will already have the elusive hydraulic fluid inside its self contained little ecosystem, the used parts salesman had what seems to be a rather brilliant solution, I think... The hydraulic lines have to push AND pull hydraulic fluid through the system, right? Is it possible to easily remove the end from one of the intake lines (there are 4 total), stick that line into the container of hydraulic fluid, and let the pump suck new fluid into the sealed reservoir? Or am I SOL on this method because like the reservoir, everything in this bloody top motor assembly is completely sealed and impossible to access?

I"d really like to get this done as easily and cheaply as possible so I can sell my Cruiser. I"m in the process of buying another vehicle as we speak, but not doing a trade-in so I have the luxury of a little time. The top does need to work, because no one wants a convertible with a broken top, although I am far from concerned about the longevity of the fix, so using a used part is fine with me, although just adding a little more hydraulic fluid would make me a heck of a lot happier.

pt cruiser convertible <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> refill in stock

The system is a "closed" system from the factory and therefor not made to enable a refill..I have the same problem with mine and there is a it is...key element here is that when the power top system is activated there is NO pressure in the resevoir..all the resevoir does is enable a transfer of the fluid. That being said what I did is drilled a hole through the TOP of the plastic resevoir and when to Home Depot and bought a small rubber "V" shapped plug to plug the hole after I added hydrolic fluid. Caution here as go slowly while drilling the hole as to make sure the plastic shavings do not get in the resevoir as the drill bit cuts through the plasic tank housing. Then grab a turkey baster, suck the fluid up from the new quart of fluid and carefully squirt it through ht e hole you made in the resevoir (make sure the hole you drilled in the resevoir is big enough to accomidate the size of the hole n the end of the turkey baster or you will make a mess. After the resevoir is filled work the system WITHOUT the plug on to emable the system to bleed tha air out. Continually check for leaks in the system as if you have one, you will see the fluid pour out where ever there is a leak. If there is a leak, the leak myst be fixed (an entire new process) if there is no leak, refill until you are about 3/4 full in the resevoir tank and place the rubber plug over the hole you drilled in the tank and you will be good to go...

pt cruiser convertible <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> refill in stock

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pt cruiser convertible <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> refill in stock

We can help you find the 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Top Motor fast and cheap. Fill out your contact information and your Convertible Top Motor

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The air conditioning pollen/dust cabin filter is located behind the windscreen washer bottle and is fitted to all diesel models and most export petrol PT cruisers. Fits 2000-2010.

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Hydraulic fluid is a mineral-based liquid used in heavy-duty applications to move power smoothly and efficiently. The fluid travels within a sealed system to also provide lubrication and reduce wear. Changing your hydraulic fluid regularly is a step toward protecting against excess wear and tear. Without the right lubricant at work, essential systems can break down and could provide poor performance or fail. Your hydraulic fluid may be leaking if you notice dry, cracked seals or see fluid on the ground. At O"Reilly Auto Parts, we stock hydraulic fluid for applications ranging from tractors to heavy duty equipment. Find the right hydraulic fluid for your application at O"Reilly Auto Parts.

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In brief: This Crutchfield Research Garage article gives you an overview of your PT"s stock stereo system and your aftermarket upgrade options. We"ll tell you all about:

Early in the 21st century, though, Chrysler introduced its new PT Cruiser, a compact wagon (the ragtop came later) that combined Airflow style with minivan utility in a package that was anything but "normal looking." This time, the risk paid off. In a world full of dull, grey sedans, the PT Cruiser"s cheerful combination of retro form and modern function quickly attracted a large and loyal fan base. Today, the PT is one of those rare designs that still stands out, even after a decade-plus on the road. Perhaps the secret to aging gracefully is looking a little bit old to begin with.

Whether you"re sticking with the stock look or, like many owners, adding your own custom touches, a PT Cruiser can be a pretty nifty way to go about your daily business. If you want your car to sound as nifty as it looks, the PT is a great platform for an aftermarket stereo system.

The PT was available with several different factory radio options. The base unit, familiar to anyone who"s ever rented a PT at the airport, was an AM/FM/Cassette radio with six speakers. Upgraded AM/FM/Cassette/CD receivers were also available.

In 2005, The PT Cruiser added optional Sirius satellite radio and Chrysler"s UConnect system, which used the audio system as a hands-free, wireless link to cell phones. If your "05 is so equipped, you"ll lose those features when you install an aftermarket stereo. Thankfully, there are aftermarket solutions.

Removing the PT Cruiser"s stock radio isn"t terribly difficult, but the process is a bit labor-intensive. You"ll start by removing the four climate control knobs, which should come off with a firm, but gentle pull. Next, you"ll use a panel tool to gently pry out the top of the power window control panel, which is located in the dash, between two HVAC vents. Disconnect that wiring harness, remove it, and remove the Phillips screw you"ll see when you remove the panel.

There"s obviously a lot of stuff going on in the PT"s center stack, which means you won"t have room for a big 4" double-DIN receiver. Perhaps it"s all for the best. Accidentally lowering a rear window every time you took a swipe at a touchscreen receiver would soon grow tiresome. That still leaves you a wide selection of powerful 2" single-DIN CD receivers or, if you"re travelling disc-free these days, digital media receivers.

Installing your new stereo is largely a matter of reversing the steps you took to remove the old one. Insert the factory DIN sleeve into the mounting bracket and secure it by bending the tabs. Connect the wiring adapter to the factory wiring harness and plug into the antenna lead. The mounting kit and wiring harness are available at a very nice discount with stereos purchased from Crutchfield. We highly recommend testing the stereo before you re-install the dash panels.

The PT Cruiser"s front doors house 6-3/4", 4-ohm speakers. These "oversized" speakers are found frequently in Chrysler and GM vehicles, so same-size aftermarket speakers are plentiful. You can also use an adapter bracket to install 5-1/4" or 6-1/2" speakers. The brackets are free with your Crutchfield speaker purchase, along with a Crutchfield MasterSheet that contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to remove and replace stereo equipment on your PT Cruiser.

Removing the originals involves removing the door panels, which is a relatively simple process on the PT Cruiser. You"ll need a few tools and some patience, but it"s totally doable.

Now get your new speaker out of the box. Connect the speaker wiring adapter of the new speaker to your PT Cruiser"s speaker harness. Secure the speaker (and adapter bracket, if needed) with the screws you just removed and test it out. If it sounds good, re-install the door panel by reversing the removal steps.

The PT Cruiser has a pair of 4-ohm tweeters located in the dashboard. You"ll need to remove the radio trim and the dash pad to access them, so if you really want to replace the tweeters, it would be easiest to do it while you already have the dash apart.

Another option is to install aftermarket tweeters in this location. You"ll need to fabricate a mounting bracket for the new tweeter, and our universal back strap can help with this. Again, this will take a little work, but it"s much easier than trying to fit new 3-1/2" speakers.

The PT wagon"s rear speakers are 4-ohm 6"x8" models located in the rear pillars. A set of new 6"x8" speakers will fit nicely, as will a set 5-1/4" speakers, with help from the adapter brackets included free with your Crutchfield speaker purchase.

Once that"s done, pull out the speaker, disconnect it, and put it aside. From there, all you have to do is connect the wiring adapter on your new speaker to the PT"s speaker harness. Secure the speaker with the same screws you removed and test it out. If it works, you"re ready to button up the trim panel and start enjoying the sound.

In 2005, Chrysler added some fun and sun to the PT Cruiser line with a new convertible model. The drop-top was essentially identical to the wagon from the nose to the dashboard or so, so the instructions we"ve covered so far will take care of your receiver and front speaker installation needs. The rear speakers, however, are another thing entirely.

In the convertible, the rear speakers are 6"x9" speakers, and they"re located in the rear seat side panels. And they are tough to reach. Stock-size replacements will work, of course, and you can also use an adapter bracket to install 5-1/4" or 6-1/2" speakers. You"ll need to remove the rear seat and several trim panels, though, plus there"s a roll bar to deal with.

If you"re interested in adding big-time bass to your PT Cruiser wagon, there"s plenty of room to work with in the rear cargo area. The space available for placing a subwoofer box measures 39" W x 18" H x 19"-24" D, so if you’re thinking about boxing up a good-sized set of component subs, you’re in luck.

On the other hand, if you"re interested in adding a reasonable amount of bass without losing an unreasonable percentage of your PT"s cargo capacity, you can also add a more compact powered subwoofer. We offer several standalone units that will give you the thump you want without devouring the entire rear compartment.

Installing a security system in your PT Cruiser isn"t easy (security systems rarely are), but it"s definitely a good idea — especially for the ragtop. Our Crutchfield Advisors can help figure out what you need to get the job done, but we usually recommend taking your car and new gear to a professional installer.