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Green Hoe Company is the premier source of In-Row Mechanical Vineyard Equipment. Vineyard and orchard equipment that handle weed control and floor Management include five different attachments. Once installed the vineyard can implement a program for organic vineyard weed control.

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Test our pre-production and prototype models for deep discounts by giving us all the necessary feedback to make sure these models meet the requirements demanded in the field.

Baumalight understands this is not for everyone, but our discount program offers many benefits and we look forward to providing full warranty versions in the future once all product testing has been completed.

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It mounts easily to any planter and, depending which pump size is purchased, will provide an extra 12 gpm to 40 gpm as well as 4 to 6 additional ports.

Many producers wanting to upgrade or upsize their air seeders discover they are lacking hydraulic capacity on their current tractor, and don’t have room in their machinery budget to upgrade their tractor.

One solution is the Command HydraBoost PTO-driven auxiliary hydraulic system, these can operate a portion of the hydraulic flow requirement, allowing producers to continue using their favourite tractor! These units come in several sizes, the larger sizes - 24gpm, 32 gpm & 40 gpm are used in combination with air seeders.

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Shipping Weight - 900lb. (We ship these double crated in strong iron crate, then crated inside a wooden crate for guaranteed protection from any damages / lost parts)

Hydraulic Volume 3"4" Requirements 3 to 4 GPM*We include a PTO pump so its self contained. No need to run off hydraulics from the tractor. This also will have its own hydraulic oil tank, so its 100% self contained.

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Our PTO Auxiliary Hydraulic System is used for any type of agricultural equipment when an application or piece of equipment requires more hydraulic oil flow than the tractor/equipment can provide. Out most typical application is for Air Seeders (planters) when Ag Tractor Hydraulic systems don"t meet the flow, pressure or cooling requirements for proper operation of equipment. DFP"s PTO Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems are completely customizable to fit your specific application.

Note: Each application requires a completely custom system built to your application needs. This isn"t an off the shelf kit where one size fits all. Pricing will vary depending on application needs. Please contact your local DFP for more information.

Hydraulic reservoir is typically 25 gallons, but capacity is flexible to meet any application requirements as these systems are built to order. Also included is a Spin-on Return Filter and an Oil Cooler (12VDC) with Temp. Switch mounted and plumbed to Hydraulic Reservoir (tank). (end user to supply power to 12VDC Fan on cooler) Other options for the hydraulic reservoir, but are not limited to: Relief Valve Block, Pressure and Tank Manifolds, Hydraulic Directional Control Valves and Flow Controls. DFP"s PTO Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems are completely customizable to fit your specific application.

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Portable tractor PTO driven gear pumps by K.I pumps. These pumps are ideal for pumping molasses, oils, tallows, fertilizers, bitumen, diesel, kerosene and other solutions. Use the power of your farm tractors PTO to pump a range of fluids including those with a very high viscosity.

Every farmer knows the power and reliability of their tractor and power take off (PTO) system. No more messing around with small engines or maintaining a dedicated trailer pump engine, instead use your existing tractors reliable diesel engine and PTO system to pump oils, molasses and other highly viscous fluids. Quickly mobilize this pump on the back of your tractor to areas otherwise difficult to access. Engage the standard 540 rpm PTO shaft and the pump begins operation. Vary the PTO speed and engine rpm to change your discharge pressure and flow rate. Ideal for large transfer operations where time is of the essence.

When pumping molasses the key is to run these gear pumps at a maximum of 250 rpm. With the direct coupling to your tractor this is as simple as reducing the tractors RPM so the standard 540 rpm PTO speed is lowered.

Molasses can be highly viscous when cold so care needs to be taken to ensure your pump is not starved of flow and this is best achieved by a elevated molasses supply tank, short suction lines and large diameters. Heating your molasses tank will also help it flow. Starving these pumps of supply can cause cavitation and eventual damage/destruction of the gears so it"s important to monitor your operation especially when new.

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PTO stands for Power Take-Off, which is a common form of mechanical power delivery in the mobile machine market. Here at Flowfit, we are proud to offer industry-leading PTO gearboxes and pump assemblies to transfer high volumes of power and torque from the hydraulic or mechanical systems engine. Typically, these models can be found in high-powered industrial or agricultural machines, including trucks and tractors.

Our PTO gearbox and pump assemblies are available in a wide range of designs and specifications to meet the exact requirements of your system. Typically cast in mechanically-resistant iron or housed in shell-cast aluminium, our models are designed for connecting gear pumps to power take off systems.

For more information on any one of our pump and gearbox assemblies, get in touch with our friendly team of hydraulic and mechanical specialists today on 01584 876 033.

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*Required when mounting a Wallenstein backhoe on a tractor which has no or limited hydraulics and will provide 7 gpm flow sufficient to power the backhoe. The PTO Pump Kit consists of a PTO mounted hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank with return hose, fittings and hardware.

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Prince PTO pumps are specifically designed for PTO drive operation on all sizes of farm tractors. No additional gearbox is required. Pumps are mounted by sliding the internally splined pump onto the PTO splined shaft and restraining rotation with a torque arm. See page P6 for the PTO pump torque arm kit.

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Explore a wide variety of tractor pto driven hydraulic pump on and enjoy exquisite deals. The machines help maintain drilling mud circulation throughout the project. There are many models and brands available, each with outstanding value. These tractor pto driven hydraulic pump are efficient, durable, and completely waterproof. They are designed to lift water and mud with efficiency without using much energy or taking a lot of space.

The primary advantage of these tractor pto driven hydraulic pump is that they can raise water from greater depths. With the fast-changing technology, purchase machines that come with the best technology for optimum results. They should be well adapted to the overall configuration of the installation to perform various operations. Hence, quality products are needed for more efficiency and enjoyment of the machines" full life expectancy. offers a wide selection of products with innovative features. The products are designed for a wide range of flow rates that differ by brand. They provide cost-effective options catering to different consumer needs. When choosing the right tractor pto driven hydraulic pump for the drilling project, consider factors such as size, shape, and machine cost. More powerful tools are needed when dealing with large projects such as agriculture or irrigation. provides a wide range of tractor pto driven hydraulic pump to suit different tastes and budgets. The site has a large assortment of products from major suppliers on the market. The products are made of durable materials to avoid corrosion and premature wear during operations. The range of products and brands on the site assures quality and good value for money.

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Tractors are designed to pull or carry behind them various types of specialized “implements” used in the agriculture industry. Most of these “implements” will be powered mechanically by a rear facing rotating shaft called a PTO or Power Take-Off.

Powered implements include but are not limited to grass cutters and slashers, flail mulchers, rotary hoes, power harrows, fertiliser spreaders, post hole diggers, water pumps and even concrete mixers.

In the transport industry, a power take-off (PTO) is a specially designed gearbox that usually bolts onto the side of a truck’s transmission. This PTO is usually used to rotate hydraulic pumps to provide hydraulic power for tippers and vehicle recovery and transport units such as Tilt Trays.

On Agricultural tractors, the PTO is usually an integral (or built in) part of a tractor’s gearbox or transmission. Most tractor PTO shafts rotate at around 540 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) whereas on trucks the PTO will drive the pump at between 800 to 1200 RPM .

Speed increase gearboxes are connected to a tractor’s PTO to drive at increased rotational speeds hydraulic gear pumps. These gears pumps provide usable hydraulic power that is needed by special farming implements or machinery used in agricultural applications.

Speed increase PTOs are special because they increase the rotational speed of the tractor’s PTO (that usually rotates at around 540 RPM) to around 1,500 RPM through a series of step up gears.

This above Speed Increase Gear box with a 1-⅜ inch Hardened Steel splined input shaft and Cast Iron Casing is rated to transfer up to 38 kW. It is driven by a Tractors PTO. The “Step Up” gearbox will increase the tractor’s input speed from 500 RPM to an output speed of around 1500 RPM.

Depending on available power from the Tractor and the power requirements of the attachment, Speed increase gearboxes are available transfer power from 10 kW, 20kW 38kW and 68kW. (13 HP, 26 HP, 50 HP and 90 HP)

The speed increase PTO usually has a step up ratio of around 1:3 (one (1) rotation input equals three (3) rotations output). The speed increase is vital because it provides more efficient rotational speeds for pumps used in fluid power applications (hydraulic systems).

PTOs are also found in other equipment such as dredges, Road planers, or profilers, augers, skip bin trucks and mobile cranes. However, the speed increase (or in some cases speed decrease) is only minor.

In a nutshell, a PTO is a mechanism that transfers power from the main engine to a secondary application, such as farm tractors and their specialized implements. Without a power take-off, a second engine will be necessary to provide the power required to run hydraulic pumps and other attachments or implements.

An Independent PTO is a type of PTO control on a tractor in which the PTO shaft is controlled with a separate clutch. This allows for full control over the tractor while separately controlling the PTO.

Often the tractor must be stopped or switched off to change this selector position. On the other hand, a hydraulic-independent PTO uses a single selector, which makes it incredibly flexible for work.

In this guide, we will share all the advantages of a PTO Driven Step UP Gearbox’s to power a hydraulic pump and produce high-pressure hydraulic oil power (also called fluid power), as well as what is the best hydraulic pump kit for optimum performance on a tractor PTO.

Before diving deeper into the advantages of using a Tractor PTO to produce hydraulic power, here is a quick explanation of how a hydraulic system works.

Today, hydraulics are used to lift or push heavy loads, compact loose materials, drill precision holes, turn or rotate a shaft and operate various other secondary applications.

Common machinery or equipment with hydraulics include earthmoving equipment such as excavators and loaders, garbage trucks, industrial machinery such as presses and molding equipment as well as automotive power steering and aircraft flight control systems.

Pictured above is a “hydraulic” self priming Water Pump application driven by a Tractor’s PTO. In this example the Speed “Step Up” system uses belts and different sized pulleys.

Notice on the back of the pump how there is a Belt Drive “Speed Increase” system with a large diameter pulley at the bottom (driven by the tractor’s yellow PTO shaft) turning a smaller diameter pulley connected to the pump’s input shaft. This application would be used for high volume, low pressure, transfer of water as used for irrigation and possibly even flood control.

The hydraulic pump then moves oil through a system of hoses and valves to a component such as cylinders for linear motion that push or pull, or motors that provide rotational work.

In order to power a hydraulic machinery, hydraulic fluid such as mineral and synthetic oils are commonly used as the medium to convey or transfer power. Apart from being a power driver, hydraulic oils also act as a lubricant in order to protect hydraulic machine components, reduce wear and corrosion.

Hydraulic power is transmitted from a pump to actuators using a range of control valves. Using directional, flow and pressure control valves, the speed of a motor or cylinder and the force that can be generated is infinitely controllable.

One of the main advantages of hydraulic systems is its ability to transmit large amounts of power from a remote power source (electric motor or internal combustion engine) to a compact actuator.

On top of that, hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders are power dense. The amount of power they can absorb and transmit from a compact envelope means that they are able to deliver 100 kw of power in the most efficient way possible.

Lastly, hydraulic motors are also the most robust compared to diesel and electric ones and are suitable for hazardous work conditions such as in mines or areas that have water and dust ingress and especially for agriculture.

Part of the success of a hydraulic system is the use of hydraulic oils. Hydraulic oils are non-compressible fluids that contain specific additives to enhance its ability to stand up to high pressure, withstand extreme temperatures and other operational conditions they are subjected to.

Filters will continue to protect the system rather than allow contaminants to be held in suspension and to be circulated through motors, pumps, and valves causing accelerated wear and the resulting poor performance.

Before we discuss the advantages of a PTO hydraulic pump, it is important to know the difference between low pressure high volume water pumps and high pressure low volume water pumps.

Low-pressure high volume water pumps such as a centrifugal pool filtration pump is not required to generate high pressures required to pump water to high levels or to shoot out far out onto a field of on to a burning building (as a fire pump has to do), but the pool pump does require a relatively high flow rate to do its job.

It uses a 1.5 HorsePower electric motor to rotate a centrifugal impeller to pump water through a filter at a relatively high flow rate of 250 liters per minute at low pressures (around 25 to 40 PSI).

On the other hand, high-pressure low volume water pumps such as the typical triple piston pumps used in water blasting, drain clearing and excavation applications produce much high pressures at relatively low flow rates of 20 to 60 Lt/Min this is so that the water can be accelerated to very high velocities created by special nozzles.

Flow rate in the US is typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM), or gallons per hour (GPH) for lower flow rate pumps. For high-pressure water pumps, the smaller the exit hose or nozzle which the water must flow, the more pressure it creates when it is forced through at the same GPM or GPH.

The most powerful PTO water pump is able to pump more than 30,000 gallons per hour(GPH). As PTO water pumps are high-output pumps, their biggest advantage is the ability to tap into the massive power of a gas-powered tractor engine to move huge quantities of water quickly.

Moreover, PTO water pumps do not use their own engines, which is why they are extremely low-maintenance. PTO water pumps are also usually solidly built, which includes a powder-coated steel frame that will give you years of reliable service.

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to PTO hydraulic pumps, one of them being its convenience. It is very easy to set up and use a tractor PTO hydraulic pump, as you basically back your tractor up to the pump, hook it up and you’re ready to go.

Compared to electricity, hydraulic PTO pumps consume less power than electric motors and gearboxes. This is especially true in applications with a lot of back-and-forth motion, rugged work conditions faced by mining, construction and agricultural equipment, or anything involving moving or holding heavy loads.

Our PTO gearbox and pump assemblies also offer you a great alternative to installing hydraulic circuits to your equipment. You can easily use the gearbox to connect hydraulic pumps to your tractor power take off.

The maximum standardized tractor PTO output is 540 or 1000 rpm, so if you would like a faster output, our tractor PTO speed increase gearbox and hydraulic pump is the solution you are looking for.

Keep in mind that this PTO driven speed increaser gearbox can be used for both high and low pressure water pumping applications such as in irrigation and flood control or to generate high hydraulic pressures for specialised farm equipment such as hydraulic augers, mowers, bailers, and hedge trimmers.

Our brand new Italian made PTO speed increaser gearbox and hydraulic gear pump comprises a 1:3 speed increase Gearbox and Hydraulic Gear Pump. It triples the standard PTO output to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps, so if your PTO is spinning at 540 RPM, it will step up the speed to 1620 RPM.

On top of that, this gearbox and pump also offers either direct or remote mounted options to the tractor PTO to provide independent hydraulic service.

With this hydraulic-independent PTO system in place on your tractor, you do not need to stop or completely switch off your tractor to change the position of an on-off selector used in a mechanical-independent PTO.

Alternatively, if you need help deciding and choosing the best PTO pump for your needs, please call or send us a question for different pump configurations and costing.

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Compact and portable user friendly tractor driven centrifugal pumps available both in cardan shaft driven version or for direct coupling to tractor p.t.o.

The mobile pumps series "AT" have always been used all the time for direct crop irrigation. After having tested their flexibility and efficiency qualities, they are also widely used by land improvement co-operatives and ...

The eccentric screw pumps Helix 85, 85–2, 101 from BAUER are powerful rotary displacement pumps, which – in contrast to the related, electrically operated HelixDrive – are driven by a ...

... mounting, the pump (at the front or rear) can be attached to a Unimog or a tractor, lifted and transported to the installation site. The pump is driven by means of the PTO ...

... speed. A hydraulic driven pump can produce higher pressures than PTO or belt driven pumps. They can also hold constant pressure at varying engine speeds ...

It is a portable type manure pump which can be driven by a tractor or electrical motor equipped with a special rubber rotor. It can pump high dry matter containing manure and liquids ...

... Stallkamp long-shaft centrifugal pumps are heavy duty and are perfectly suitable for reception pits and manure pits to a depth of 6 m. Either with sturdy electric motors (up to 22 kW/30 PS) or PTO-driven, ...

"The Nuhn Triple Port Pump is an animal of a pump! I"ve been pumping manure since 1996, and over that time I"ve operated many other makes of pumps. Nuhn pumps are hands ...

SlurryKat recommend the use of DODA pumps with our systems, as prolonged use by our slurry contracts division has proven that they are efficient, robust and economic to maintain. Our contracts division has proven that ...

Add Lead Pump FunctionsUsing an engine with a rear-PTO, allows a booster to also operate attachments, such as a lagoon feeder. Equipped with the standard PCE Booster Bypass, the trailer is set-up to ...

With AgriExpo you can: Find a nearby distributor or reseller| Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price | Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands | View PDF catalogues and other online documentation

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The Blue Diamond® Auxiliary PTO Pump offers constant hydraulic flow to give your tractor the ultimate performance for our Multi-Purpose Series Cutter. The weight of this unit can also be used as a counterbalance for front cutters.

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