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The SKS Hydraulic TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd was established (as the Ningbo WIDESKY SKS Hydraulic CO., LTD.) is located inZhejiang ,China. SKS is an advanced National Torch Plan enterprise and ISO 9001:2008 certified. SKS specializes in manufacturing five major hydraulic product lines: piston pumps/motors/spare parts; swing and travel motors with gearbox reducers; gears and charge pumps for piston pumps; control valves; and precision castings.

Over more than10years of development, SKS has become an internationally reputed brand name in the field of hydraulics and a world-ranking manufacturer of a wide range of hydraulic products. SKS possesses its own independent innovative manufacturing system and technology. It has over 400 units of advanced automatic production machinery, including precision casting lines and bi-metal sintering furnaces. These advanced manufacturing facilities combined with rigorous quality control have contributed to SKS achieving a leading position within the domestic Chinese hydraulic industry.

SKS has its own high-level Hydraulic Research and Development Center. Having 20% of the total workforce made up of professional hydraulic experts, research workers, engineers and technicians helps to build a strong competent R&D team. SKS has collaborated with prominent Chinese universities on R&D and manufacturingprojects for piston pumps, motors, reduction gears and valves.

SKS has set up a network of more than 50 sales branches and distributors in the domestic and international markets. Its sales network covers many major cities and is equipped with on-line inventory control.

SKS’s business philosophy is to offer excellent quality, great variety and prompt service to satisfy its customers’ needs. The management has made market-orientation, quality and innovation its core values and aims to take the Chinese national hydraulic industry to new heights.

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In this article I would like to throw in my modest opinion about non-original spare parts - a frequent discussion topic among folks involved in the business of hydraulic pump and motor overhauling.

Although workshops can"t repair pumps without spare parts, they can choose where to buy the spares, and this choice is the key factor that defines how much money they make and how much "overhauling quality" they deliver. With so many suppliers and resellers of non-genuine replacement parts for hydraulic pumps and motors popping up every day, choosing the right "economic" supplier has become all but an easy task involving trial and error overhauls, pissed-off mechanics, pissed-off customers and even forever lost contracts and clients.

A mechanic, for example, being the person who shoves the parts into them pumps and motors, will always prefer genuine replacement parts over any aftermarket ones for one simple reason - they are easy to work with, they always fit and require no "finishing touches" - ergo his work is faster and simpler. Genuine parts last long and are hardly ever faulty, which makes the testing and adjustment procedures safer and reduces the risk of having to re-open overhauled units to a minimum. A mechanic doesn"t care about how much they cost because he"s not the one paying for them.

A "pure-blood" businessman, on the other hand, being the person who directly profits from sales, will always give preference to cheap aftermarket parts for another simple reason - they can be sold at the price of genuine but cost ten times less, read - more money in his pocket. He doesn"t care about their quality, or if they"re easy to work with because he"s not the one who is "touching" them.

The truth lies, as always, in the golden middle, and I, personally, came to the conclusion that although most of the times you do get what you pay for, this doesn"t mean that you can"t get a bargain for a penny every once in a while, so a sound overhauler keeps his eyes and mind open and uses both genuine and aftermarket parts in a combination defined by his trial an error experience and the pump/motor application demands. This approach is sound because even in pre-recession years there were hydraulic equipment owners who actually preferred aftermarket to genuine in the pursuit of cutting down overhaul expenses. So, some clients will want the genuine quality, and some will want the lower price - and in order to satisfy both you, naturally, have to be able to serve both, but - if your goal is to deliver quality repairs, aftermarket part suppliers should be chosen with a cool head and on the basis of quality, not price!

OK, you say, so I am a hydraulic equipment owner, and I"ve got this excavator pump to repair, how do I know if I am going to be scammed with them Chinese spares? Well, there is no simple answer to this question...There is an opinion that if an overhaul is backed up by warranty than you"re on the safe side, no matter what parts were used - this, unfortunately, is not entirely true, because if you"re the unlucky hydraulic pump owner caught in the "error" stage of the new supplier trial and error validation process, you can get two different answers and two very different bills depending on how honest the company you are dealing with is. An honest workshop will admit their fault and try to correct the mistake as fast as they can, and if you are not the first-time customer you might even get the - "sorry about that, dude, the parts"re all **cked up..." confession, while a less candid workshop will give you the standard "commission errors committed by non-qualified personnel plus hard particle contamination in conjunction with the inappropriate oil temperature and deficient system design" excuse, and make you pay for their poor part supplier choice. So I"d say that warranty alone isn"t a guarantee, and would cast my vote for warranty combined with transparency - if a workshop has good experience with their non-genuine spare parts supplier - they won"t be ashamed to admit that the parts are not original.

Now, a separate word must be said about Chinese suppliers of spare parts for hydraulic pumps and motors. There are hundreds of companies in China that will sell you spare parts for almost any existing brand, with the quality ranging from superb to unacceptable and even ridiculously unacceptable. However with most suppliers (and especially resellers) the fact that you have received a batch of supreme quality spares doesn"t guarantee that you will get the same quality in the next batch. So if you ever decide to "go oriental" - be prepared for nasty surprises! (At least that was the situation at the moment of writing - December 2011).

My calling is more technical than commercial, therefore I am mainly interested in the quality of the spares rather than their price or where they come from - so please, don"t bother asking me for a list of "unofficially approved" Chinese suppliers of cheap yet extremely high quality spare parts for hydraulic pumps and motors - I won"t provide it because I frankly don"t have it! We do use some aftermarket spares from China, we did have our share of mishaps and disappointments with Chinese made parts, and our initial "Hurrays" got eventually replaced by "Boos" for most of them. Since our policy has always been to never let a client pay for a breakdown caused by a low quality part, a couple of lessons "learned the hard way" taught us that in most cases (not all, though) using Chinese spares in hydraulic pumps and motors is like using bathroom soap for filling cakes - looks and smells nice, yet still tastes like crap...

I would like to conclude this post with a list of illustrated examples of low quality parts and "what they can do" - not to discourage the use of non-genuine replacement parts, but to objectively expose the information I gathered through my "practice". If you have any examples of your own, do send them to me - I will be glad to add them to the list below:

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The hydraulic power pumps are ideal for small, high-pressure applications. They have a positive lifplacementpan and a variety of hydraulic power pumps, ideal for those who want to save energy on rotating pumps.

The lifespan of the hydraulic pump is good because they can maintain more pressure, and with a higher volume, it don"t need to worry about the lifespan of the hydraulic pump system.

If you are looking for ideal hydraulic pumps, there are a wide range of them, on Alibaba.com. These high-pressure pumps are ideal for hydraulic pumps, such as electric hydraulic pumps, and many other variable pumps. Check out Alibaba.com"s wide range of cheap hydraulic pumps, ideal hydraulic pumps for high-pressure applications, and choose the ones that are ideal for these pumps.

When hydraulic pumps are available, Alibaba.com offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps for sale in different sizes, you can choose from one of the different types of hydraulic pumps for sale.

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22149 hydraulic pump made in china products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.comAbout 5% % of these are construction machinery parts, 5%% are hydraulic pumps, and 2%% are pumps.

A wide variety of hydraulic pump made in china options are available to you, such as new, used.You can also choose from piston pump, gear pump and vane pump hydraulic pump made in china,as well as from 1 year, 6 months, and 1.5 years hydraulic pump made in china, and whether hydraulic pump made in china is hydraulic power units, fittings, or hydraulic motors.

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Ningbo Vicks Hydraulic Co.,Ltd is a holding subsidiary of the listed company Baosi Stock (stock code: 300441), founded in 2007, we"re a national high-tech enterprise with multiple invention patents, own 8 world-leading hydraulic pumps production and inspection lines. With annual output of more than 100,000 pcs of hydraulic pumps, and more than 10,000 sets of energy-saving servo systems.

The company is the presiding unit of the new standard revision of the vane pump industry,praised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the new "itle giant" enterprise. We won the second prize of China"s Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry technology progress, the district mayor"s quality award and the national innovation fund project support.

The company has core technology of VG series high pressure internal gear pumps, ABT series servo vane pumps, T6, T7,V,VQ, V10, V20, SQP, PV2R vane pumps and M3B, M4C,M4D, M4E,25M,35M,45M,50M vane motors. Our products are certified by the world"s top five authoritative classification societies such as China CCS, Norway DNV,American ABS,French BV,and British LR, and are widely used in injection molding,die-casting,engineering, ships, agricultural machinery, hydraulic, packaging, ports and other machinery industries.

The company adheres to the development path of introduction, innovation, and transcendence and the business philosophy of high quality, high efficiency,low consumption and safety, and is committed to building a world-renowned hydraulic pump manufacturer and servo energy-saving complete solution expert, to make a "Chinese heart" for industrial equipment upgrades.

The company takes learning, harmony,persistence,and professionalism as the core ideas of enterprise culture,and advocates the values of truth, goodness and beauty as well as the spirit of open exploration, harmony and joy.

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China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation (CNBM), established in 1984, is now one of the largest state-owned group corporation in China, dealing with building materials & industrial equipment. Up to year 2015, CNBM Group"s total asset is 60 billion USD and total staff is more than 200,000.

CNBM International Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing various kinds of construction machinery, including tower crane, building hoist, etc. All the equipment produced by CNBM is compliant with the national level quality standard and wins great reputation for their endurable performance in worldwide markets.

AP4VO112TVN series of hydraulic pump are tandem double pump with constant power and cross-power control as well as negative flow control. It is featured with high power density, strong suction capacity, long life expectancy and low noise etc. This series of pump is used for crawler-type hydraulic excavator of 36-40ton as well as various open circuit hydraulics.

With years of unceasing efforts, CCHC now owns dozens of products of Three systems and Four Series. At present, CCHC provides mainly solutions of hydraulic system for hydraulic excavators and produces customized products.Rated Revolving Speed2000r/min

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Americans like to celebrate successful entrepreneurs who started out with little more than the shirt on their back. But most of us have never heard of Liping Wong. Like a Steve Jobs of the fluid-power world, Mr. Wong started out making pneumatic cylinders in his garage near Shanghai with just two employees. Twenty-five years later his company, Hengli (www.hengli-js.com) is a $2 billion powerhouse in China and reportedly the world’s largest producer of hydraulic cylinders.

In 2009, Hengli built what’s considered the largest hydraulic cylinder production facility in the world, with an annual capacity of 500,000 pieces. More recently it acquired Shanghai Lixin Hydraulic Co., a well-established hydraulics manufacturer capable of turning out 1.5 million valves per year, and it developed a line of piston pumps. That opened the door to complete systems capabilities.

It’s part of Mr. Wong’s vision to make Hengli a worldwide brand, explained Justin Fluegel, general manager of Hengli America. Today, there is no Chinese equivalent of a Rexroth, Parker or Eaton recognized across the globe as a source of high-quality hydraulics. His goal is to change that. With sights on international expansion, three years ago they opened a Chicago office to focus directly on the U.S market.

Surprisingly, its major challenge so far isn’t obstacles like time differences, logistics, import duties or protectionism. It happens to be America’s view of China, said Fluegel.

“There’s a perception of China being a low-quality, high-quantity supplier,” he said. He related that in the 1950s, Japanese products were viewed as mass produced and cheap, but inferior. Thirty years later they became known for quality, delivery and efficiency. China is undergoing that same transition, with companies like Hengli developing and delivering high-quality, highly engineered products.

“We focused from the get-go on quality. We’re ISO registered and vertically integrated, so we can control quality along the entire process” from vetting incoming raw material to part production, assembly and testing,” he said. Hengli’s world-class, ductile-iron foundry supplies its castings, and hundreds of precision machine tools from Europe, Japan and the U.S. turn out the parts. State-of-the-art labs monitor product quality and conduct research in areas like sealing, heat-treating, welding, and plating.

Being vertically integrated also helps streamline processes and logistics that bring benefits to American customers in terms of cost and delivery, said Fluegel. For instance, while most cylinder manufacturers outsource plating (typically with a three-week turnaround) Hengli controls it in-house. As a result, normal lead times for cylinder delivery are about on par with U.S. suppliers, around 10 to 12 weeks – although rush orders are met in half that.

“Once potential customers understand our value proposition—first and foremost it is quality—then it opens the door to new opportunities,” said Fluegel. The company continues to grow each year with existing customers and is gaining new clients, often because of cost or quality concerns with previous suppliers. Hengli’s engineers offer capabilities ranging from routine FE analysis to advanced simulation modeling, invaluable when redesigning problematic cylinders that need customization, better performance, part consolidation or longer life in demanding applications.

“But the biggest challenge remains overcoming the perception of China and building the brand. Some OEMs hesitate to display Hengli’s logo on their equipment or disclose that they’re collaborating with us. As machine users learn quality and performance has improved due to a new supplier, they’ll come to understand that a new level of quality is coming out of China,” stressed Fluegel.

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Gear pumps are commonly used for hydraulic fluid power applications in machines like forklifts. With a simple design, they’re a cost-efficient solution that’s easy to use and easy to maintain. Our product range includes both internal and external gear pumps.

An external gear pump has two identical gears that typically turn towards each other. Displacement chambers form between the gear tooth profiles, the internal walls of the housing, and the surfaces of the bearing blocks. The oil is transported from the suction side to the pressure side within these chambers. The flow of a gear pump is fixed per rotation.

An internal gear pump operates in the same way. It has two interlocking gears of different sizes. The larger gear (rotor) is the internal gear. The smaller external gear, also known as the idler, rotates inside the large gear. When the two gears interlock, the liquid is pushed forward under pressure.

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In November, Tianjin-Shimadzu Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. (TSH) will start construction on a new plant for the manufacture of hydraulic gear pumps and control valves for forklift trucks in the Xiqing Economic-Technological Development Area, Tianjin City, China. Prior to that, on September 26, 2018, Shimadzu Corporation increased its investment in TSH by 20 million U.S. dollars in preparation for the start of production of hydraulic equipment. The new plant is scheduled for completion in September 2020, and TSH expects annual hydraulic gear pump production to reach 300,000 in fiscal 2023, double the 2018 production level.

With the growth in e-commerce, the volume of goods distributed in China has increased. As a result, the market for forklift trucks is growing, and demand for hydraulic gear pumps and control valves, which are essential for forklift trucks, is also increasing. To satisfy the high demand from customers, the new plant will adopt advanced production technologies to achieve high productivity and quality. Unmanned transport vehicles and robots will be used to promote automation and labor-savings. In addition, TSH is planning to maximize the plant utilization ratio by introducing a system to visualize process management and equipment operating status. Overall Shimadzu Group productivity will be improved by sharing production data in real -time with Shimadzu Precision Technology Ltd., which is in charge of manufacturing hydraulic equipment in Japan.

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Established in the year 2000, we have become one of the most supposed organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying high grade High Pressure Piston Pump. The range of our products offered by us includes : Industrial Pumps & Motors, Rexroth Axial Piston Motor, Piston Variable Pumps, A4VSO Series Piston Pump, A11V Series Piston Variable Pump, Axial Piston Pumps, China Hydraulic Piston Pump Parts, External Gear Pump, Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Engine, Hydraulic Motor Wheel, Hydraulic Piston Pump, and Hydraulic Pump for Engineering and Orbital Motors. These pumps and systems are expansively used for meeting pumping various fluids and dangerous material in varied industrial purposes. Some of the exclusive features of our products are robustness, high tensile strength, sturdy construction, corrosion resistance and consistent serviceability. Further, clients can avail our complete variety in variegated shapes & sizes, depending upon their needs and application related necessities.

A state-of-the-art manufacturing capability has been developed at our end. Installed with all the latest machines, this unit methodically operates under the prophet leadership of deft engineers. Additional, all these departments work in organization with each other and aim to deliver better products to the customers. In addition, we have developed a roomy warehouse wherein all our products are kept methodically, in a secure manner. In addition to this, we are supported by a team of capable professionals, which manages all the activities in the organization with expertise and perfection. Additionally, all our products are timely delivered to the clientele due to our location nearness with roads.

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Hydraulic parts essential to modern equipment manufacturing are largely produced in China, Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan. In 2018, the global hydraulic market was worth approximately €29.9 billion, of which China made up at least 25% and ranked second worldwide.

Hydraulic parts are mostly used in mobile machinery, industrial machinery and large-sized equipment. Especially, construction machinery consumes the overwhelming 30-40% hydraulic parts. Since 2017, China"s construction machinery industry has recovered, bringing higher demand for hydraulic parts. The data shows that sales volume of construction machinery such as excavators and loaders in China without exception saw double-digit growth in 2018, and it is expected to sustain growth momentum this year, from which China"s hydraulic industry will benefit greatly and hydraulic sales will outnumber RMB63 billion in 2019.

According to product classification, key components represented by cylinders, pumps and valves in China"s hydraulic system hold a combined share of as high as more than 60%. The hydraulic pumps and valves are more difficult than cylinders technically, and the market is firmly occupied by Bosch-Rexroth, Eaton, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, HUSCO and Tongmyung Heavy Industries.

At present, Bosch-Rexroth, Eaton, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Parker Hannifin and other big names control the world"s most advanced hydraulic manufacturing technologies and monopolize the high-end hydraulic market. China relies on import of high-end hydraulic components (variable piston pumps, motors, and multi-way valves (development difficulty in order); except for high-pressure cylinders which can be domestically produced) from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Bosch-Rexroth, and HUSCO. To bring localization of high-end hydraulic products into a reality, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic, Shandong Zhongchuan Hydraulic, AVIC Liyuan Hydraulic, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Yuci Hydraulics and other companies have intensified R&D and production, and have made breakthroughs in the field of excavation.

Also, Chinese companies have become more competitive by setting up factories overseas and acquiring foreign companies, for instance, Weichai Power acquired Linde Hydraulics, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic took over the hydraulic piston pump business of HAWE In-Line.

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Autonomous Agricultural Machinery Research: 17,000 sets of autonomous agricultural machinery systems were sold in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 188%

As a typical type of mechatronic products, CNC machine tools combine mechanical technology with CNC intelligence. The upstream mainly involves castings, sheet weldments, precision parts, functional pa...

Hydraulic parts, essential to modern equipment manufacturing, are mostly used in mobile machinery, industrial machinery and large-sized equipment. Especially, construction machinery consumes the overw...

Controller, servo motor and speed reducer, three core components of industrial robot, technologically determine key properties of an industrial robot, such as work accuracy, load, service life, stabil...

As the actuator of control system, servo motor is one of the three crucial parts to industrial robot and its development is bound up with industrial robots. Given the agonizingly slow progress of 3C e...

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Injection molding machine plays a crucial role in plastics processing machinery, constituting 40% to 50% of the total output value of plastics processing machinery in China. In 2019, injection molding...

Affected by insufficient demand for traditional products, adjustment of purchase subsidy policies, and lower prices of grain crops, China’s agricultural machinery sales remain a downward trend.

About 800,000 elevators were sold across the world in 2018, up 1% from a year ago thanks to the robust demand from China, India and the United States, and the ownership of elevators rose to virtually ...