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Product Introduction

The WCB2 water-cooled tensioner is designed for constant tension applications. It is exceptionally well suited for high inertia stopping and rapid heat dissipation. The design of the WCB2 tensioner permits mid-shaft or end-shaft mounting. The rugged construction ensures long, trouble free service.

How it works

Air pressure is applied through the ports in the cylinder causing the piston an pressure plate assembly to move towards the mounting flange, compressing the release springs. As the applied pressure increases, the friction discs are clamped between the pressure plate and the mounting flange, stopping or controlling the shaft the discs are mounted on. Modulation of air pressure then controls applied torque of the tensioner. Multiple disc brakes utilize reaction plates between discs. The release springs assist in disengegement and retraction of the piston, pressure plate, and reaction plates, if applicable. High heat dissipation is accomplished by passing water through a special cavity behind the copper alloy wear plates.


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