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Whether you are in need of Ottawa or Cummins engine parts, our inventory is stocked with thousands of parts and accessories. We will beat most competitors" cost even with our shipping amount included. Are you in a hard to reach area? Not a problem, we are located right next to the UPS hub in Louisville, KY and are able to ship parts anywhere in the country and throughout the world quickly and affordably.

If your Ottawa hydraulic pump is malfunctioning and needs a service check, click here to schedule an appointment. If you would like Louisville Switching to come to you, our Mobile Repair Truck can come to your place of business and assess and repair most any service issue you may have. Click here to schedule an appointment with our Mobile Truck.

ottawa yard truck <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> pricelist

For over 45 years, Capacity has been the trusted yard truck manufacturer for ports and railway hubs around the world with our outstanding TJ Series. Though heavy and lighter hauling needs are different, Capacity trucks are designed and built to be relentless performers. When combined with our customer-centric culture, network of dealers, and industry-leading warranties, you can be assured of cargo trucks built in the USA that stand proudly on the world stage and are second to none. So, no matter what you call them: yard jockeys, spotter trucks, workhorse trucks, mules, or warehouse trucks, call on Capacity to give you an outstanding ROI and get the job done.

ottawa yard truck <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> pricelist

Fitted with a Meritor MOR 12.27:1 Planetary rear axle, a 14,600lb. front axle, Heavy duty rail rear frame with king pin guides, Galvanized cab platform. Combined with all of the advantages of the TICO Pro Spotter, this truck is ideal Port & Rail terminal operations or any operation requiring and extra heavy duty platform.

Fast, Simple Maintenance is imperative with any equipment tool. Tico"s extensive expertise in truck maintenance, where each minute the truck sits waiting for service is a major cost, has driven us to build the Pro-Spotter accordingly. TICO Terminal Tractors are purpose built on modular platforms to make sure most systems/parts can be removed and replaced in minutes, not hours or days. We have specifically designed our terminal tractors to be maintained and repaired by real world maintenance teams, not rocket scientists (or should we say, engineers).

Shut-off valves on the hydraulic tank eliminates having to drain the tank before performing repairs. These shutoff valves are located on the inlet and outlet ports on the inward side of the tank for protection.

5-inch lift cylinders with a 20 GPM engine mounted pump eliminate the need for a PTO and provide the power you need and lifting speed for any weight load.

help your business grow. They do this by designing and building TICO Pro-Spotters that can handle your Real World needs and provide maximum asset utilization. TICO trucks are “Purpose Built” and therefore maintain their Value through positive performance. They know what happens in the terminals, ports and on the roads, so they design and build these trucks to minimize those factors on your TICO, and to generate “low lifecycle costs” accordingly. After years of service, your TICO will maintain a higher resale Value.