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SPX Flow is a manufacturer and global distributor of hydraulic power and related industrial tools and equipment. Established as the Owatonna Power Tool (OTC) company at the start of the automotive age, SPX Flow first made hand tools to meet the growing needs of new car owners.

Now widely recognized for its iconic Power Team brand, SPX Flow is presently headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, USA. The company has since diversified its product portfolio and now serves other markets, including food and beverage, power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, and construction. Global sales are evenly distributed through the power and energy, food and beverage, and industrial markets.

SPX Flow now manufactures an expansive catalog of products that range from hydraulic pumps, inflatable jacks, clamping components, separators and heat exchangers, cylinders and valves, homogenizers, to hydraulic accessories. These products are marketed to a global clientele spanning 35 countries where the company has direct operations and another 150 where a network of partners form an extensive distribution network.

The SPX Flow company is now a diversified industrial equipment maker operating in many disparate markets. One of the markets in which the company has a firm stranglehold is the high-force hydraulic tools and equipment space where it’s brand, Power Team is one of the most dominant.

Power Team branded hydraulic tools and equipment are utilized for various industrial processes including bending, lifting, turning, pulling, lowering, pushing, and spreading. Let’s now look at the individual products in the company’s extensive catalog in more detail;

This product category features small and large hydraulic lifting tools and equipment such as jacks and cylinders. This includes locking collar, low profile, as well as high tonnage cylinders that can lift such heavy loads as bridges and buildings.

Jacks the company manufactures include bottle, toe, and inflatable jacks. Bottle or whiskey jacks are widely used in home and commercial vehicle garages for lifting and can either use hydraulic power or the screwing mechanism to lift objects, while inflated jacks are used for the same applications but instead use pumped air pressure for lift. Toe jacks, on the other hand, are specially designed for lifting low clearance loads and are especially useful for positioning heavy loads or equipment.

This is a heavy equipment jacking system that is used to lift especially heavy loads where cylinder synchronization is critical to ensure loads are positioned perfectly. This includes bridges running across shipping lanes where the bridge will be designed to be moved or lifted to allow passage for large cargo ships.

Using a combination of digital control and digital actuation, Power Team motion control systems can ensure loads like bridges, buildings, and special equipment are lifted, lowered, tilted, and positioned with inch perfect accuracy. This helps to eliminate internal stresses on loads that require precise positioning. Another benefit is that repetitive tasks can be carried out with same level of accuracy, which improves efficiency and saves time and resources.

These jacks are designed for the less specialized lifting, shifting, and positioning tasks. Both the 10 and 25 ton start-up kit includes different sized cylinders that meet different needs, a hydraulic pump, a complete coupler set, and a quart of hydraulic oil.

The 10 ton set also come in a moulded, highly durable storage case that’s designed to handle the toughest of conditions. The hydraulic pumps in both sets are general purpose, single and double acting models that are designed for low height operation.

The Power Team line of heavy duty jacks range from standard 2 -110 ton bottle jacks to 300 ton railroad and heavy equipment jacks on wheels, as well as special use jacks such as the 20 - 30 ton post tension/stressing jack. The J: 5.5 - 27.5T Toe Jack - Standard, with lifting points on both the toe and the top are ideal for truck lift, machine lift, and rigging applications.

These jacks are extremely rugged, which means they will last for a long time even when used in harsh conditions. There are also economy toe jack models with less rugged construction that are ideal for machine lifting and positioning in the J: 2-10T Toe Jack - Economy range. The swelling assembly feature on these jacks allows access to and operation of the jack from multiple positions.

The SJ: 20 - 30T Post Tension/Stressing Jack is extremely durable and is designed for use in environments where dirt, heat, and overuse are likely to put too much strain on the jack. Easy to repair, with hard wearing components, this jack features internal hydraulic fluid controls that make them safer to operate than other jack types. Because they are so lightweight and have a fast return time, the jacks are the most suitable for work on elevated and high rise work applications.

Another notable offering from the Power Team range of jacks is the Portable Railroad Jacks 100 Ton range that is specially designed for lifting rail cars safely and smoothly. An important safety feature on these jacks is remote operation where the operator can be a safe 6.1 meters away from the jack during operation. The large tires and small footprint allows the jack to be maneuvered into and used in very tight areas. The adjustable handle also means the jack can be positioned easily even when under load.

Perhaps the most remarkable lifting jack in the Power Team range is theIJ: 1 - 75 (US Ton) Inflatable Jack. This jack makes a mockery of lifting jobs where space is especially tight and where all other jacks and cylinders just wouldn’t fit. When uninflated this jack is an incredibly flat 25.4 mm thick. Made for a non conducting rubber that is reinforced with multi-layer aramid fibre, these jacks can lift loads of up to 75 tons (US).

To ensure the jack is super safe and never fails under load, the air hose, shut off, and controller are all equipped with an industrial grade interchange style quick disconnect air coupler. To help in positioning the jack on jobs where you have to slide it under the load to be lifted, the jacks have heavy handles to which you can attach a rope or hook.

Where you are using more than one inflatable jack, the inflation hoses are also color coded to remove risk of the wrong jack being deflated by mistake. Both the top and bottom of the jack spot an interlocking pattern that gives it skid resistance and also helps when trying to align two or more inflatable jacks used together. Using this jack allows you to then slide in and use other types of jacks that can give you a higher lift, which could otherwise not be usable due to space constraints.

This pump and cylinder set is designed for small operations that require hydraulic power for lifting, shifting, and positioning of low to medium weight loads. The set is a great way to start building up on your hydraulic lifting tools or as an addition to an existing tool chest.

Included in this cylinder and pump set are hydraulic pumps and cylinders of different sizes as well as a hose, a gauge, and gauge adapter. The Power Team cylinder and pump kits are some of the most comprehensive in the industry, coming in many different sizes to meet the varied needs of different user groups.

SPX Flow markets a range of different sized single and double acting cylinders ideal for load lifting and pulling, as well as pressing. The cylinders in the Power Team collection can handle loads weighing from 5 to 720 tons. Because of their different applications and special attributes, the different cylinders have key identifying features.

The RLS: 5 to 150T Low Profile Single Acting cylinder,which lifts loads between 5 and 150 tons is quite adept at lifting loads in very tight, confined spaces. The cylinder can be squeezed into spaces with clearances of 41.3 to 101.6mm. Because of the sometimes tough demands of cylinder use conditions, the cylinder’s body, pistons, and nut gland are specially treated to minimize corrosion and abrasion. They also utilize a swivel cap that’s designed to minimize cylinder damage from off-center loads.

Another cylinder targeted at a special group of users is the RA: 20 - 100T Aluminium Single Acting cylinder. Because aluminium is extremely resistant to electricity sparks, this cylinder is ideal for use in environments where there are risks of explosions. The aluminium body, also means the cylinder is hard wearing. The cylinder also benefits from an aluminium coated piston rod and bore, which guarantees superior corrosion resistance. However, the cylinder is only suitable for jacking applications, and not for production purposes.

The RH: 10-100T Single Acting Cylinder is designed for pulling and pressing applications. It features interchangeable piston head inserts,which allows use for different applications. It also has a specially treated stand pipe to ensure it does not corrode easily. The RH range that also include 12, 20, 30, and 60 ton models are built to withstand dead end loads.

For super heavy loads there are also specially designed cylinders, like the RC: 55-620T Pancake Single Acting cylinder. This cylinder’s ‘pancake’, compact shape allows it to be used on applications where working space is extremely limited. This cylinder has a special locking collar that supports it in situations where the load may have to remain lifted for extended periods of time. That also allows for the hydraulic pressure to be released while the load is still lifted.

The cylinder spots an integral tilt saddle that supports the cylinder and improves performance under side load. To prevent the piston from being stretched under load, the Pancake Single Acting cylinder uses a specially designed overflow port. To prevent abrasion and corrosion, the pancake cylinder and its piston are also coated with a protective finish.

Now there are industrial operations where your lifting and pulling requirements can’t be addressed by jacks and cylinders. This where you have to lift and suspend heavy loads and machine parts, such as heavy equipment assembly lines. For these you need light cranes, such as this Power Team mobile crane. Designed to be used within buildings, this crane has adjustable legs that you can spread to avoid obstacles while you move it.

The Power Team mobile crane can lift and move loads of up to 4400 pounds. Its rugged construction makes it highly adaptable to tough environments. The crane can also extend its reach thanks to a telescoping boom. It has a 2-speed hydraulic hand pump that helps to safely operate the boom and place loads. A steering dolly and roller wheels make up the steering apparatus. The mobile crane comes with a lifting chain.

SPX Tools offers a range of hydraulically powered bolting tools marketed under the Power Team brand. These bolting tools are in use in different industries including oil and gas, and manufacturing. The range includes wrenches, nut pullers, and flange pullers and spreaders. These tools are made in conformance to the highest quality standards, with up to three times more reliability than other similar technology.

The SPX torque wrench symbolizes the company’s commitment to making tools of the highest quality. The wrench has very high corrosion resistance and its compact nose radius allows it be used in very tight work areas where other wrenches just wouldn’t fit. That small design however does not have any effect on the wrench’s strength.

The wrench features a multi-directional manifold swivel that makes for ease of operation, while a long stroke and long flow guarantees fast operation. Safety wise, the wrench uses a fully enclosed drive mechanism and the swivel manifold spots a relief valve that prevents side retraction that causes over-pressurization. Added to the tool’s safety features is a fine tooth pawl that stops the tool from self locking.

For those applications where there is a greater need for a tight fit and where working space is also tight, SPX markets the TWSL Slimline Torque Wrench. This wrench’s special design perfectly fits the needs of the oil and gas industry where even the lightest of leaks can lead to major losses and safety risks. For a wrench with an even lower clearance that can bolt nuts in the tightest spaces is TWLC: Low Clearance Torque Wrench.

All these wrenches benefit from a rigid steel body construction that provides superior strength and corrosion resistance while the small nose also ensures ease of operation. The multi-swivel action gives the operator control over the pressure hose, while the fully enclosed drive mechanism will make operators feel secure and at ease. A similarly designed wrench, but with superior torsional strength, a more consistent torque output, and an even more compact frame size, is the  TWSD: Square Drive Torque Wrench.

Hydraulic torque wrenches are fabulous pieces of equipment and indispensable staples of any tool set precisely because they give you such a tight fit that guarantees safety to operators and consistent quality products coming off the production lines. But that tight fit can present challenges when it comes to repairing the equipment, especially when the nuts have rusted to due over exposure to moisture.

SPX Flow addresses that concern with a line of nut splitters that will remove the toughest of nuts. The HNS: 15 - 25 Ton Nut Splitter produces such incredible force that it can split 2H grade nuts. The nut splitter isn’t all brute force, though. A dial in feature allows the nut splitter to remove the nut without damaging the bolt itself. The tool features a ‘tool steel’ that bites the nut enough to split it while stopping just short of the bolt.

This nut splitter model features a cutter blade reputed to have 800% more chipping resistance over previous models. Its compact size is convenient for applications where there is minimal working space. Operation is easy by simply splitting the nut from one side. A half turn of the nut splitter will put it in position to make a corresponding cut from the opposite side, causing the nut to split in two.

A more refined design is the ENS: Nut Splitterthat has a rotating cylinder that enables the operator to adjust the cutting depth. It also features a built in safety relief valve that protects both the operator and the tool itself.

Just as nuts that can rust and become difficult to undo, flanges can also rust and make it very difficult to separate for workers doing repair and maintenance work. Flange spreaders, or separators, simplify this task, which in turn saves precious man hours on oil and gas fields and other industries where large pipes are employed. The SPX Flow range of flange spreaders are designed for use in the toughest environments where they guarantee years of safe use.

The SPX Flow catalog of flange separation tools includes the HFS: 5 - 10 Ton Pipe Flange Spreader as well as the SFP Subsea Flange Pullers.The subsea flange pullers are designed for use on submerged pipes like the ones common in the oil and gas industry. These flange pullers have a more compact design, a long, high strength rotative wire rope, and an anti slip finish to ensure you never lose the tool while working under water.

SPX Flow offers one of the largest catalogs of hydraulic pumps on the market. The Power Team branded pumps range from small 1-speed manual pumps ideal for small operations and the home market to industrial grade gasoline and electric powered pumps and intensifiers that generate enormous pressure.

A fairly new model is the battery and electric powered PB Series: Cordless Hydraulic Pump. With an oil capacity of 1.1 litres, the pump can generate 10,000 psi of pressure, which is enough to power high pressure tools for nut splitting, lifting, crimping, cutting, and bending. The pump is fairly light and compact, making it ideal for use in tight spaces and on remote job sites.

PE10: Electric Portable 2-Speed is the more powerful version with a permanent magnetic motor that can start under load and can be operated in any position. The pump also comes with a 12 volt hand and foot switch on the AC powered models as well as holes for base mounting where fixed installations are desired.

Without doubt some of SPX Flow’s most popular pumps are the 1 and 20-speed manual hand pumps. The pumps can be used to power many small hydraulic tools and are ideal for applications where there is minimal free travel. This range of hand pumps benefit from a simple yet ergonomic design, with features such as the angled fill port that spot an in-built relief valve system that prevents over pressurization of the reservoir caused by sudden back pressure.

The P: Manual 1-Speed and P: Manual 2-Speed all feature an all metal construction that make them  safe for use in welding operations. They have a convenient fill cap that makes it possible to do an oil refill from both vertical and horizontal positions. Ergonomically designed all metal handles reduce the flex that cause operator fatigue.

The P: Manual 2-Speed Lightweight, on the other hand, has a more usable oil volume that allows use with longer stroke or larger cylinders. It comes with a more comfortable non-slip handle grip that reduces operator fatigue. The reservoir, manifold, and end cap is a durable aluminium construction. The P: Manual 2-Speed D/A, while spotting a similar design, has a heavy duty formed metal handle with less flex and a large valve knob that gives it greater control when metering down loads more slowly.

SPX Flow also has a line of 1 and 2-speed air pumps that have proven to very popular especially in the auto body repair industry. These are fully serviceable pumps that are easy and cheap to repair. The pumps feature an air internal relief valve that protects internal components as well as an air inlet filter that cleans air before it is cycled in the pump, which protects the motor. Models in this range include PA6: Air - 1-Speed, PA60: Air 2-Speed, PA50: Air 1-Speed, and the PA46-55: Air 2-Speed.

Pumps in this range, like PQ120: Electric, provide extended cycle operation of up to 400 tons. This pump can be started and operated under full load, even with power reduced by as much as 10%. It has a rugged construction, with a metal shroud that shield the motor and other electrical components from dirt and moisture.

Remote control functionality gives operators greater safety and easier operation where working space is limited. Another security feature is an electrical shutdown mechanism that prevents accidental pump restarts after electrical power interruptions. The pump also produces significantly low noise, with measures that are under OSHA limits.

The PE400: Electric is a heavy duty option that, in addition to the features standard on the PQ120: Electric, comes with a 75.7 litre reservoir, a powerful 3 phase motor, adjustable external pressure relief valves, and heavy duty 4-inch diameter casters that guarantee easier maneuverability.

For remote crimping applications where there is no AC power and compressed air readily available, there is the convenient option of the Power Team range of gasoline powered pumps. These pumps, including the  PG120: Gasoline 2-Speed and the PG30/55: Gasoline has such features as a manual control valve, protective roll cage, and a high pressure safety relief valve.

As well as some assemble-to-order pumps, SPX Flow also markets a collection of pumps for special applications. The 1500 BAR Tensioner Pump is one such. The newly designed pump is made for easier operation and use with tensioning tools. A heavy duty power train provides reliable strength for repetitive and high cycle applications.

The 1500 BAR Tensioner Pump’s compact size and portability, low energy consumption, make it ideal for remote location applications. There is also the Compact Torque Wrench Pump that is specially designed for powering hydraulic torque wrenches.

The pumps in this range are designed to provide complimentary power for systems where the available pressure is short of the required levels. The pumps are designed to be powered with external oil systems. To protect the operators, these special pumps is fitted with a high pressure safety relief valve, while an ergonomic carry handle lends some welcome portability.

Another special purpose pump SPX Flow sells makes is the Power Pack Tensioner Pump - Air that is typically used to pressurize hydraulic nuts and bolt tensioners. The pump has a maximum working pressure of up to 15,000 bar and features a pneumatic regulator/filter/lubricator. With a polyethylene reservoir, the stainless steel carrying case protects the pump while making it easy to carry.

Shop hydraulic presses have many uses that include forcing rusted, stubborn components apart. But these require varying degrees of pressure and work settings. The SPX Flow company’s hydraulic press collection features both small and large presses to accommodate both small and large shop requirements.

The C Frame 25 Ton Press is one of the smaller ones in the range. The press has an open throat design that makes it easy to load work. The press can be mounted on a bench or on an optional pedestal base. Meanwhile, the cylinder head itself adjusts to three different working positions, all of which makes the press easy to use.

There are also H Frame presses with different capacities. The H Frame 10 Ton that gives a choice of using a hand pump, electric/hydraulic, or air/hydraulic pressure, and the H Frame Open Throat 25 Ton has a press bed that can be easily adjusted with a winch.

The others, like the H Frame 100 Ton, the High Tonnage 150-200 Ton, carry the same features but for the different capacities. A special press, which also has the highest capacity of 80 - 200 tons, spots a roll bed that rolls in and out on bearings to make loading heavy work easier. This is especially useful when handling large crane lifted objects. The press also makes easy work of often tough tasks like off-center pressing and heavy-duty straightening.

Completing the Power Team line of pressing tools is a range of hydraulically powered 5-25 Tons C-clamps. The clamps are offered in 5, 10, and 15 ton capacities and designed for use with single acting cylinders of similar capacities from the Power Team range. The clamps are ideal for pressing, clamping, and bending applications in the metal fabrication and metal welding industries. It is advised to use the clamps with swivel caps to minimize off center-loading risks.

owatonna tool company <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> model b price

•“Stop” and “Start” control buttons are 24 volt. PE4004 has a 4-way/3-position manual valve. The PE4004S has a 4- way/3-position solenoid valve with a 24 volt remote hand switch.

From inflatable jacks, hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves to clamping components and hydraulic accessories, Power Team brand high-force tools and equipment are used wherever strong, concentrated force is required ― on construction sites, in power plants, on rail lines, in shipyards, in mining operations and more.

Located in the United States in Rockford, Illinois, the Power Team brand is marketed by SPX FLOW Inc. in 155 countries. Global sales and manufacturing offices are located in the United Kingdom; the Netherlands; Shanghai and Suzhou, China; and Singapore. The Power Team brand is sold through a worldwide network of stocking industrial distributors. Service is available throughout the world at authorized Power Team Hydraulic Service Centers.

SPX FLOW Inc. maintains high-quality standards in all phases of design, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service of Power Team brand solutions. We are committed to continuous quality improvement, customer satisfaction and the reduction of total costs, and regularly employ innovation, efficiency and in-depth multi-industry knowledge to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Originating in the early days of the automotive industry, the Power Team brand started out as Owatonna Tool Company, known as OTC. With the invention and growing popularity of the automobile, hand tool makers and other businesses began recognizing a need for tools to service this new mode of transportation and OTC was one of those companies. Learn more about our Power Team Time-Line.

Power Team is a product brand of SPX FLOW Inc., a global, Fortune 500, multi-industry company based in the United States in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company maintains operations in more than 35 countries, bringing to market solutions that benefit society while delivering value-added, bottom-line results to customers across five broad-based categories: power and energy, vehicle and transit, infrastructure, food and beverage and industrial processes. SPX FLOW Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

owatonna tool company <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> model b price

Berkeley packed B3ZRM Type B frame-mount pumps are designed for the user who has a separate hydraulic power source suitable for driving the pump mounted hydraulic motor (customer supplied). One-piece motor mount casting – Allows for direct coupling to an SAE hydraulic motor for positive alignment and increased reliability. State-of-the-art design delivers in excess of 20,000 hours of bearing life, one of the industry’s longest life cycles. Interchangeable seal housing – Can easily change seals in-field from packing to mechanical or mechanical to packing for increased versatility and ease of maintenance. Often mounted to water tanker trucks or tenders. NOT PTO with shaft coupling. Clockwise Rotation, as viewed from drive end. As pictured

owatonna tool company <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> model b price

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