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Jinan Fucheng International Trade Co., Ltd is a professional company integrated with hydraulic product manufacture, trade and technical service. We focus on good quality, better service, reasonable price and supply comprehensive solution including free maintenance suggestion and consultant. We provide worldwide brand hydraulic product such as Bosch Rexroth, Sauer,Danfoss, Vikers, Cater, Kawasaki, Linde, Eaton, Komatsu and etc. We exoported to more than 110 customers in 89 countries such as America, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Czeck, Slovakia, Moroco, Gana, Thailand, India and etc.

Main products are globle and Chinese brand hydraulic main pump, synchronous shunt motor, valve and etc.. We provide most of hydraulic product to construction machinery, agricultural machinery, power plants, coking plants, chemical plants, marine machinery, port machinery, oil field machinery, coal mining machinery, heavy machinery processing plant and etc.. in which the specific equipment includes concrete mixer truck, underground scraper, grain combine harvester, high ground clearance spraying machine, concrete pump truck, road roller, paver, rotary drilling rig, commercial lawn vehicle, hand roller, small driving roller, Small transport truck, minitype sweeper, mini slip loader, winch equipment and all kinds of equipment under 2 tons capacity with continuously variable speed driving systems.

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The service life of various hydraulic valves in the hydraulic support is very low. The way and solution for solving the problem abroad is to improve the filtration precision of the system and improve...

In this paper, we will analyze the last cause of the failure of the hydraulic valve in the future: cavitation. In this paper, we will analyze the last cause of the failure of the hydraulic valve in...

BWCB insulation gear pump motor high temperature reasons and countermeasures analysis 1, cause analysis (1) motor power, large operating current, large heat. (2) The fan speed is low, the wind...

Gear oil pumps are mainly used in the transfer, oil pressurization, fuel injection, etc. of oil media in chemical, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, power station and other industries, as well as in the...

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Built and tested here in the UK, our cast iron, bearing series gear pumps / motors offer a range of completely interchangeable, direct equivalents to Parker / Commercial Hydraulics cast iron gear pumps.

Shown here: P151 Series cast iron, bearing gear pump / motor: M51A-878-BE-OL20-7, a completely interchangeable, direct equivalent to Parker / Commercial Hydraulics P50 type: 313 9718 088.

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In this article I would like to throw in my modest opinion about non-original spare parts - a frequent discussion topic among folks involved in the business of hydraulic pump and motor overhauling.

Although workshops can"t repair pumps without spare parts, they can choose where to buy the spares, and this choice is the key factor that defines how much money they make and how much "overhauling quality" they deliver. With so many suppliers and resellers of non-genuine replacement parts for hydraulic pumps and motors popping up every day, choosing the right "economic" supplier has become all but an easy task involving trial and error overhauls, pissed-off mechanics, pissed-off customers and even forever lost contracts and clients.

A mechanic, for example, being the person who shoves the parts into them pumps and motors, will always prefer genuine replacement parts over any aftermarket ones for one simple reason - they are easy to work with, they always fit and require no "finishing touches" - ergo his work is faster and simpler. Genuine parts last long and are hardly ever faulty, which makes the testing and adjustment procedures safer and reduces the risk of having to re-open overhauled units to a minimum. A mechanic doesn"t care about how much they cost because he"s not the one paying for them.

The truth lies, as always, in the golden middle, and I, personally, came to the conclusion that although most of the times you do get what you pay for, this doesn"t mean that you can"t get a bargain for a penny every once in a while, so a sound overhauler keeps his eyes and mind open and uses both genuine and aftermarket parts in a combination defined by his trial an error experience and the pump/motor application demands. This approach is sound because even in pre-recession years there were hydraulic equipment owners who actually preferred aftermarket to genuine in the pursuit of cutting down overhaul expenses. So, some clients will want the genuine quality, and some will want the lower price - and in order to satisfy both you, naturally, have to be able to serve both, but - if your goal is to deliver quality repairs, aftermarket part suppliers should be chosen with a cool head and on the basis of quality, not price!

OK, you say, so I am a hydraulic equipment owner, and I"ve got this excavator pump to repair, how do I know if I am going to be scammed with them Chinese spares? Well, there is no simple answer to this question...There is an opinion that if an overhaul is backed up by warranty than you"re on the safe side, no matter what parts were used - this, unfortunately, is not entirely true, because if you"re the unlucky hydraulic pump owner caught in the "error" stage of the new supplier trial and error validation process, you can get two different answers and two very different bills depending on how honest the company you are dealing with is. An honest workshop will admit their fault and try to correct the mistake as fast as they can, and if you are not the first-time customer you might even get the - "sorry about that, dude, the parts"re all **cked up..." confession, while a less candid workshop will give you the standard "commission errors committed by non-qualified personnel plus hard particle contamination in conjunction with the inappropriate oil temperature and deficient system design" excuse, and make you pay for their poor part supplier choice. So I"d say that warranty alone isn"t a guarantee, and would cast my vote for warranty combined with transparency - if a workshop has good experience with their non-genuine spare parts supplier - they won"t be ashamed to admit that the parts are not original.

Now, a separate word must be said about Chinese suppliers of spare parts for hydraulic pumps and motors. There are hundreds of companies in China that will sell you spare parts for almost any existing brand, with the quality ranging from superb to unacceptable and even ridiculously unacceptable. However with most suppliers (and especially resellers) the fact that you have received a batch of supreme quality spares doesn"t guarantee that you will get the same quality in the next batch. So if you ever decide to "go oriental" - be prepared for nasty surprises! (At least that was the situation at the moment of writing - December 2011).

My calling is more technical than commercial, therefore I am mainly interested in the quality of the spares rather than their price or where they come from - so please, don"t bother asking me for a list of "unofficially approved" Chinese suppliers of cheap yet extremely high quality spare parts for hydraulic pumps and motors - I won"t provide it because I frankly don"t have it! We do use some aftermarket spares from China, we did have our share of mishaps and disappointments with Chinese made parts, and our initial "Hurrays" got eventually replaced by "Boos" for most of them. Since our policy has always been to never let a client pay for a breakdown caused by a low quality part, a couple of lessons "learned the hard way" taught us that in most cases (not all, though) using Chinese spares in hydraulic pumps and motors is like using bathroom soap for filling cakes - looks and smells nice, yet still tastes like crap...

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A gear pump is taken into utilization for meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. Being the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications, these advanced pumps are used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids. Not to mention external gear pumps that are the most vital pumping tools used as lubrication pumps in machine tools and in fluid power transfer units along with oil pumps in engines.

On the industrial grounds, high-quality products are highly desired and this is why one should consider the best company to get various components they need. When it comes to products like a gear pump, the best gear pump manufacturerand supplier is Terre Kosen.

Hydraulic Gear Pump Manufacturer Brings To You Advanced Pumping Solutions Hydraulic gear pumps are the most vital type of pumps that are type of positive displacement pumps; thus they are used largely to transfer the measured quantity of pressurized hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic system. These pumps are the most vital parts in a variety of constructions, manufacturing and machining equipment; while they are also responsible for a machine’s precision as well as its efficiency.

Terre Kosen is one of the leading names among the hydraulic gear pump manufacturers or gear pump suppliers in China. We are one of the prime manufacturer and supplier of top-quality hydraulic pumps for various needs and many other industrial application with global standards. Engaged in this line of business since the year 1999, Terre Kosen has created a niche in the industry by establishing a reliable reputation in providing hydraulic tandem gear pumps, motors and related components for both domestic and international markets.

We are equipped with the state of the art manufacturing facilities and most modern communication facilities that make us one of the prominent China hydraulic gear pump supplier. Our in house manufacturing capabilities and years of industry experience have facilitated prompt response at every stage of process. At Terre Kosen, the experience we have and our expert team of professionals strives continually to provide state-of- the-art product quality of International standards. With high-new technology, quality products and excellent after-sales service, today we take the pride to consider as one of the trusted name in Industry.

Our ranges of gear pumps are meticulously tested in terms of quality so as to dispatch a flawless product. These gear pumps are widely known for their perfect finish and optimum quality. We at Terre Kosen manufacture this gear pumps under the surveillance of highly skilled professionals by using leading techniques. You can find only the best quality gear pumps from our gear pump supplier when you shop with us.

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As professional China Gear Pump manufacturers and Gear Pump suppliers, Taizhou Eternal Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd can supply you with high-quality products and services.

Eternal Hydraulic commit ourselves to be Global One-Stop Mall for Hydraulic products in worldwide, with professional hydraulic solutions and nice Quality&Price products to satisfy with each customer. The company firmly believes that “ Only The Best Can Satisfied The Best”, become the First Purchase Choice of hydraulic components for all customers in the world.

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Changzhou Green Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Davis Hydraulic CO.,LTD. are professional manufacturing enterprise focusing on the production, research and development, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic components, hydraulic systems and construction machinery accessories with more than 15 years of experience.

Professional design, manufacture for: Denison T7, T6 series, Denison vane motor M4C series, Vickers V series, VQ series, V10, V20, VTM42 series power steering pump, Vickers vane motor 25M, 35M, 45M , 50M, Tokimec SPQ series, JCB series ger pumps. SGP1 & SGP2 & KZP4 KYB gear pumps,  Rexroth A10VSO A2F A4V A4VG series piston pumps. KYB K3V series piston pumps,Manual valveP40 P80 SD25 series, C101 C102 PTO  P50 P350 series Parker gear pumps,OMR OMP OMM series orbit motors hydraulic pump and other accessories models up to more than 15,000.

The company attaches great importance to product quality, has got ISO9001 quality system certification, has 16 patents, and has great influence in the field of hydraulic all over the world.

Since the establishment of Green Hydraulic. We are always adhered to the business principles of people-oriented and honesty, and brought together elites of hydrauluc field. The company"s core values are: customer first, integrity and win-win, we rewards diligence, sharing and improvment, unity and cooperation. With them we development steady.

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. You have multiple options to select like Aluminium, CAST IRON, STAINLESS STEEL, CAST STEEL, FABRICATED STEEL AND OTHE EXOTIC ALLOYS, Pump Gears, Oil Pump Gear and Water Pump Gears. You can get Gear Pump in bulk quantity. The Gear Pump can be shipped from Shanghai/Qingdao. Payment options are T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union and Money Gram.

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Asa professional gears and pump parts manufacturer with ISO9001 certificated, Dynaco Hydraulic make high-precision hydraulic pump gear&shaft, pump parts, PTO gears and castings parts of gear pumps. All the gear&parts can be interchanged with that of OEM parts of the hydraulic pump such as Parker Commercial Intertech,Metaris and GPM etc. gear pump.

Dynaco have complete gear machines including NC gear hobbing, NC gear shaving, NC gear shaping, gear&spline grinding,NC worm wheel gear grinding and CNC machine etc., heat treatment line and complete gear inspection equipment. All of our parts are strictly made according to the standard of OEM. And most of our parts are exported to America, Europe and Asia market for hydraulic gear pump, PTO(power take off) and construction machinery.

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5 Stage Hydraulic Cylinder - Single acting hollow plunger hydraulic ram - YX-Hydraulic,Hydraulic Power System - Hydraulic cylinder for 5000tons hydraulic press - YX-Hydraulic

Main Item /Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Bmr 200 - HENGQ Supply Highway Guardrail Installation solar power pile driver with factory With Diesel Driver System - YX-Hydraulic:

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High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pack Unit - Stainless Steel Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap valve - YX-Hydraulic.,Energy Saving Hydraulic Power System - Truck-mounted Concrete Pump PGP517B0330CD1-C517A Double Gear Pump Hydraulic Split Flow Gear Pump - YX-Hydraulic