pacer <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> made in china

Pacer Pumps are manufacturer of high performance centrifugal pumps. Pacer pumps for dewatering, agriculture, aquaculture, fire, industrial chemicals, wastewater and water, construction and marine usage has resulted in worldwide market acceptance. Common for de-icing fluid like brine transfer. Most pumps are self priming.

Pacer pumps are the original non-metallic corrosion resist and FRP transfer pumps. Pacer Pump Parts in stock. Pacer also makes manual hand pump for chemical drums. Made in PA USA.

Potable water pumps in FDA stainless steel are NSF certified for drinking and come in electric, gas engine or PTO drive. New NSF Series "I" pumps IPW.

pacer <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> made in china

Pacer S pump 58-12H4 D3.0C close coupled to a TEFC 3hp motor. Self priming FRP plastic resists abrasive particles, good for most water transfer applications. Widely used to transfer and spray de-icing / anti-icing solutions, such as calcium chloride, salt brine. For on-truck applications see same pump with gasoline engine or hydraulic motor. See Curve "H" 4000304

Pacer Pumps is the originator and is recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance centrifugal pumps molded from tough modern thermoplastics. Our brand and service is often imitated but never duplicated. Successful adaptation of these products for agricultural, aquaculture, marine, farm/home and industrial applications has resulted in worldwide market acceptance. From farmers to fishermen to industrial mechanics, people turn to Pacer for quality pumps.

Pacer"s S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight and chemically resistant for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases. This is our most popular pump across multiple markets. They feature stainless steel internal fasteners; FKM®, EPDM or Buna O-rings with stainless steel external fasteners. There is a non-metallic option which minimizes solution contact with internal metal parts. The pumps are molded of tough, glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Polyester models are available with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.

pacer <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> made in china

Wenzhou Johames Technology Co.,Ltd mainly manufacture and export industrial pumps with good reputation around home and abroad. Product is exported to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, more than 45 countries and regions.

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Kunming Kunshui Industrial Pump Co., Ltd("Kunshui pump" for short) is a professional manufacturer of pump specialized in manufacturing slurry pumps with more than10 years experience in China.

GREENTECH was founded in 2000, The company is professional blower and vacuum pump manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying full range of 2BV and 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum compressor etc.

air operated diaphragm pump,including metal and non-metal series, widely applied in chemical, paints & coatings, food processing, pharmaceutical, construction, mining, utilities, pulp & paper, metal finishing

BLDC PUMP produces excellent small electric DC water pumps for cooling, circulation system in the various device, for fish tank aquarium, small fountains and other applications. We are a magnetic DC water pump manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China.

Shanghai Shenbao Industrial Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Minhang Development Zone in Shanghai, occupying an area of over 45,000sq.m .Shenbao has become a multi-industry enterprise and specialist in research and manufacture pump...

Slurry pumps, Vertical slurry pumps, slurry pumps, Gravel sand pumps, Dredging pumps, Paper pulp pumps, Molten Salt Pumps, End suction pumps, Double suction pumps, Multistage pumps, Boiler feed water pumps...

Wuhan EvenWall Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in even wall thickness stator and hollow rotor for progressive cavity pump, even wall thickness stator for mineral oil transportation(artificial lift), multi lobe power section for downhole drilling motor(mud motor).

Shijiazhuang Jiurun Pump Co., Ltd is a pump engineering, manufacturing and distribution company for industrial, municipal and dewatering applications. With over 60 years’ expertise, we have developed great reputation by serving the mining, power, metallurgy, dredging, petroleum

we are a professional pump manufacturer in China with many years experience. We mainly produce slurry pump, spare parts and OEM wear resistance casting.

APK, A Pump that Keeps water moving, is the brand name of Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. APK Submersible pumps is short as APK Pump. We are a large scale submersible pump manufacturer officially registered on Apr 25, 1996. Our factory is in Henan Province