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Parker is a global manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, transmissions, gear pumps and motors, engineering superior products for a wide variety of applications. Delivering unsurpassed quality and performance, Parker’s extensive line of hydraulic pumps and motors helps you select the right product for your hydraulic application. Achieve easier, safer, and more efficient operation. The Pump & Motor Division assures consistent quality, technical innovation, and premier customer service.

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Parker"s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division provides a broad selection of piston pumps, hydraulic motors and power units that help our customers meet their industrial and mobile application needs. Our division is the result of the Parker piston pump business’s acquisition of Denison Hydraulics and merger with the Parker Oildyne Division. Reach higher hydraulic working pressures, get better reliability, higher efficiencies, and achieve lower operating costs and improved productivity on your heavy-duty equipment with Parker’s line of piston pumps and vane pumps, electro-hydraulic actuators, hydraulic motors and power units, piston motors and hydrostatic transmissions.

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A hydraulic valve is a mechanical device that regulates the flow of the hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system. Hydraulic systems are typically high pressure systems, ranging from 200 Bar averaging 700 Bar upwards...

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Parker’s broad range of energy-efficient hydraulic pumps includes displacement models of variable piston, fixed vane and fixed gear pumps. Designed to handle a wide range of applications, Parker pumps are available with electronic and computer controls.

Piston pumps: DCP series| F1 series | F2 series | F3 series | F11 series | F12 series | HP1 series | HP2 series | T1 series | P1 series | P2/ P3 series | PAVC series | PD series | PV E design series| PVP series| PVplus series | Oildyne miniature piston pumps | T1 series | VP1 series

Vane pumps:  T6* T67* T7* series | T6*M series | T6*R series | T6CCZ series | T6H* series | T6G T67G T6ZC series | T7 series | DCP series drive controlled pumps

Gear pumps: PGP300 | PGP315 | PGP330 | PGP350 | PGP365 | PGP511H series | PGP511 series | PGP517 series | PGP517H series | PGP620 series | PGP640 series | GP1 series | GPA series

Please contact us for details, advice and configuration options, if you cannot see the Parker pump that you need listed below – as a recognised, and award-winning, global Parker distributor we will be delighted to help!

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Do you need Parker hydraulic pump repair, rebuild, or replacement? We specialize in Parker pump repair and rebuilds. If you need a free estimate for any Parker pump, get in touch with us today to find out how much it will cost for repairs.

We provide fast, reliable hydraulic pump repair service on all Parker models. We are guarantee all repair work will be done with genuine OEM parts, so you know that you aren’t getting gray market or counterfeit parts.

Our team of skilled technicians will give your pump the attention it needs, and put it through our detailed inspection and repair process. Once the pump has been reassembled, we’ll test it thoroughly with our state-of-the-art-test equipment.

When you get your pump back, it will meet or exceed factory specs. Once you work with us, we think that you will keep coming back to us for all of your Parker hydraulic repair needs, including Parker hydraulic motors and Parker hydraulic cylinders.

If you don’t see your model number listed below, don’t hesitate to call or contact us. We service just about every model of pump that is available from Parker Hannifin and other manufacturers.

When you are on the job and under a deadline and equipment fails, you need fast, reliable repair. We can send in our field technicians to get your Parker pump back up and running as soon as possible. Our reliable, experienced team can perform diagnostic services and minor repairs for equipment and machinery used in many industries. Our team can travel throughout the United States and many international locations, including North America and South America.

If repairs cannot be made on-site to your Parker pump, you can ship it to our facility. If you’re close enough, you can drop it off. We know how important it is to get your hydraulic systems back up and running. So you can trust us to get your pump repaired and back to you as fast as possible, and working properly.

Parker Hannifin HPD produces a wide array of hydraulic components and systems for a variety of industries. Their commitment to research and development and the integration of leading-edge technology allows the company to continually upgrade and add to its product line.

Don’t see your Parker Hannifin hydraulic pump model number? Not a problem. Call 800-800-6971 or send us an email. Chances are we’ve worked on it before and have parts for it, even if it’s not listed on our website.

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Parker Hannifin is a global market leader in the development, production and sale of Motion & Control technologies, systems and components in the field of drive, control and process control. Parker offers a broad range of energy-efficient hydraulic pumps.

Parker"s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division offers a wide selection of piston pumps, hydraulic motors and drive units. These help meet your industrial and mobile application needs. MH Hydraulics focuses on Parker"s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems. We are happy to help you with Parker parts, complete units and/or your Parker repair.

MH Hydraulics keeps stock of a full range of Parker pumps, motors and spare parts. Such as gear pumps, hydromotors, complete repair kits, shaft seals, and much more.

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In the parts tables below you may select the hydraulic parts you need. All PVplus parts we sell are genuine Parker Hannifin and originate in Germany. We highly recommend to use genuine OEM parts only to ensure smooth operation and longer service life.

The Parker PVplus hydraulic pumps are produced in Chemnitz, Germany and manufactured by Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co. KG. The PV080R1K1T1NMMC is an axial piston pump of variable displacement with a maximum displacement volume of 80.0 ml/rev. The mounting interface is according to metric (ISO 3019-2) and the pump control group is hydromechanical control. Further details are listed in the Parker PV080 Datasheet and pump control options.

All pump repair kits listed on this page are for Parker PVplus axial piston pumps of latest design series. Current design of Parker PVplus PV080 is 45 Design (hydraulic pump) and 45 Design (pump controller). The item numbers listed in these tables refer to the PV080 exploded view drawing of the Parker PV080 Spare Sparts List PVplus Design 45. Should you require spare parts for an older design PVplus pump, please contact us for further information (do not forget to include pump name plate information).

Be sure to operate the hydraulic pump under optimum oil viscosity (not too low) since a thinner lubrication film causes more direct metal to metal contact resulting in increased wear in glide and roller bearings. The PVplus bearing kit contains both the front and rear roller bearing of the drive shaft and are also included in the pump shaft repair kit. The PVplus trunnion bearing unit contains the two glide bearings of the pump swash plate (trunnion bearings are not included in swash plate kit).

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Parker"s full line of high and low speed pumps provide power ranging up to 15,000 inch-pounds of torque with speeds ranging from 1/2 rpm to 13,000 rpm. A complete range of sizes is offered in gear, gerotor, vane and piston style operating configurations. Fixed and variable displacement motors are available. Parker hydraulic motors deliver excellent performance with high efficiency, true wear compensation and longer service life.

NN Hydraulic India is an authorized Parker Hydraulic Pump Distributor and Dealer across their entire range. Parker’s comprehensive variable displacement axial piston pump line includes high pressure and medium pressure piston pumps.

Parker offers a comprehensive selection of both fixed and variable pump types, utilizing inline and best axis technologies for a range of application solutions for Construction, Marine, Mining, and Oil & Gas industries.

Gear pumps are commonly used for pumping high viscosity fluids such as oil, paints, resins or foodstuffs.Parker"s full line of high and low speed pumps provide power ranging up to 15,000 inch-pounds of torque with speeds ranging from 1/2 rpm to 13,000 rpm.

The genuine Denison Hydraulics vane pump is produced by the Vane Pump Division of Parker Hannifin. Delivering exceptional functionality and durability, Parker"s extensive line of hydraulic pumps deliver ideal performance in even the most demanding industrial and mobile applications.

Parker Hydrostatic or Closed-Circuit Piston Pumps meet the highest demands in regards to performance and precision and are available in a wide displacement range. The Parker hydrostatic pump line supports a broad range of control applications and is suitable for both mobile and industrial applications, including medium and heavy duty applications

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Whether we have your unit in stock or not, repair is always an option. In fact, it may be your BEST option for obsolete and hard to find hydraulic pumps and motors. Letting us repair your unit can also be drastically cheaper than replacing it, especially if parts are hard to come by.

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Repairing and supplying re-manufactured and new Parker hydraulics. We service and supply Parker Hydraulics pumps, Parker hydraulics valves, Parker hydraulics cylinders and Parker hydraulics motors so search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you..

We can supply what you need or repair what you have. Before purchasing, there may be a good chance that your current hydraulic pump, motor, valve or cylinder can be repaired. Parker hydraulics pump repairs, including motors, cylinders and valves, comes with our two year warranty.

When purchasing, consider Parker hydraulics remanufactured or after market hydraulic units. Best of all they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or reman Parker unit.

In 1924, founder Arthur L. Parker saved the company from bankruptcy, restarting the hydraulic components division for automatic and aviation customers. When Parker died in 1945, his wife Helen hired new management, which helped rebuild the business. Their son Patrick Parker eventually took control.

1978 saw Parker introduce Win Strategy and then in Europe, Parker gathered many companies in fluid power business from 1997 including Commercial Hydraulics and VOAC Hydraulics. In 2005, after Patrick Parker died, two mile stones were met. Company sales reached $8.2 billion and the Parker won the bid for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger jet hydraulic subsystem.

Environment:Parker Hydraulics acts carefully, protecting the world all around so our products limit polluting anything important to customers’ health.

Parker Hydraulics’ gear pumps have operating pressures up to 3,650 psi and speeds up to 2,000 rpm while offering superior performance which gives optimal efficiency and low noise at high operating pressures. Gear pump sizes range from 8-19cc. Screw pumps are dependable and economical low pressure pumps are free from pulsations, ensuring a long service life and quiet operation.

Pressure relief groove special designs ensures low flow pulsations and low noise levels. Generated rotor double-feeds provide first-rate suction ability while dual shaft bearing ensures long service life. Pressure chambers special designs ensures low pressure pulsations while any extra material mixture makes the pump light and compact.

Piston pumps’ two independently controlled over-center piston pumps on a single input drive shaft are housed in a compact reservoir with a filter and associated valving while input speed is 3600 RPM and intermittent pressure is 2600 PSI.

Gerotor Motors have a compact design, reliable holding capability and allows easy installation for the demanding agriculture and turf market. Other benefits include high starting torque and low speed capability while high pressure shaft seals withstand full system pressure. Roller vanes and sealed commutation offer high volume effectiveness and smooth low speed operation while heavy duty bearings permit ample outer axial and radial shaft loads.

Vane Motors designs offer longer life in severe duty applications requiring high pressures up to 230 bars, high speeds up to 4000 RPM and low fluid lubricity. High starting torque efficiency allows motors to start under high load without pressure overshoots, jerks and high prompt horsepower loads. When operating at very low speeds on swing and load hoist drives, vane motors display a very low torque ripple. Vane motor applications include hoist winch drives, swing drives, and propulsion drives.

Brake motors often applied with hydraulic release brakes, have superior side load capacity, a high pressure shaft seal and a low speed operation making them ideal for heavy duty applications requiring a parking or holding brake while common brake motor applications include man-lifts, winches, and boom rotates.

Check valves flow devices used mainly in hydraulic systems, remove potential damage caused by fluid back pressure. Available one- and two-stage poppets pilot ratios of 1:5 and 1:40 allow for a wider variety of operating conditions. Their designs ensure an easy configuration of stack systems while they provide a good price-performance ratio.

Needle valves function for speed controls on hydraulic and pneumatic systems where a reverse flow check is not needed while they provide excellent control and a reliable shutoff in a very small envelope. A two-step needle allows fine adjustment at low flow by using the first three turns of the adjusting knob. The next three turns open the valve to full flow, and also provide standard throttling adjustments.

Heavy duty tie rod hydraulic cylinders ratings for use at working pressures up to 210 bars depend on the rod end and type of service while options include feedback transducers and position switches, integral cushions, oversize ports, stop tubes, stroke limiters, gland drains, and rod end protection. Applications include machine tools, transfer lines, injection molding, presses, test equipment and robotics.

This line of hydraulic cylinders’ premium quality and heavy duty aspects lack fatigue at their full rated pressure of 160 bars. Features include removable glands and separate bodies with detachable heads and caps, ensuring ease of maintenance while their accompanying piston rod diameters range from 22mm to 220mm.