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Beaming down from the Mothership at the zeitgeist of the heavy rock and R&B movement happening across America in the late ‘60s, Funkadelic – and later, Parliament – brought a one of a kind attitude that blended colorful psychedelic visions with a soulful, gritty humanity.

The Parliaments began in turbulent 1960s Detroit as a doo-wop band led by one-time barber, legendary eccentric and vocalist George Clinton. The group began to expand its R&B sound and instrumentation after finding spiritual and sonic soulmates in the heavier music made by Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, and the Detroit proto-punk scene.

As the decade went on, the band changed its name to Funkadelic, embracing wholeheartedly the burgeoning “anything goes” attitude of psychedelia and launching expeditions into its outer limits.

Bringing a horn section — which would eventually include Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley — into the mix, Clinton shrewdly rebooted The Parliaments as Parliament to distinguish from the typically more aggressive and guitar-driven sound of Funkadelic. Their differences were not always maintained, and before long, composite versions of the group were touring together performing songs from both bands under the name P-Funk.

When you listen to a Parliament or Funkadelic recording, you are hearing some of the most talented and experienced musicianship in rock and roll. With its players coming from all over the industry carrying experience on several different levels of success, each and every track by both bands was able to take on a life of its own, existing in its own world with a unique sonic texture that was more than the sum of its parts.

Getting in on the P-Funk mix early, Bernie Worrell"s keyboard playing painted broad splashes of wild sonic textures across the group"s relentless funk grooves. Starting with the band when Funkadelic first formed and crafting some of their most infectious and influential riffs, Worrell’s contributions as music director and songwriter cannot be overstated. Nor can his contributions to the art and prominence of synthesizers across nearly every musical genre.

This classic organ brought some soulful rumbling and melodic riffing to Funkadelic"s early output. Its unmistakable, whirling tones added a melodic voice to the band’s psychedelic groove. Shop Now ››