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Recently, efforts have been made to develop pumps capable of handling multiphase fluids. However, results indicate that most types of pumps are restricted by their inability to automatically adjust to rapidly fluctuating gas-to-liquid ratios. They can’t handle sand or other solids in suspension or efficiently pump fluids with varying API gravities. Many have a tendency to emulsify the fluid making separation much more difficult.

Prompted by a market need for a more efficient multiphase fluid transfer solution, Moyno, Inc. developed the breakthrough Moyno Tri-Phaze® System. Its patented progressing cavity design effectively pumps oil, gas and water from the wellsite or satellite through a single pipeline to a remote processing station without degradation or emulsification of the fluids. It effectively transfers multiphase flows up to 80,000 BPD and differential pressures up to 1,350 psi.

The progressing cavity design consists of a single-threaded, external helix (rotor) turning within a double-threaded internal helix (stator). As the rotor turns within the stator, cavities are formed that progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump. The fluid flows in a spiral path through the pump not far removed from a straight line. The resulting low shear pumping action will not emulsify the oil and water phases, therefore making separation easier at the processing station.

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We combine components suchs as hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves and electronic control units into a single system and create efficient overall solutions thanks to our intelligent blend of hydraulics, electronics and mechanics.

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The SKS Hydraulic TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd was established (as the Ningbo WIDESKY SKS Hydraulic CO., LTD.) is located inZhejiang ,China. SKS is an advanced National Torch Plan enterprise and ISO 9001:2008 certified. SKS specializes in manufacturing five major hydraulic product lines: piston pumps/motors/spare parts; swing and travel motors with gearbox reducers; gears and charge pumps for piston pumps; control valves; and precision castings.

Over more than10years of development, SKS has become an internationally reputed brand name in the field of hydraulics and a world-ranking manufacturer of a wide range of hydraulic products. SKS possesses its own independent innovative manufacturing system and technology. It has over 400 units of advanced automatic production machinery, including precision casting lines and bi-metal sintering furnaces. These advanced manufacturing facilities combined with rigorous quality control have contributed to SKS achieving a leading position within the domestic Chinese hydraulic industry.

SKS has its own high-level Hydraulic Research and Development Center. Having 20% of the total workforce made up of professional hydraulic experts, research workers, engineers and technicians helps to build a strong competent R&D team. SKS has collaborated with prominent Chinese universities on R&D and manufacturingprojects for piston pumps, motors, reduction gears and valves.

SKS’s business philosophy is to offer excellent quality, great variety and prompt service to satisfy its customers’ needs. The management has made market-orientation, quality and innovation its core values and aims to take the Chinese national hydraulic industry to new heights.

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The ORLITA Evolution Mikro is an innovative micro-metering pump for high pressures. The hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is the first of its kind with an electronically regulated linear direct power end. The drive has few mechanical functional elements and thus operates with virtually minimal maintenance.

The polymer preparation system DULCODOS ULIa is an inline system and processes liquid polymers to produce a fully activated solution. It is ideally equipped for your application with integrated mixing and maturing chamber and novel peristaltic metering pump.

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Wenzhou Johames Technology Co.,Ltd mainly manufacture and export industrial pumps with good reputation around home and abroad. Product is exported to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, more than 45 countries and regions.

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Kunming Kunshui Industrial Pump Co., Ltd("Kunshui pump" for short) is a professional manufacturer of pump specialized in manufacturing slurry pumps with more than10 years experience in China.

GREENTECH was founded in 2000, The company is professional blower and vacuum pump manufacturer specializing in producing and supplying full range of 2BV and 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum compressor etc.

air operated diaphragm pump,including metal and non-metal series, widely applied in chemical, paints & coatings, food processing, pharmaceutical, construction, mining, utilities, pulp & paper, metal finishing

BLDC PUMP produces excellent small electric DC water pumps for cooling, circulation system in the various device, for fish tank aquarium, small fountains and other applications. We are a magnetic DC water pump manufacturer located in Shenzhen of China.

Shanghai Shenbao Industrial Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Minhang Development Zone in Shanghai, occupying an area of over 45,000sq.m .Shenbao has become a multi-industry enterprise and specialist in research and manufacture pump...

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Wuhan EvenWall Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in even wall thickness stator and hollow rotor for progressive cavity pump, even wall thickness stator for mineral oil transportation(artificial lift), multi lobe power section for downhole drilling motor(mud motor).

Shijiazhuang Jiurun Pump Co., Ltd is a pump engineering, manufacturing and distribution company for industrial, municipal and dewatering applications. With over 60 years’ expertise, we have developed great reputation by serving the mining, power, metallurgy, dredging, petroleum

we are a professional pump manufacturer in China with many years experience. We mainly produce slurry pump, spare parts and OEM wear resistance casting.

APK, A Pump that Keeps water moving, is the brand name of Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. APK Submersible pumps is short as APK Pump. We are a large scale submersible pump manufacturer officially registered on Apr 25, 1996. Our factory is in Henan Province

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The established mathematical model is numerically solved using the parameters of the physical model. Figure 10a and b show the gas pressure distribution of the non-fracture model (S1) and the fracture model (S5) at different times of drainage. The results show that the gas pressure decreased rapidly in the first few days, but the decrease rate decreased slowly with an increase in the drainage time. The gas pressure of the fracture model decreased faster than that of the non-fracture model. The former shows differences in the distribution of the gas pressure in the horizontal and vertical directions. The gas pressure was lower in the vertical direction (main direction) of fracture propagation than in the horizontal direction. For the quantitative analysis, we used a detection point (1.5, 0) in the non-fracture model (because the model is symmetric in the X and Y directions, only one monitoring point is required) and two in the fracture model, point 1 (1.5, 0) and point 2 (0, 1.5), as shown in Fig. 11. The results show that the gas pressure trend of the two models was the same. The gas pressure dropped quickly at the beginning of the drainage, and the gas pressure decline rate rapidly decayed and approached zero as the drainage time increased. The gas pressure of the fracture model decreased faster than that of the non-fracture model. In the fracture model, the gas pressure decreased faster at monitoring point 2 than at monitoring point 1, because monitoring point 2 was located in the main direction of fracture propagation. After 50 d of drainage, the gas pressure at the monitoring point of the non-fracture model dropped from 2 to 0.48 MPa, that at monitoring point 1 of the fracture model dropped to 0.22 MPa, and that at monitoring point 2 dropped to 0.18 MPa. According to national standards, the gas pressure should be reduced to below 0.74 MPa to eliminate the gas outburst risk. It required 25 d for the gas pressure at the monitoring point of the non-fracture model to fall below the standard. In contrast, it took only 8 d and 6 d for the fracture model at monitoring point 1 and monitoring point 2, respectively. The gas pressure curve obtained by Jia et al. (2020) at different distances from the fracturing hole is shown in Fig. 12. The results show that the gas pressure decreased rapidly in the initial stage of drainage and then gradually approached 0 with an increase in the drainage time. The further the distance from the fracturing hole, the slower the gas pressure drop was. This result shows that the anti-reflection effect of hydraulic fracturing becomes worse with the increasing distance from the fracturing hole, which is consistent with the simulation results in this paper.

This study analyzed the influence of hydraulic fracturing on coal seam permeability for different fracturing times and different initial pore pressures. The research results showed that hydraulic fracturing could increase the permeability of the coal seam and improve the gas drainage effect. However, as the fracturing time increased, the impact of fracturing on the gas drainage effect declined. The research results can be used to predict the increase in coal seam permeability due to hydraulic fracturing and adjust the fracturing time accordingly. The higher the initial gas pressure, the faster the gas pressure dropped, and the greater the increase in permeability was. The results can be used to guide hydraulic fracturing to enhance permeability in mines with different gas contents.