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Dump Hoist Hydraulic Pumps, Winch Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Hoses and more. Military Dump Truck and Military Wrecker / Recovery Vehicle Hydraulic Pumps. M51, M51A2, M342A2, M47, M59, M817, M929, and M917 Military Dump Truck Parts. M543, M543A2, M816, M936, M936A1, M936A2 Military Wrecker Truck Parts for sale.

Front Winch and Dump Body Dual Spool Hydraulic Control Valve for M930, M930A1, and M930A2 Military Dump Trucks with front winch. Dual Piston Valve for Dump Trucks with Winch. See related items below for single piston type

Front Winch Hydraulic Valve for M939 Series Trucks with Front Winch or dump truck without winch. Single Piston Valve. Not for use with dump with winch which has a dual piston valve. See related parts for this valve.

Hydraulic Control Valve for M47, M59, M342, M342A2, M51, and M817 Military 2 1/2 Ton and 5 Ton Dump Trucks. This is an original part that has been rebuilt.

Dump Cylinder Rod Clamp Bolt. Used to attach end of Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinder Rod to Dump Box. Fits M39, M809 and M939 Series Military Dump Trucks

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This hydraulic pump is a single-acting power unit for power up and gravity down. It has a 4-quart sturdy metal reservoir and is designed with a 12V DC motor that can provide strong power for hydraulic systems like dump trailers, forklifts, lifting platforms, etc.

This single-acting hydraulic power unit has a 12V DC motor (Power:1.6-3.0kw) and a 4-quart metal reservoir; it has SAE#6 ports with 3200 PSI max relief setting on A and 1500 PSI on B port. The flow rate is 2GPM. Rated speed: 2850 r/min.

Our hydraulic electric pump has been fully assembled. It comes with a hand-held remote control and 1 additional SAE#6 connector for replacement. The whole power unit is easy to wire and easy to operate.

With the powerful 12V DC electric motor, our hydraulic pump for dump trailers can start rapidly and provide quick oil output. In addition, it can provide strong power that will lift heavy objects in a short period.

You can rely on the quality of this electric hydraulic pump as it is made of special-treated sturdy metal, and the whole structure has been reinforced. It is also equipped with a powerful electric motor that you can use as often as you like.

All of our 12-volt hydraulic power units have been pre-assembled before delivery, and we provide instructions for operation so that you can install and use the hydraulic pump easily. Horizontal mount is recommended.

As a great power unit, this hydraulic pump can be used for many things, such as truck tailgate lift, RV leveling, scissor lift, dump trailers, lift truck, snowplow, aerial platform, road signs, material handling, wheelchair lifts, etc.