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Part and horizontal drive feeder assembly, cutter includes tool apron 14 and installation settings to be had on the cutter head 3 on tool apron 14, pony sill 1

Single-revolution central point walks tool arm 13 and is rotatably mounted to pony sill 1 by axis of centre of gyration point, and tool apron 14 is slidably disposed in

In the present embodiment, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are also connected flow-regulating components, and further include control system, control

System control connection flow-regulating components, control system further includes remote control.Remote control and flow tune are equipped on hydraulic pump

The demand of different height workpiece surface increases the scope of application.Preferably, pony sill 1 includes fixed seat 11, turntable 12 and column

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pony <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> made in china

Autonomous cars are fast-approaching, and so are those building the platforms that will help operate them. Today, Pony.ai  — the startup whose autonomous driving platform powers the first fully self-driving fleet in China — has raised $102 million in funding — a follow-on round that comes about seven months after its previous $112 million Series A.

The funding — co-led by China’s ClearVue Partners and Eight Roads (which is part of Fidelity International) — is catapulting Pony.ai into unicorn territory: the company said that it takes it to “close to” a $1 billion post-money valuation.

“I truly believe the next major challenge for autonomous cars will be small and medium scale deployment—this is an absolutely critical step to validating the system’s overall stability and reliability. We are grateful for the new and continued support in helping us to achieve this future,” said Pony.ai CEO James Peng in a statement.

“Automotive is an essential component of large-ticket consumption,” said Partner of ClearVue Partners Kathleen Ying in a statement, “and autonomous vehicles will be a defining characteristic of future mobility. We at ClearVue have been seriously monitoring this space for some time and are very impressed with Pony.ai’s team and technology caliber. We look forward to leveraging our expertise in the consumer space and working closely with Pony.ai to further its mission.”

Third, Pony.ai is positioning itself to be one of the companies to watch in this space. Co-founded as recently as December 2016 by Tiancheng Lou and CEO James Peng — Peng is the former chief architect of China’s search giant Baidu (which itself is making big inroads into car systems) — the company became the first startup to get a T3 license to test autonomous vehicles in Beijing. (T3 is the highest level available in China today.) In Beijing, it’s been working on training its systems on roads in a closed site; in-vehicle safety procedures; and some other 39 different features related to getting a self-driving system to work without critical flaws.

In the last seven months, it’s also launched a self-driving taxi service. In February, Pony.ai signed a strategic agreement with Guangzhou Auto Group and subsequently rolled out a fleet of vehicles in Guangzhou itself. That fleet has now given 1,000 rides in a 30-km area. This funding will partly be used to expand that service, plus ink new partnerships and hire more people both in China and the Bay Area (Pony.ai has a second outpost in Fremont, CA).

Having active services out in the market already — as opposed to stuck in development — was one reason why Pony.ai was able to bring in a new wave of funding so quickly.

“At Eight Roads, we look to support businesses which are the pioneers in their field and entrepreneurs who are able to set the industry standard. We believe autonomous vehicles will be a rare life-altering technology, and we have confidence Pony.ai will be a leader in this field.  We are impressed with the management’s thoughtful approach to building this technology and delivering it to the market,” said Jarlon Tsang, Managing Partner at Eight Roads, in a statement. “We are very much looking forward to working with James, Tiancheng, Harry and the rest of the team at Pony.ai.”