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SWAFLY MACHINERY CO.,LIMITED is specialized excavator parts in China. With more than 10 years of experience, we can provide Hydraulic Pumps. Professional is committed to the excavator parts sales.As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Europe and America markets, Mid-East countries.

SWAFLY carries a wide variety of Excavator hydraulic pumps, gear pumps, construction and earth moving machinery. SWAFLYENGINE is proud to offer the largest selection of genuine and high quality afermarket Komatsu parts, with competitive pricing, and unbeatable customer service.

SWAFLY is a professional China hydraulic pumps manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best hydraulic pumps with low price, consult us now!Find a huge selection of Komatsu Genuine 708-2L-00681 Hydralic Pump for PC1250-8, swing motors for PC1250-8,diesel engines and other excavator spare parts from China at SWAFLY. Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation.Read MoreSend Inquiry

SWAFLY is China supplier who supply Hitachi hydraulic pumps with many years of experience.You are welcomed to come to our company to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Hitachi EX2500 EX5500 hydraulic pump YA00059241

Swafly specialize in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic parts.You are welcomed to come to our company to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-qualityRexroth A20VO520LR3DN/10L-VZH26K00-S2106 hydraulic pump.

CAT SBS120 hydraulic main pump use for Caterpillar 320C 320D ,Part number # 272-6955 173-3381.You are welcomed to come to our company to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Caterpillar 320C 320D 320CL 320DL Hydraulic Main Pump 272-6955 173-3381,

SBS140 Hydraulic Piston Pump Variable pump for CAT 325D 329D excavator main pump,Weight: 430 pounds 195 kg.You are welcomed to come to our company to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-qualityCaterpillar SBS140 Hydraulic Main Pump for 325D 329D E325D E329D,

We are professional in manufacturing Hydraulic Pumps SWAFLY is one of the Hydraulic Pumps manufacturers and suppliers made in China. Our products have their own brands and are available in stock, which can meet the needs of customers. Welcome to visit our factory.

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Changzhou Green Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Davis Hydraulic CO.,LTD. are professional manufacturing enterprise focusing on the production, research and development, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic components, hydraulic systems and construction machinery accessories with more than 15 years of experience.

Professional design, manufacture for: Denison T7, T6 series, Denison vane motor M4C series, Vickers V series, VQ series, V10, V20, VTM42 series power steering pump, Vickers vane motor 25M, 35M, 45M , 50M, Tokimec SPQ series, JCB series ger pumps. SGP1 & SGP2 & KZP4 KYB gear pumps,  Rexroth A10VSO A2F A4V A4VG series piston pumps. KYB K3V series piston pumps,Manual valveP40 P80 SD25 series, C101 C102 PTO  P50 P350 series Parker gear pumps,OMR OMP OMM series orbit motors hydraulic pump and other accessories models up to more than 15,000.

The company attaches great importance to product quality, has got ISO9001 quality system certification, has 16 patents, and has great influence in the field of hydraulic all over the world.

Since the establishment of Green Hydraulic. We are always adhered to the business principles of people-oriented and honesty, and brought together elites of hydrauluc field. The company"s core values are: customer first, integrity and win-win, we rewards diligence, sharing and improvment, unity and cooperation. With them we development steady.

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A gear pump is taken into utilization for meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. Being the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications, these advanced pumps are used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids. Not to mention external gear pumps that are the most vital pumping tools used as lubrication pumps in machine tools and in fluid power transfer units along with oil pumps in engines.

On the industrial grounds, high-quality products are highly desired and this is why one should consider the best company to get various components they need. When it comes to products like a gear pump, the best gear pump manufacturerand supplier is Terre Kosen.

Hydraulic Gear Pump Manufacturer Brings To You Advanced Pumping Solutions Hydraulic gear pumps are the most vital type of pumps that are type of positive displacement pumps; thus they are used largely to transfer the measured quantity of pressurized hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic system. These pumps are the most vital parts in a variety of constructions, manufacturing and machining equipment; while they are also responsible for a machine’s precision as well as its efficiency.

Terre Kosen is one of the leading names among the hydraulic gear pump manufacturers or gear pump suppliers in China. We are one of the prime manufacturer and supplier of top-quality hydraulic pumps for various needs and many other industrial application with global standards. Engaged in this line of business since the year 1999, Terre Kosen has created a niche in the industry by establishing a reliable reputation in providing hydraulic tandem gear pumps, motors and related components for both domestic and international markets.

We are equipped with the state of the art manufacturing facilities and most modern communication facilities that make us one of the prominent China hydraulic gear pump supplier. Our in house manufacturing capabilities and years of industry experience have facilitated prompt response at every stage of process. At Terre Kosen, the experience we have and our expert team of professionals strives continually to provide state-of- the-art product quality of International standards. With high-new technology, quality products and excellent after-sales service, today we take the pride to consider as one of the trusted name in Industry.

Our ranges of gear pumps are meticulously tested in terms of quality so as to dispatch a flawless product. These gear pumps are widely known for their perfect finish and optimum quality. We at Terre Kosen manufacture this gear pumps under the surveillance of highly skilled professionals by using leading techniques. You can find only the best quality gear pumps from our gear pump supplier when you shop with us.

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1.Precisely matched to your machine specs, Cat pumps and motors protect your productivity and profits. Only genuine Cat parts can ensure optimized machine performance, long component life and the option to rebuild if you wear them out.

2.Get back to work fast with pumps and motors ready to run right out of the box. Only Topkitparts Cat parts can ensure that you get same-as or better-than-new performance, validated for durability through on-machine testing, and rigorously tested and inspected when the pump or motor is made. If you purchase a pump from a competitor, there may be additional labor to adjust the pump to meet the hydraulic system specifications.

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When you are in need of 12-volt dc hydraulic pumps, Target Hydraulics is your source for reliable information and an exact match of the supplier. You can depend on us to make sure you have the right 12v hydraulic pump for your application and get it to you quickly.

Target Hydraulics has a known reputation for speedy service and providing quality hydraulic products. We have a complete inventory of hydraulic hoses, fittings, valves, cylinders, motors, and pumps that are always available to serve industrial and hydraulic companies all over the world.

Target Hydraulics can turn your idea for a machine into reality with our design, fabrication, and commissioning services with more than 5000sqm facility and warehouse that always help running your business high efficiency.

All DC12v single-acting hydraulic pump components are designed by 3D software to ensure your project. Your Clients will be satisfied with our customized packing and label for your 12v hydraulic pump Brand.

Target Hydraulics team can provide solutions to handle all your 12v hydraulic pump needs with over 10 years of hydraulic products manufacturing experience, at the same time with 24 hours no-stop CNC machine department that can help your 12 v hydraulic pump and ram samples delivery very quick.

Join our satisfied customers and see why they trust our process with their critical hydraulic repair needs. Every team member of Target Hydraulics is committed to putting your needs first by delivering the highest quality standards, industrial hydraulic repairs, at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

A 12 volt electric hydraulic pump is a mechanical system that transforms hydraulic energy power into mechanical power. To overcome pressure caused by the load from the hydraulic system, it generates hydraulic oil flow with adequate strength.

It serves two functions while a dc hydraulic pump runs. First, the hydraulic gear pump produces a vacuum at the suction inlet of the pump that allows the air pressure to push the hydraulic oil liquid through the inlet suction filter of the pump from the hydraulic tank reservoir. Second, this liquid is transmitted to the pump outlet by its mechanical action which drives it into your hydraulic systems such as hydraulic dump trailer cylinders.

A mechanical power source that converts hydraulic energy power into mechanical power is a 12-volt DC hydraulic pump (hydrostatic energy i.e. flow, pressure). It creates flow with sufficient strength in order to overcome pressure induced by the load at the pump outlet. As a 12-volt DC motor runs, it creates a vacuum at the pump inlet that moves hydraulic oil liquid from the hydraulic oil tank along the inlet line to the pump and sends this hydraulic oil liquid by mechanical action to the pump outlet and drives it into the hydraulic systems.

In order to transfer energy from one electrical power to another motion, a 12-volt hydraulic system uses sealed fluid and then produces other different motions, such as linear motion, rotary motion, or force. The hydraulic power unit (12-volt hydraulic pump) provides the hydraulic power that is required for this fluid transfer.

DC motor powered by battery, the gear pump suction hydraulic oil from hydraulic tank reservoir, powered hydraulic oil fluid goes into hydraulic central manifold bock, pressure over check valve cracking pressure and then move the hydraulic cylinder. System pressure higher than check valve cracking pressure. It will open the relief valve setting pressure when the cylinder is fully open. The electrical power was changed to linear motion.

There would be various design features distinct from a traditional pumping system for a massive, robust hydraulic power unit. But the 12 volt hydraulic pump is a very simple hydraulic system. The main items are:Hydraulic central manifold:These are containers to which hydraulic actuators may be connected. They also gather DC motors, gear pumps, and hydraulic oil tanks. most of the hydraulic valves also mounting in this hydraulic component.

12v hydraulic pump motor: A 12v hydraulic power unit will be fitted with a DC12v hydraulic pump motor with a start relay. Normally this kind of DC motor is S3 work duty, can not work for a long time. only mins.

Tanks:A hydraulic power pack tank is a holding unit built to have ample capacity to pump the fluid in the pipes into it. Similarly, actuator fluid can need to flow into the tank often. And it can make oil heat exchange and release air from hydraulic oil.

Filters:Usually, a filter is mounted on top of the tank if it is a big hydraulic power unit, but 12-volt electric hydraulic pump is a small hydraulic power unit, so, the filter is just in the gear pump suction pipe. It will help your hydraulic system clean, to make sure all your hydraulic components can work stable.

Coolers and Heaters:An air cooler should be mounted in a hydraulic power unit to keep temperatures from rising above operating parameters. Similarly, as the DC 12v hydraulic pump motor is an S3 work duty compact hydraulic power unit, it does not design with coolers or heaters, its’ tank will make oil cool.

Remote control switch: The operation of the 12v hydraulic pump are some wire remote control switch.12v hydraulic pump single-acting complete with 3 wire dump trailer remote control switch and 12 volt double-acting hydraulic pump comes with  4 wire dump trailer remote control switch.

Hydraulic pumps are widely used in practically any single hydraulic power transfer scheme. The device which converts mechanical energy into hydraulic power energy, which is a combination of hydraulic pressure and flow, is a hydraulic pump. Any system you can input force to which in turn produces flow can be a hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic pumps are used more prolifically for mobile applications than by industrial equipment since electric actuators are usually not used by mobile machinery.

If temperatures are more to the top, such as below -20 ° C and over 60 ° C, with pressures above 250 bar, it would be necessary to stop your 12v hydraulic pump stop.

In a tiny box, DC electric hydraulic power units pack can supply a lot of power. On dump trucks, stackers, snowplows, forklifts, and hundreds of other applications that include a self-contained, mobile hydraulic power pack, these 12-volt electric hydraulic pumps are widely used. These small electric hydraulic pumps & power units have been engineered for years to weather harsh conditions and provide consistent efficiency.

12v hydraulic pump single acting and 12v hydraulic pump double acting are the most common DC 12v hydraulic power units. Some others are also available such as dual double acting hydraulic pump,4xdouble acting hydraulic pump,etc

You must determine whether the viscosity( (VG)) can be correctly used to fulfill the specifications of your hydraulic system pump in order to choose some hydraulic fluid. The various oil viscosity amounts will be suggested by the oil manufacturers. This would be important to various kinds of pump forms.

DC12v hydraulic pump hydraulic system normally works with a gear pump,so, it is easy to get correct hydraulic oil. normally summer is 46#, winter is 32#.

You must ensure that the hydraulic oil is properly cooled in order for your hydraulic power pack to work more effectively and last for a longer time. Sometimes you should mount a hydraulic oil cooler with your hydraulic pump systems if your hydraulic system is a longtime running system.

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Target Hydraulics has over 10 years of experience in mini hydraulic power unit Engineering.&Manufacturing, We can supply you with any type of hydraulic power packs for your AC&DC hydraulic power units market.

AC motor hydraulic power unit from 0.5 hp to 5 hp hydraulic power unit even 10 hp hydraulic power unit.DC motor hyd power unit(HPU) from 0.15kw up to 3Kw even 4.5Kw.

Target Hydraulics manufactures compact hydraulic power units that can meet hydraulic flow rating from 0.3LPM to 30LPM based on your compact hydraulic power unit needs.

Target Hydraulics can provide you hydraulic power unit design with different working pressure from 20bar up to 315bar based on your custom hydraulic power units request.

All Target Hydraulics hydraulic block manifold designing&manufacturing with standard valve body cavity. We can also supply you valve cavity tooling if you are custom hydraulic power unit manufacturers.

All hydraulic power units and parts were designed with 3D software for your new project. Professional hydraulic power unit sales and manufacture team guarantee your hyd power unit order processing quick and superior quality.

Hydraulic Manifolds 3D drawing design and CNC machine for quick sample delivery.7/24 no-stop CNC machine line,3000sqm warehouse,8 assembly lines, and test benches,50+  professional staff provide your hyd power units and parts always delivered on time.

Our engineers create small hydraulic power units and hydraulic manifold designs with Solidworks. Our DC and AC hydraulic power pack units and hydraulic cartridge valves are used for industry hydraulics, truck hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, custom hydraulic manifolds, and many other different Hydraulics applications.

Target Hydraulics provides high quality products and good service for our clients and distributors around the world. You hit your target at Target Hydraulics.

DC hydraulic power unit and AC hydraulic power unit. All the electric hydraulic power units will complete with an electrical motor, whatever the motor is DC or AC voltage.

Hydraulic power units were designed can be applied to anything that requires lift,push, and rotational applications, They are utilized in a wide variety of agricultural, material handling, industrial and mobile applications and so much more.

scissor lift, dump trailer hydraulic system unit,forklift hydraulics, plant dump trailers, dump trucks, and even security equipment like access control.

Hydraulic power units should be able to supply the needed power to drive machinery in every movement or direction. All hydraulic power unit working principles follow Pascal’s pressure working mechanism.

Basic components of a hydraulic power pack unit include a diesel or electric powered motors, hydraulic reservoirs, couplings and fittings, suction pipes and filters, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic gear pumps, as well as hydraulic block manifolds.

For example, a small hydraulic power unit has fewer hydraulic components in comparison to hydraulic power units that are utilized in the big heavy lifting industries applications.

A hydraulic power unit has different types of valves in its system. These valves are essential for controlling the hydraulic fluid flow and pressure within a hydraulic power pack hydraulic system.

The following are the types of valves that are mostly used in a hydraulic power supply system. Each type of valves in the list has different functions, depending on the design and application requirement.

StackedValves – Stacked valves are responsible for making the flow of hydraulic transmission changing hydraulic pressure. These valves are mounting attached to the hydraulic central manifolds channel together with the stacked block manifolds.

Check Valves – Check valves keep pressure from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic cylinder and hold pressure for the single acting hydraulic power unit. These check valves designed with different cracking pressure.

Throttle Valves – Throttle valves also called flow control valve, they are used to open, close,start stop, or regulate the hydraulic oil fluid flow by a dynamic pump.

Directional ControlHydraulicValves –  are used to retract or extend double-acting hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. These directional valves provide a directional path from pump to cylinders (hydraulic motors) and a return path from cylinders (hydraulic motors) to the hydraulic fluid oil tank.

hydraulic reservoir or tank stores the hydraulic fluid for a hydraulic system. The tank is also the key to transfer heat for this hydraulic power unit system.

Without the tank, air moisture will cause problems in your hyd power unit. The heat in the hydraulic tank releases rises the moisture above the hydraulic oil fluid making its way out of the tank through the hydraulic tank air breather cap.

The typical materials used in hydraulic tanks come from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. the mini hydraulic power unit also used plastic materials as their hydraulic tank reservoir.

With the center manifold, you can assemble motors, pumps, hydraulic valves to complete a hydraulic power unit. There will be hydraulic fluid pressure oil go through the central manifold if this is a small hydraulic power unit design.

There are three major types of hydraulic pumps:Gear Pump– Intervals of gears are used to pump fluids by motion. In each revolution, it pumps a fixed amount of high viscosity fluids.

Piston Pump– Piston pumps are displacement pumps that create pressures and discharge fluid with little effort. The pressure this pump creates pressurized the fluid in the hydraulic system.

Vane Pump– Vane pumps have rectangular-shaped vanes inlets. The back and forth rotation of these vanes moves pressure against the outer face of the ring, making the vane pump work.

The features of gear pumps are simple and compact. Because of having limited numbers of motion components, it cannot compete with reciprocating or centrifugal pumps when it comes to generating pressure and flow. However, it generates higher pressure and flow rate compared to vane pumps.

The common materials used in making gear pumps include iron, alloy, aluminum, and composites. The type of materials is essential in dealing with corrosive liquids.

Having a priming characteristic means gear pumps need lubrication and should not be dry. Close tolerance of gears and casting can wear the pump over time.

The precise specifications between the gears and casing enable the pump to develop suction at the inlet, this will prevent fluid leakage from the discharge place.

An internal gear pump still has two interlocking gears. However, in comparison to the external pump’s identical gears, the gears of internal pumps have different sizes. A smaller gear is mounted at the center of the larger gear.

This is specifically designed to interlock with the gear teeth attached at one point. And a pinion and bushing are engaged at the pump’s casing holding the idler gear in its place.

In contrast with fixed-displacement pumps which have two chambers, a variable displacement pump only has a single chamber. The movement of the outer ring to the inner enables the pump to work.

In applications these two and be reversible. For instance, if it’s powered by a motor and pressure flow is output, it is a hydraulic pump; if the flow of oil pressure is input and the torque energy is output, it’s a hydraulic motor.

This type of cylinder has only one end port that is utilized to supply and vent compressed air. Therefore, hydraulic fluid in a single-acting hydraulic cylinder works only on one side of the piston.

Hydraulic fluid oil can either be synthetic or mineral-based liquid. Common variations of mineral-based hydraulic fluid are petroleum-based and water-based fluids. Some fluids consist of plain water, water-oil emulsions, and even salt solutions.

Hydraulic oil fluid is the ingredient used the hydraulic systems to transfer power in hydraulic machinery and equipment. Hydraulic liquids are additionally in charge of lubrication, warmth transfer, and contamination control within the system.

Its principle is about the principle of off-line filters. The hydraulic fluid oil will be filtered by the hydraulic filter. Then after its filtration, it will be pumped out through the outlet port or back to the tank. Hydraulic filters are placed either on a suction port of the pump or tank port into the reservoir.

Electrical power is usually not needed in order to operate a hydraulic system. The fundamental rule of a hydraulic system is the use of liquid in its operations.

Hydraulic power units have some technical selective components that need precise consideration during design. This is crucial to ensure that the unit will work properly after its setup.

However, credentials or certification are not a must when setting up a hydraulic power unit. Even so, you must have the proper knowledge and ability when dealing with it so that the components will be installed precisely. If it is your first time, collaborate with an experienced installer to accomplish your desired result.

Examination of the hydraulic system after installing should be taken into account. This is important to ensure hyd power unit system working properly.

You must carefully read the installation instructions before installing the valves. If valves are not properly installed, it will not function properly.

Make sure there are no debris, chips, or any foreign objects in the valve and hydraulic block manifolds. The O-rings should also be check for cleaning and quality station.To avoid damage during installation, lubricate the O-rings on the cartridge valve.

It’s advisable to use hydraulic oil for lubrication. Grease and motor oil should not be applied for it will mix with the hydraulic fluid and gum up the valves.

Be careful, do not over-torque valves for it could cause distortion in the valve assembly. If the valves are distorted, it will not properly close or open. This situation could lead to contamination issues.

Some hydraulic power units remotes are wireless remote, enabling you to control the start and the stop of your hydraulic power units without cables or switches. Remote buttons are controlling the hydraulic cylinder in and out motion.

Follow these sequences. Connect hydraulic power unit and cylinder with hydraulic hoses. Connect both A and B oil ports with cylinder A and B ports.First, take one side of the hose, connect the hydraulic hose one side to the base of the hydraulic cylinder. Then the other side of the hydraulic hose must be connected to the rod end of the hydraulic cylinder.

In this procedure, a wrench must be utilized to hold the bottom nut in its place. Also, use the wrench to torque the upper nut and to fasten battery connections.

While testing or operating the hydraulic power pack unit, keep an eye on the fluid level of the tank. The level of the hydraulic fluid should not have lowered down half full during the trial start-up. Do not let the suction filter out of hydraulic fluid.A fully extended cylinder’s tank should be half full. If you will let the hydraulic fluid drop below half full of its initial level, air might enter into your hydraulic system. This can lead to aeration of the fluid and it could overflow the reservoir tank.

If this is the problem, the possible causes are the following:Hydraulic reservoir is short of oil; add the required level of oil into your hydraulic unit’s tank.

General maintenance for hydraulic power unit includes lubricating electric motors, cleaning or changing hydraulic oil fluid, and cleaning of the suction strainers.

The oil of the tank should also be regulated. Always check if the oil level of the tank to avoid an existential drop. Changing oil is also necessary, to keep your hydraulic power unit in good performance.

Then what significant size of a hydraulic power unit is suitable for your job. Also, include the liquid flow rate when deciding what size of hydraulic power pack unit you want to get.

The number of outlets and inlets of the should also be taken into account. This is certainly important you can utilize the amount of power you going to use. Then come with hydraulic oil port question, BSPP, SAE, and Metric units are all available from Target Hydraulics Power Units.

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There are many kinds of jacketed pumps in Saiken Pump, including jacketed gear pump , asphalt jacketed pump, screw insulation pump, etc. No matter what type of jacketed pump is, the installation sequence is the same, from foundation inspect...