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We sell new, used and rebuilt parts for construction equipment. Excavators, Bull Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, Scrapers, mini-excavator and more.

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It mounts easily to any planter and, depending which pump size is purchased, will provide an extra 12 gpm to 40 gpm as well as 4 to 6 additional ports.

Many producers wanting to upgrade or upsize their air seeders discover they are lacking hydraulic capacity on their current tractor, and don’t have room in their machinery budget to upgrade their tractor.

One solution is the Command HydraBoost PTO-driven auxiliary hydraulic system, these can operate a portion of the hydraulic flow requirement, allowing producers to continue using their favourite tractor! These units come in several sizes, the larger sizes - 24gpm, 32 gpm & 40 gpm are used in combination with air seeders.

pto <a href=''>hydraulic</a> <a href=''>pump</a> for planter pricelist

You"d really need to get down to the flow/pressure specs needed for your planter and compare them to the IH planter"s you"re looking at robbing if you go that route. They"d need to be within the same range.

I guess the question I"d be asking or wondering about is why you wouldn"t just run it off the SCV"s on a new tractor if you"re doing that now. Most 1/2" valves flow about 16 GPM per pair. The Ford shouldn"t have any problem doing that if the planter is using most of it"s flow. The problem you get into on the open center Ford"s is when you try to choke them down and they have to dump a significant portion of their pump flow at pressure across the unloading valve...

You might also want to double check and see if the 7740 isn"t a CCLS tractor to start with... Many, if not most around here were. If it"s an "SLE" with the 16x16 transmission, or even a 24x24, it should be CCLS. A 12x12 or the 8x2 would be open center. Those are "SL" and "S" models. The "SLE" will have no problem doing what you want in running the planter on the SCV.

Another option I"d look at would be PTO driving the fan. The planter I use is set up like that and just geared to run the tractor at mid-speed on the PTO. Something to think about...

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Hypro centrifugal pumps handle big, high-capacity spraying jobs with ease. Use them for spraying liquid fertilizers and other chemicals, including wettable powder slurries for weed control. Make short work of other jobs - filling nurse tanks, watering seed beds, and transferring liquids.

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This is an excellent replacement pump for log splitters, hydraulic presses, snow plow power units and a variety of other agricultural power equipment. Mounting Positions: Horizontal & Vertical This two-stage gear pump provides faster cycle times with an over-all higher pressure rating, so you can squeeze every bit of power out of your equipment.

This log splitter hydraulic fluid constructed with high quality oil suck pipes, which needed to be cleaned often, our pump work in a low-noise condition.

This hydraulic pump is equipped with other hydraulic tools can carry out lifting, pressure type, elbow, bending row, straightening, cutting, assembly, demolition and many other work. Reduce labor intensity.

Used in applications where extending a hydraulic cylinder is needed, truck tailgate lift, rv leveling, scissor lift, dump trailer, lift truck, snow plow, aerial platform, road signs, material handling, wheelchair lifts, etc.

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