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The R230"s hydraulic vario roof pump aka hydraulic unit is a complex, high-performance pump with integrated valve block, two different output pressures, high-end electronic noise suppression, and high flow rate.

Intermittently working pumps are often mistaken for internal leaks in hydraulic cylinders. While internal leaks occur in OEM vario roof cylinders on occasion, almost every hydraulic pump will fail eventually on account of some design flaws that Top Hydraulics fixes with its upgrade. Thus, your pump will be better than a new one.

Is your pump blowing a fuse every time you try to use it? That is a clear sign for a short from the pump"s electric motor, and Top Hydraulics" rebuild will take care of it.

You send in your malfunctioning vario roof convertible hydraulic pump, p/n 2308000030, 2308000088, 2308000330, 2308000348, aka A 230 800 00 30, A 230 800 00 88, A 230 800 03 30, A 230 800 03 48.

If possible, raise your roll bar before removing the pump. Note that line 100 going to the top of the roll bar support cylinder is always pressurized (on working pumps). Before removing line 100 from the pump, loosen the two inside hex (Allen) bolts that hold the valve block to the pump. There will likely be a small amount of fluid coming out between the valve block and the pump body (fraction of an ounce), but this relieves pressure from line 100.

Do NOT drill a hole in the reservoir! - the filtering in the original pumps is insufficient, and tiny plastic shavings can cause significant damage to the pump and the valve block. Top Hydraulics may have to charge extra for rebuild service on pumps with severe contamination or holes drilled in the reservoir. An additional charge may also apply to pumps that have been abused by DIY repair efforts or severely damged by fire or water. Note that the latter is rare, but we want to mention it for completeness.

The upgrade service for hydraulic convertible top pumps replaces sensitive parts inside the pump with re-designed, precision machined aluminum ones, improves fluid filtering on those pumps that need it, services the valve block, solenoids and check valves, upgrades electronic components, upgrades internal seals, and replaces the electric motors if needed. Early model year vario roof pumps p/n 2308000030 (aka A 230 800 00 30) and 2308000348 (aka A 230 800 03 48) fail very frequently at this point, and should be upgraded proactively. Top Hydraulics" service makes these high-performance pumps better than brand new ones!

Pump removal is quite simple. Disconnect the pump from the wiring harness, remove the bolts that mount the pump frame to the car, and turn the pump on its side. Now you will see all the hydraulic lines going into the pump, held in place by two retaining plates. Each plate has numbers engraved where the lines go in, and the lines (hoses) have the corresponding numbers printed on them in red or white ink. Thus, there is no need for labeling the hoses. First loosen the two inside hex (Allen) bolts that hold the valve block to the pump - one or two turns is enough. There will likely be a small amount of fluid coming out between the valve block and the pump body (fraction of an ounce), but this relieves pressure from line 100. (As mentioned above, there is normally pressure on line 100, and that would otherwise make line 100 pop out of the pump once its retaining plate is moved.) Then remove the retaining plates and pull out the hoses.

We suggest that you remove the mounting frame from the pump - it makes shipping cheaper and easier. Do not attempt to drain fluid from the pump. Instead, wrap the pump inside a large garbage bag, and then inside another one. That should take care of keeping oil leaks contained, and it will protect your pump. Buffer the parcel well inside, and tape it up well.

Top Hydraulics will not guarantee that the rebuilt units will be cosmetically perfect, but they will work well. For example, if you send us a pump in a bent mounting frame, then we may use our best efforts to straighten out the frame, but we will not replace it. We do not replace damaged electrical connectors - please package your pump carefully.

r230 <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> for sale

We regenerate hydraulic parts, engines and transmissions. The right oil and filter systems for replacement or refilling can also be found in our offers. Just have a look in our shop. We would be happy to advise you. Our articles are all original parts and 100% handmade in Germany and have been tested and described to the best of our knowledge. You can see from our rating profile that we strive to only offer flawless goods. All of our articles have seals or special markings and some have seals. If these are damaged, any right to reimbursement of the costs will expire. Articles with broken or no longer present seals, markings or seals are no longer in the delivery condition.

No, then make an appointment in our new ABC master workshop, specialized in Mercedes-Benz & AMG. Then we can replace the filter, servo and hydraulic oil, ABC hydraulic pump, suspension struts and much more. Our specialty includes diagnoses, on the ABC chassis, but also on engines and transmissions. Our company is located directly on the A24 exit Meyenburg (18) between Berlin - Hamburg. Let yourself be pampered by our service. We look forward to you.

r230 <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> for sale

MERCEDES R230 SL CONVERTIBLE TOP ROOF HYDRAULIC PUMP GENUINE OEM A2308000030. Hydraulic Roof Pump removed from 2003 Mercedes R230. Excellent working order

r230 <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> for sale

ABCspecialist is a Dutch company specialized in hydraulic suspension systems. Since 2010 we sell all parts for the ABC system of Mercedes Benz from our stock exclusively for the business market.

r230 <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/47'>hydraulic</a> <a href='https://www.ruidapetroleum.com/product/49'>pump</a> for sale

In the ABC system, a computer detects body movement from sensors located throughout the vehicle, and controls the action of the active suspension with the use of hydraulic servomechanisms. The hydraulic pressure to the servos is supplied by a high pressure radial piston hydraulic pump, operating at 3,000psi. Accumulators regulate the hydraulic pressure, by means of an enclosed nitrogen bubble separated from the hydraulic fluid by a membrane.

A total of 13 sensors continually monitor body movement and vehicle level and supply the ABC controller with new data every ten milliseconds. vertical body acceleration, one acceleration sensor measures the longitudinal and one sensor the transverse body acceleration. As the ABC controller receives and processes data, it operates four hydraulic servos, each mounted on an air and pressurized hydraulic fluid strut, beside each wheel.

Almost instantaneously, the servo regulated suspension generates counter forces to body lean, dive and squat during various driving maneuvers. A suspension strut, consisting of a steel coil spring and a shock absorber connected in parallel, as well as a hydraulically controlled adjusting cylinder, are located between the vehicle body and wheel. These components adjust the cylinder in the direction of the suspension strut, and change the suspension length. This creates a force which acts on the suspension and dampening of the vehicle in the frequency range up to five hertz.

1984 Mercedes-Benz W124 selected models of E class had this technology (rear only hydraulic suspension) height adjustable suspension and self-levelling suspension.

Early-1980s through early "90s, Lotus Engineering, the consultant branch of Lotus Cars, experimented with active suspension layouts, combining Electrohydraulic servo valve technology from aerospace, a variety of sensors and both analog and digital controllers. About 100 prototype cars and trucks (and several racing cars) were built for a wide variety of customers, with variants of the high bandwidth Lotus Active system.

1986-Lotus Engineering and Moog Inc. formed joint venture Moog-Lotus Systems Inc. to commercialize the Lotus technology with electro-hydraulic servo valves designed by Moog. The joint venture was later purchased by the TRW Steering and Suspension Division.