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Repairing and supplying re-manufactured and new Racine hydraulics – Racine hydraulics pumps, Racine hydraulics valves, and Racine hydraulics motors. Search our online catalog or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

We can supply what you need or repair what you have. Before purchasing, there may be a good chance that your current hydraulic pump, motor, valve, or cylinder can be repaired. Contact us to see if we can repair your Racine hydraulic pump or send in your Racine pump for inspection and evaluation. Racine hydraulics pump repairs, including motors, valves & cylinders comes with our two year warranty.

When purchasing, consider Racine hydraulics re-manufactured or after market hydraulic units. Best of all they can get you back up and running for less than the cost of a new hydraulic unit. We will give you a free quote so you can compare costs for a new, repaired or re-man Racine unit.

Located in Detroit, Racine Hydraulics was founded in 1958. In 1997 the Racine was merged with Bosch Rexroth. Rexrothcontinues to support the PSV series vane pumps for new and replacement applications. As a carryover from the Racine Fluid Power legacy program, Rexrothcontinues to support the Racine PSV series vane pumps for both new and replacement applications. The PSV series, otherwise known as the SV or Silent Vane product line, has a very large installed base around the world. These variable displacement vane pumps have proven themselves in the most demanding applications and they have built an excellent reputation with the OEM and user markets.

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Racine hydraulics was acquired by the Bosch Rexroth Group in 1997. Many Racine hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves and accumulators are today considered to be obsolete.

But here at Hydraulics Online we are still able to provide a wide variety of legacy equipment across the marketplace, and that includes Bosch Racine pumps and equipment.

Please contact us if you cannot see the Bosch Racine hydraulic equipment that you need – we’ll still be able to help across the range, whether with replacements units, spares or repairs.

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We will contact you to inform you of what we found, give you a quote for repair and a timeframe for completion, or let you know if we cannot repair it.

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Whether we have your unit in stock or not, repair is always an option. In fact, it may be your BEST option for obsolete and hard to find hydraulic pumps and motors. Letting us repair your unit can also be drastically cheaper than replacing it, especially if parts are hard to come by.

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Check out our Hydraulic Oil Recommendations page to assist with oil selections and assistance in preventing future hydraulic failures.Hydraulic Cores and Surplus

Whether you have a single pump or crates of used hydraulic equipment, ProActive Fluid Power can provide an immediate appraisal, assist with freight, and provide a hassle-free selling experience.

Searching for a hydraulic supplier who can assist with factory new, reconditioned, obsolete and hard to find items? Do you have cores for sale? Do you have questions regarding shipping?

During this time, we have become the go-to source for end users, hydraulic repair shops as well as original equipment manufacturers that demand quality products delivered within a reasonable period of time.

Do you have a customer who is threatening to buy from your competitor because he needs an answer now? Are you losing thousands of dollars every hour because your machine is down? Do you have a stranded street sweeper or a tractor with hydraulics that failed out in the field?

Over 90% of orders taken are shipped the same day. Most repairs are returned the following day and quote requests are returned within hours or minutes.

Are you an OEM distributor or hydraulic equipment reseller who would like to have a product shipped directly to your customer without them knowing where it was purchased from?

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We carry an extensive inventory of new, remanufactured and aftermarket Bosch/Racine/Rexroth hydraulic piston pumps and motors. Many units are in stock and available for immediate delivery. All units are fully tested and set to OEM specifications before leaving any of our facilities and are backed by an industry leading warranty.

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Racine is now owned by Bosch in the USA. We can repair Racine units and supply Racine units on good delivery times due to our strong links with suppliers in the USA.

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Tri-State Hydraulics has over 45 years of experience with Racine pumps and can offer expertise in repair or replacement. Racine pumps and parts are getting harder to come by since being obsoleted. Before spending the money on a brand new replacement unit or making expensive and time consuming changes to your equipment, consider a less-costly alternative: one of our re-manufactured units. That way, you’ll save money and be up and running immediately. In 1997, after years of success, Racine and Bosch Rexroth joined forces.

Tri-State Hydraulics carries an extensive inventory of Racine pumps and parts. Tri-State exhaustively tests and sets each product to OEM specifications using our proven check system before shipping. We also offer a wide range of services including comprehensive reconditioning, a full part replacement, expert support and a test facility. Contact us today at (847.439.8987) to quickly repair or replace your Racine pumps.

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Micron Hydraulics specialise in the repair and reconditioning of Racine pumps and motors across their entire range. In addition we carry an extensive range of spare parts to enable us to carry out the work in the quickest time possible. Where units have become obsolete we can manufacture and source parts to refurbish these units to a high warranted standard.

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Moore Pumps is a second generation, family owned business that believes in going the extra mile in order to meet or exceed the needs of their customers. We know that every second counts when a critical piece of machinery goes down and we do whatever it takes to get your part to you as fast as possible.

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Our engineers can rebuild/remanufacture your hydraulic pump to bring its operation back to OEM specifications. Our technicians have been factory trained by multiple OEM’s in the rebuild process of hydraulic pumps. After the remanufacturing process is complete, each pump is fully tested to max PSI to ensure proper operation under load.

It’s always exciting to see new equipment run for the first time. It’s also a bit saddening to realize that it may never run that well again. Naturally, with continued use, equipment becomes a little less efficient and productive. That is where K+S Services comes in. Our hydraulic pump repair services restore hydraulic pumps to peak efficiency. We also do expert hydraulic cylinder repair and standard hydraulic repairs.

Hydraulic pump repair companies and manufacturers machine the internal parts to tight tolerances. Lubrication by hydraulic fluid keeps the parts moving and cuts down on wear. Seals keep contaminants out as best they can to keep those lubrications operating as they should. Still, there is no type or amount of lubrication that will keep pumps running forever and contaminants will always work their way in. Eventually, pumps become less efficient, start leaking fluid leaks or seize completely.

Hydraulic pumps and accessories have long service lives. They may have been standard catalog items in the beginning but, today, they are obsolete. Retrofitting your system with different units would be costly and time-consuming. The best option is to breathe new life into your existing equipment. That means having a hydraulic pump repair service rebuilding or remanufacturing it to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Final hydraulic pump testing at K+S Services occurs in a simulated real-world application. At the end of the extended test, a supervisor reviews the unit. If it is operating properly and conforms to OEM specifications, the repair is complete.

You knew that your hydraulic pump wasn’t going to last forever. Maybe it let you know the end is near. Perhaps it just stopped working altogether and a hydraulic pump repair is necessary. Do you have a spare? If not, one may be available.

Where do these parts come from? They come from customers like you. Replacing and repairing obsolete and discontinued equipment is always a challenge. Having a huge volume of reconditioned spare parts and equipment is good for everyone. Contact us to discuss how we can help you recycle your surplus or unneeded equipment.

Are you in the middle of a hydraulic equipment crisis? Do you have hydraulics that are ready to fail? Is there a spare hydraulic vacuum pump or blower that you are ready to recycle? Contact one of our hydraulic pump repair representatives at K+S Services and let us help you address your hydraulic pump needs.

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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is Wisconsin’s best full-service pump company supplying pumping equipment & replacement parts from industry-leading manufacturers including:

Whether you’re looking for a centrifugal pump, pump motor, submersible pump, immersible pump or replacement parts, our knowledgeable sales staff will make sure you find what you need at the best possible price.

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides expert pump services in Racine, Sturtevant, Mt. Pleasant, North Bay, Elmwood Park, Somers, Caledonia and the surrounding areas including:

Trust Wisconsin’s #1 pump company for unbeatable pump replacement and repair services. Our pump service specialists work quickly to minimize your downtime and provide a detailed report. We’re obsessed with providing the highest quality of service with every job—read reviews from our pump installation and repair customers and see for yourself!

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation has a huge selection and provides fast, free quotes and product recommendations. Call a pump specialist today at 262-835-0774 or use our online forms to request a quote or contact us with questions.

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This company was launched in Detroit, Michigan in 1958. At the time of its establishment, Racine Hydraulics was known as Racine Seco Sales Corporation.

In 1973, Racine Hydraulics of Michigan became one of the first companies of its time to be registered and listed in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. RHM was mainly concerned with selling hydraulic components like pistons, cylinders, pipes, etc.

The hydraulic systems and their components supplied by Racine Hydraulics are used in many areas.Most of the hydraulic equipment is used in large industries.

Some of these components are even used as laboratory equipment and also in cell phones. The following is the list where Racine Hydraulics systems are most commonly put to use:

• They supply hydraulic presses to car crushers and scrap yards to crush old cars and other wastes for the process of recycling. The presses are also used in car and aircraft brakes and clutches.

In 1997, the German- based corporation known as The Bosch Group acquired Racine Hydraulics along with Surftran Industrial Controls and Weldun Automation Products, thus forming The Bosch Rexroth AG.

• Racine Bosch Hydraulic Valve: The hydraulic valves are used for various purposes. They are further categorized into directional control valves that are used to control the flow of the fluids; there are the most common pressure relief valves that are used in almost all hydraulic systems, i.e. in the hydraulic cylinders. There are many more valves such as sequence valves, shuttle valves, etc.

• Racine Hydraulic Piston pumps: Hydraulic pistons are of two types. They are axial piston pumps and radial piston pumps. The axial pump has many pistons forming a spherical design that is capable of controlling the pressure automatically. Whereas the radial pump is one that uses small pipes to generate a large pressure.

• Other tools that Racine Hydraulics deals with would include hydraulics compressors and maintenance kits, lubricating fluids and coolants, the various piping systems, hoses and their reels, line reactors, etc.

• Repairing products: These services are a part of the productivity improvement program of Racine Hydraulics that replaces or repairs products of any of the following companies- Racine, Bosch, Parker, Vickers, Eaton, Rexroth, Hydura and Denison.

• Training services for the customers: Racine Hydraulics allows its clients of training services with the help of the training CDs, nine VHS tapes, important books, certified professional trainers, online presentations, etc.

• Some other technical courses offered by them include specialization in lubricating techniques, the various filtering techniques, DIY hydraulic systems, etc.

Racine Hydraulics is defined by the following ethics and guidelines brought about by the premier president, Jack Bennet and his successor Bill Tulloch :

• Making business deals with Racine Hydraulics a hassle free and pleasant experience. • To develop a good relationship with the customer and to develop a feeling that they are a part of their team.

Eleven years ago, on the 10 th of June, Racine Hydraulics got its ISO 9002 Certificate of Registration. The registration statement read out the various components that Racine Hydraulics dealt with, i.e., Hydraulic power units, lubricating equipments and repair services. In 2004, Racine Hydraulics upgraded itself by registering as ISO 9001:2000, holding this certificate presently and after so many years of maintaining its standards, Racine Hydraulics has widened its scope. Due to this, the registration certificate has an additional statement that includes designing, manufacturing and distributing hydraulic systems and providing repair services.

Racine Hydraulics was also honored with the "Top Twenty Four Distributor" award for two years in a row, from 2003 to 2004 by the Eaton Fluid Power. Thereon, Racine Hydraulics was the official distributing partner of Eaton Fluid Power. This award was a very important achievement of Racine Hydraulics as it is awarded only to the top 8 distributing companies that deal in hydraulics systems and their components.

The award depends on fulfilling certain criteria like the sales figures and the internal working of the company in which employee satisfaction plays a huge role. Racine Hydraulics is also a proud member of a number of organizations like National Fluid Power Association and Fluid Power Distributors Association. The membership of these organizations has a number of benefits such as:

Racine Hydraulics is 48 years old and is soon closing on its half century of providing the best hydraulics systems and components along with the best services sticking to the importance of international standards. The company has established itself as one of the fastest growing hydraulics distributors in the world. Starting off with only 8 workers in 1958, Racine Hydraulics has successfully made its mark in the hydraulic industry.

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This type of pump, first developed by Racine in 1925 (since 1988 by BOSCH / RACINE), has been further developed and continues to set new standards worldwide.

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We are recognized worldwide for our expertise in hydraulic pump repair. At our facility in Wooster, Ohio, we have the state-of-the-art technology and years of expertise necessary to repair hydraulic pumps. As a leader in the field of hydraulic repair, we understand the importance of pump technology to your operations, no matter where you are in the world. You can ship your unit to us from anywhere in the United States or worldwide and you can be assured that we’ll fix it right, fix it fast and fix it at a good price. Our experienced, dedicated team is committed to providing our customers and partners with superior hydraulic repair service and consultation. We support a wide range of hydraulic pumps from many manufacturers and brands. We also work on the various types of pumps, including:

For units that we have repair stock on hand, we can offer our Same Day Service program. If you request one of these units or your unit to be repaired is received by 10:30 AM we can have it ready to ship by 5:00 PM that same day.

Price is agreed upon and approved before the unit is shipped to us for repair. Once the unit is received, it is inspected, rebuilt using genuine OEM parts, tested, and ready to ship within 24 hours.

An average repair price is established, agreed upon, and approved before the unit is sent to us for repair. Once the unit is received, we inspect it, rebuild it with genuine OEM parts and test it out in our shop during our normal schedule. When it passes testing, we send it back to you.

No matter where you are, or what industry you are in, we can provide you with on-site repair and consultation services. We can send our expert technicians to you to ensure that your hydraulic pumps are working at peak performance. Our team has worked at various locations, including:

Check out our current inventory of new hydraulic pumps and remanufactured hydraulic pumps to see which models can be purchased and shipped out to you today.

If you are looking for reliable service and consultation for your hydraulic pump, look no further than the expert team at Wooster Hydrostatics. Call us today at 800-800-6971 to learn more about the Wooster Way and how we can help you keep your equipment running at peak performance.