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chevy power steering pulley removal tool suppliers

- Sep 25, 2022 -

chevy power steering pulley removal tool suppliers

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chevy power steering pulley removal tool suppliers

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chevy power steering pulley removal tool suppliers

If you’re getting ready to remove a power steering pulley by using a hammer, shop press, or 3-jaw puller tool… STOP! You would be wise to read through the following article to get some tips on the process and tools needed to properly and safely remove a pulley without doing damage to yourself or the parts.

If possible, remove the pump (with pulley attached) from the vehicle. This will make removing the pulley much easier. Although not necessary, it can be helpful to secure the pump before proceeding. A bench vise and some long bolts through the pump mounting bosses is an easy solution to securing the pump. Some pulleys may have to be removed with the power steering pump still mounted on the vehicle.

Lastly, have the proper pulley removal tool. At Turn One, we use Kent-Moore power steering removal tools for GM power steering products. While expensive, these have never failed us on fitment or performance on a variety of pulleys. If you don’t want to buy a tool for a one-time pulley swap, most auto stores have tool loan programs where you can borrow one with a returnable deposit.

We recommend using wrenches with the longest possible handle to aid in applying torque to the removal tool. Even though pulleys are press-fit on the the driveshaft, there is usually a large amount of frictional force that needs to be overcome to unseat the pulley. Always unseat the pulley by using hand tools. Again, we do notrecommend using an impact driver on any removal tool as the amount of impact force can damage or break the pulley flange.

Neverapply heat if there are flammable liquids or gasses in the work area! Use common sense and abide by all other manufacturer warnings pertaining to the vehicle, accessory/engine components, fluids, degreasers, etc. Turn One, Inc. is not responsible for any damage or injury that occurs from improper use of procedures, materials, tools, etc.

chevy power steering pulley removal tool suppliers

Any mechanic will agree that it is almost impossible to remove a power steering pulley by hand. For easy and effective work, you will require the best power steering pulley puller. Power steering pulley pullers are very different compared to traditional gear pullers with jaws. Installing pulleys can be time-consuming, but pulley removers make it easier and less time-consuming. Several brands of pulley pullers in the market make it challenging to choose the ideal one. Here is a guide on the top 10 power steering pullers for both beginner and professional mechanics.

OTC is a well-known company for its production of high-quality mechanical tools. OTC Tools 4530 Power Steering Pulley puller comes as a set containing everything you will require to install and remove your power steering pump pulleys for almost all domestic vehicles. It is among the best gm power steering pump pulley puller.

OTC Tools 4530 Power Steering Pulley pullers are an ideal fit for pulley hubs with diameters 1-3/8″, 1-5/16″, 1-1/4″ and 1-1/8″. This set comes with the required adapters for servicing GM 3.1 L, 3800, 3400, and 3100 V6 engines, Ford 5.8L, 5.4L, and 4.6L modular V8 engines, and GM 2.3L Quad 4 four-cylinder engines. All these accessories come housed in a blow-molded storage case, which helps you organize and protect components.

Lisle 39000 Pulley is an outstanding but unique pulley puller, which makes the process of removing your power steering pulley simple. This pulley works perfectly for serpentine belt system pulleys and traditional V-shaped pulleys. It works much faster compared to other conventional pullers. It works perfectly for most domestic models, which include Quad 4 engines and GM 3.1.

The Lisle power steering pulley puller comes in a well-built body that houses the pulley hub completely. This feature prevents it from slipping even when working on the tightest pulleys. It comes along with a large and small jaw, pullers screws, bearing, nut, washer, pulley shaft, long and shot in, handle, and four installer adapters. It is advisable to oil the pressure points and threads before using them to achieve the best results.

OTC 4529 is a reversible 2-in-1 tool ideal for removing and installing power steering pump pulleys and press-fit alternators. This awesome pulley puller by OTC is also an ideal choice for easy installation and removal of other press-fit pulleys with hub diameters of 28mm, 32mm, 34mm, or 35mm.

OTC power steering pulley puller comes with a hard plastic case for easy organizing and protection. The manufacturer has included some more accessories in this set, making it more versatile.

OEMTOOLS 27031 is the best power steering pulley puller for professional and DIY mechanics. It is designed to withstand regular usage and thus are ideal pulley removers for busy shops. The tool is sold in a carrying case with two sets of clear pulley removal instructions.

OEMTOOLS 27031 power steering pulley puller is designed for universal fits. It has two screws that work perfectly on Chrysler, VW, GM, and Ford power steering pulleys. It easily removes hub diameters of 1-3/8 inches, 1-5/16 inches, 1- ¼ inches, and 1-1/8 inches. This tool pulls pressed-on water pump pulleys for GM V6 engines and pulleys on GM belt-driven vacuum pumps.

OEMTOOLS 27031 works as both a pulley remover and installer. The removal screws and pulley clamps are made of rugged steel and are made to deal with even small pulley pulling jobs. This power steering pulley puller is made with high quality and standards and built to serve you for a lifetime.

GEARWRENCH 41560D is a high-quality toolset for installing and removing power steering pump pulleys for almost all domestic vehicles. This removal kit comes with different adapters to fit different vehicle models such as 1300, 3400, and 3800 V6 engines, General motors 3.1L, Ford 5.8L, 5.4L, and 4.6L modular V8 engines, and GM 2.3L Quad 4 four-cylinder engines.

GEARWRENCH 41560D kit fits hubs with diameters of 1-3/8 inches, 1-5/16 inches, 1-1/4 inches, and 1-1/8 inches. This pulley puller also comes with a quick disconnect tool for ½, ¾, and 1-ton pickups. Other additional tools that come with this pulley puller are a 41562 bushing with a screw set, a 3893 disconnect tool, and a 41561bushing with a screw set. All these accessories are packed in a blow-molded case for easy organizing and protection.

Alltrade 648605 is a power-built 14-piece pulley installer and remover kit. This kit will make it easy to replace your faulty power steering pump. It comes with various adapters and kits, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles. Alltrade 648605 set can be used to install and remove both alternator and power steering pulleys.

Alltrade 648605 power steering pulley puller is an ideal choice for both import and domestic vehicles. The puller meets and exceeds all the ASME and ANSI standards. It comes in a heavy-duty storage case that protects and keeps the puller and other accessories in order. The user instructions are written on the inside of the case lid. Lubricating the screw parts using anti-seize protects threads from damage and makes the operation smoother.

ARES 71001 power steering pulley service set comes with all the accessories you need to remove pump pulleys and replace them with new ones for most American domestic vehicles. This is a must-have power steering pulley puller for plastic pulleys, mainly found in newer vehicle models. It fits hubs with diameters ranging from 1-1/8 inches, 1-1/4 inches, 1-5/16, and 1-3/8 inches.

ARES 71001 power steering pump pulley set works perfectly on Chrysler, GM, Thompson, Saginaw, and Ford C111 C2 power steering pumps in Ford vehicles. You can also use the tool for pulling pulleys on GM V6 engines, press-on water pump pulleys, and GM belt-driven vacuum pumps.

This ARES gm power steering pulley puller is efficient, effective, and reliable. For proper usage, always lubricate the tools before use. The kit comes with a 1pc. 5/8- 18 UNF screw, one pc. 3/8- 16 UNC screw, 1 power steering pulley spacer, 1 power steering pump pulley installer, and an alternator and power steering remover.

This ABN Automotive power steering pulley remover kit is a disconnect toolset, which makes it easy for you to release and install power steering lines. It works for most domestic vehicles from 1989 to the current GM pickups 3/4T, 1/2T, and 1T. It perfectly fits pulley hubs with 1-3/8 inch, 1-5/16 inch, 1-1/4 inch, and 1-1/8 inch diameters.

ABN Automotive puller set is quite easy to use. Ensure you lubricate the tools before using them to make the process much easier. This power steering pulley puller works on Thompson, Saginaw, Chrysler, GM, and Ford C111, C2 power steering pumps. The kit comes with two screws enabling you to use on GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Volkswagen VW power steering pulleys.

This gm power steering pump pulley removal tool also works on GM press-on water and belt-driven vacuum pump pulleys. ABN Automotive set includes bushing, a screw set, a disconnect tool, and a plastic blow-molded carrying case for quick organizing, safe storage, and easy transportation.

The autocraft puller kit has among the best DIY